Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC: An Inside Look at Goku’s New Adventures

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC: An Inside Look at Goku’s New Adventures

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is an action-packed RPG based on the iconic Dragon Ball Z anime and manga series. Kakarot allows players to step into the shoes of Goku and relive his thrilling adventures in the DBZ universe. The game launched in January 2020. Since then, several downloadable content packs and season passes have been released, bringing even more content to your journey. If you’re thinking of buying the game, or you already own it and are wondering whether the downloadable content is worth it, read on. Below, we’ll look at all of the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC that’s available right now to help you decide whether it’s worth your hard-earned Zeni.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Summary

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is an action RPG that throws players into the sci-fi/fantasy world of the iconic manga and anime franchise. The game features an expansive open-world environment filled with famous locations and characters from the series for players to explore and interact with.

In the original Kakarot storyline, the primary goal is to follow Goku’s journey from the Saiyan Saga to the Buu Saga. Throughout the game, you’ll relive key moments from the series while leveling up, acquiring new abilities, unlocking powerful transformations, and – of course – engaging in earth-shattering battles.

Kakarot received positive reviews overall from critics and currently holds a “Very Positive” user rating on Steam. It’s arguably a must-play for Dragon Ball Z fans. Even if you’re not a die-hard DBZ lover, it’s still worth a look for action RPG enthusiasts.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC

There are currently four main Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC packs, along with some smaller cosmetic items. You can purchase these individually or through two season passes that contain the downloadable content released thus far. We don’t have details yet, but it looks as though developers plan to release another DLC pack as part of the second season pass.

All Kakarot DLCs listed here are available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch through online distribution platforms such as Steam and the consoles’ online stores:

1. A New Power Awakens Parts 1 & 2

Price: $9.99

A New Power Awakens is the first Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC and is comprised of two parts. In Part 1, players can unlock the Super Saiyan God transformation for Goku and Vegeta, which comes with unique abilities and combat mechanics. Additionally, it features challenging battles against Beerus, the God of Destruction, and his attendant Whis. It’s based on characters and events from the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Part 2 of this Kakarot DLC adds the Super Saiyan Blue transformation for both Goku and Vegeta, further enhancing their power and combat skills. Players can also face off against the formidable Golden Frieza and engage in other battles that push their abilities to the limit. This DLC is based on the storyline from Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F.’

2. Trunks: The Warrior of Hope

Price: $19.99

The third DLC in the first season pass, Trunks: The Warrior of Hope, features an original story focusing on Future Trunks and his struggle to protect the future from the relentless Androids. Players will get to experience the events of Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks and participate in battles against iconic enemies. The DLC also includes an extra storyline involving Babdidi and Dabura.

A New Power Awakens and Trunks: The Warrior of Hope are both part of the first season pass. This allows you to grab all three of these Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC releases for $24.99 and save a few bucks.

3. Bardock: Alone Against Fate

Price: $19.99

Bardock: Alone Against Fate is the first DLC of the second season pass. This add-on takes players back to the days of the Saiyan uprising that resulted in the destruction of Planet Vegeta and the near-destruction of the entire Saiyan race by the evil Frieza. It lets gamers play through the events of Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku and features an additional side story centered on Prince Vegeta as a baby.

4. 23rd World Tournament

Price: $13.99

The second DLC of the second season pass for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is 23rd World Tournament. The story is a prequel to the main game and centers on Goku’s fight against Ma Junior in the Budokai Tenkaichi World Tournament. It covers the events leading up to Kakarot, letting players experience the Piccolo Jr. saga from the original Dragon Ball anime.

The season two pass is more expensive than the first, costing $39.99. The third season two DLC pack has yet to be announced, so if you’re planning to buy them all, it may be a good idea to wait and see what the last expansion brings first.

Is Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC Worth the Money?

Whether the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC is worth your Zeni ultimately depends on your level of enthusiasm for the base game and the DBZ universe. If you greatly enjoyed the base game and relish the opportunity to explore new storylines, battles, and transformations, the four main DLC packs offer a substantial amount of additional content for the money.

User reviews and the general consensus among fans tend to be positive, praising the DLC for its faithful adaptation of the source material. Trunks: The Warrior of Hope and Bardock: Alone Against Fate received particular praise, while feedback was mixed for A New Power Awakens and 23rd World Tournament.

The value you derive from the DLC will vary depending on your taste, naturally. It’s advisable to evaluate each add-on and read reviews before you buy. Of course, the old maxim to “just wait for a sale” applies if you’re still unsure about the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC packs or don’t think they’re worth their normal price.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC Tips and Tricks

For players planning to conquer all the Kakarot DLC content, here’s some helpful advice:

  1. Level up: Just as the Z warriors always keep increasing the power levels as the series progresses, so must you. Always ensure your characters are sufficiently leveled up before taking on challenging DLC battles such as boss encounters.
  2.  Master new combat mechanics: Don’t head into the DLCs over-relying on the same old tactics and abilities you used before. Study, practice, and take full advantage of the new transformations and powers introduced in the DLC to maximize your combat effectiveness.
  3.  Strategize: Every Dragon Ball Z fan knows that big, dumb brutes don’t last long in battle, no matter how strong they are. Z warriors also have to be smart! Take the time to develop and test new battle strategies, especially when facing formidable foes like Beerus and Golden Frieza.
  4.  Use the Time Machine: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and its DLC packs have a lot of content, and it’s easy to miss stuff. If you do accidentally pass up some side stories during your initial play-through, don’t worry. You can still use the time machine to go back and replay any of them. The time machine is yours to use in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot after you finish the main story.

Final Word

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot offers an expansive open-world experience for DBZ fans. The numerous DLC packs add plenty of content for you to chew on after you’re done with the main game. Whether you want to dive into epic battles with the new Super Saiyan transformations or explore new stories involving some of your favorite characters, these DLC packs are sure to have something to pique your interest. While the value of the DLCs may vary from player to player, we think that you get your money’s worth (especially if you can catch them on sale).

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