Rhythm of Fighters Now Free to Play

Rhythm of Fighters Now Free to Play

Always wanted to be a pro fighting game player, but for some reason you are just better at games like DDR ? Well SNK’s New Rhythm of Fighters will let you do that. This once paid game has gone free to play, allowing anyone to tap their fingers to the several classic KOF songs.

Anyone who originally paid for the game will receive five free songs including:

  1. ESAKA NEOGEO ver. (King of Fighters ‘94)
  2. Fairy NEOGEO ver. (King of Fighters ‘96)
  3. Exceed the Limit NEOGEO ver. (Real Bout Fatal Fury 2)
  4. Diet NEOGEO ver. (Art of Fighting 2)
  5. Shizen no Utage (Banquet of Nature) NEOGEO ver. (Samurai Shodown)

Further song packs will retail for $2.99 each and will include the following:

KOF Selection Vol. 2 pack

  2. KDD-0075
  3. Rinrin
  4. Each Promise

Real Bout pack

  1. Blue Mary’s BLUES
  2. It’s Seoul
  3. Osakajo-koen ~Kyobashi~
  4. Get the Sky – With Your Dream

Recommend pack

  1. Mikoshi Ondo (Remix ver)
  2. The Last Blade ~Decision at Dawn~
  3. Pasta
  4. Yussa Yussa You

ROF Pack

  1. Psycho Soldier KOF Version
  2. Kurkinton
  4. Stormy Saxophone

Source: Siliconera

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