EA Addresses Battlefield 4 – China Rising Issues, Offers Troubleshooting Tips

EA Addresses Battlefield 4 – China Rising Issues, Offers Troubleshooting Tips

Just like EA addressed Xbox 360 installation issues and multiplayer bugs with the base game of Battlefield 4 back in late October, the company is again dishing out troubleshooting tips for the game, only this time EA are addressing issues with Battlefield 4’s map-pack DLC China Rising .

EA put up a post recently on its Help page on its official website, detailing that the company has listed the known issues and bugs that it is currently tracking. The post also includes helpful workarounds and troubleshooting tips for those of you who encounter an issue when playing content related to China Rising .

One of the issues is that China Rising doesn’t appear to be available for Premium members. China Rising is currently in Early Access and is only available for Premium members at this time, with its open released slated to be December 17, but EA have addressed this issue nonetheless and have elaborated on how to gain access to China Rising’s content as a Premium member.

“To access China Rising,” the Help post reads, “you will want to use the game tile that reads China Rising (Early Access), rather than the standard China Rising game tile. To locate this, go to My Games and click on Battlefield 4 , and then click the “i” icon. From there, locate China Rising (Early Access). If you are a Premium member and do not see the China Rising (Early Access) tile in BF4’s game details, please contact us for assistance.

EA’s post also addresses a few other things, like reports of players being asked to re-download China Rising after already downloading an update for Battlefield 4 . EA has responded with that there will be a patch for all Battlefield 4 players coinciding with China Rising’s release, and encourage players to download both the patch and the DLC before playing in order to access China Rising’s content.

“After downloading your game update, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed China Rising by heading to the in-game store on console, while PC players simply need to jump into their Origin client, click on Battlefield 4 , then the gray “i” information icon, select the China Rising tile and click download.”

Whilst these issues have a quick solution, some of the reported errors can’t be so easily fixed, like server connection dropouts for both PC and Xbox 360 players.

For PC users, a problem occurs when connecting to a game with China Rising content in it and they get dropped from the match soon after joining. EA assures that DICE have identified this issues and is already brewing a fix to the problem, but the fix itself will take some time to complete. EA anticipates that players should be able notice normal server behaviour soon.

As for Xbox 360 players, a problem also occurs whenever players try to join a China Rising server, but instead of joining and then dropping out they can’t join at all after installing the DLC. EA is currently in the works of investigating this issue, and will be issuing updates as soon as possible.

Source: EA’s Help page .

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