River City Ransom EX Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

River City Ransom EX Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

River City Ransom EX

Note: This game is also titled Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari EX .


Change your name to ” PLAYA ” (case-sensitive) in the status menu.

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Maximum stats

Change your name to ” DAMAX ” (case-sensitive) in the status menu.

Custom char

Change your name to ” XTRA0 ” (case-sensitive) in the status menu.

Custom move

Change your name to ” XTRA2 ” (case-sensitive) in the status menu.

Custom self

Change your name to ” XTRA1 ” (case-sensitive) in the status menu.

Deleted saved games

Change your name to ” ERAZE ” (case-sensitive) in the status menu.

Super passwords

Change your name to one of the following case-sensitive entries at the status menu to begin with the corresponding bonuses:

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    WAZZA : Boomerang, Charge It, Bat Bang, Flying Kick, Speed Drop, Bomb Blow, Killer Kick, Bike Kick, Slam Punk, Dragon Knee, God Fist, Hyper Guard

    FUZZY : Mach Punch, Dragon Kick, Acro Circus, Grand Slam, Javelin Man, Slick Trick, Nitro Port, Twin Kick, Deadly Shot, Top Spin, Helicopter, Torpedo

    WUZZY : Slap Happy, Pulper, Headbutt, Kickstand, Big Bang, Wheel Throw, Glide Chop, Head Bomb, Chain Kick, Jet Kick, Shuriken, Flip Throw

    BEAR : Phoenix Wing, Inlines, Springlines, Rocketeers, Air Merc’s, Narcishoes, Magic Pants, Pandora Box, Skaterz, Custom Fit

Custom character appearance

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Kasutamu Kaozura item for purchase for ٻ,000. It will allow your character’s appearance to be customized.

Increase reputation

Repeatedly run into a wall to increase your reputation by one point each time.

Boss locations

To face a boss, you must first defeat all gang members from each turf at least once before entering a Boss’ turf. Also, you must defeat the bosses in the order below to enter Reihou High School.

    Sawaguchi: Hanazo Second District (just before the second shopping arcade), and again at Marukaunsou Haisoko Higashiguchi (back gate of the warehouse after defeating Nishimura).

    Kamijou and Yamamoto: Below Shintakaragawa (below the bridge after the 2nd town) & again at the sauna (after defeating Nishimura, Mochizuki, and Taira).

    Nishimura: Marukaunsou Haisouko (inside the warehouse)

    Mochizuki: Marukaunsou Haibiru Shoumenguchi (outside the tunnel)

    Taira: Midorimachi Third District (just before the third shopping arcade)

    Kinoshita: Hanazo Park (after defeating Taira)

    Kobayashi: Kobayashi Sangyo Kojou (inside the factory, after defeating Kinoshita)

    Kunio or Riki (only when playing a solo game): Kobayashi Sangyo Kojou Uradeguchi (back of the factory, just before the last shopping arcade)

    Himada: Yumemichou Second District (after the sauna)

    Gouda: Outside Reihou High School

    Onizuka: Reihou School Gym

    Gotai: Reihou Classroom Third Floor

    Ryouichi and Ryouji (Billy and Jimmy Lee: The Double Dragon Twins): Reihou Classroom Top Floor

    Yamada: Reihou Classroom Rooftop

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