Rumor: New Destiny Expansion Details Leaked

Rumor: New Destiny Expansion Details Leaked

It’s recently come to our attention that an image pertaining to Destiny expansion content has been leaked, and has been circulating under our noses for a few months now. The leaked image in question reportedly reveals what Bungie has in store for its persistent shooter, although its relevance and legitimacy are still very much in the air right now.

Featured above, this image was reportedly taken during a “classified” internal meeting, and was later posted up on the Facebook page of the Italian Destiny community. It was shared on Wednesday, October 1 last year, and it’s believed that this instance is the earliest known publication of the leaked image. It’s been posted on other social networks such as Bungie’s official forums, Twitter and Reddit since.

Even though the quality of the image is barely readable, some of its content can be made out. It contains information on both of the known expansions for Destiny : The Dark Below and House of Wolves . According to the leak, the second expansion will feature three new missions, one new strike, one new raid and four new PvP maps. House of Wolves’ content will also allegedly be set on the Cosmodrome, the Moon, Venus and the Reef.

If the image is to be believed, Destiny will have two additional expansion packs thereafter, as well as one DLC pack. The DLC pack, titled Comet: Plague of Darkness , seems to be the largest in terms of content, offering up 10-12 new missions, four new strikes, one new public event, one new raid, one new patrol location and 4-6 new PvP maps. This large DLC will apparently be set on the Moon, Mars and Venus, and a new location referred to as Hive Ship.

Color coding can deduce that the text colored green indicates new locations, as the four locations available in the Destiny (Cosmodrome, Venus, Mars and the Moon) have been colored green for the base game, when the locations were still new. With this in mind, the text colored in green for content packs thereafter could indicate new locations, such as the aforementioned Reef and Hive Ship.

What’s also interesting is that Comet: Plague of Darkness will apparently offer three new player builds, three new player weapon classes, and 20 of something relating to player levels.

Information thereafter becomes really foggy, but Destiny’s third expansion (if the, again, the image is to be believed) may be focused on the Vex, as “Vex” is just readable next to a word that isn’t. This expansions seems to also offer three-or-so new missions, along with two new strikes and one new raid. The fourth expansion seems to be titled with “of Gods ”, but the first word in that title is also difficult to make out. Going by the theme of the previous confirmed expansions, it’s possible this expansion may focus on the Cabal, as the Cabal are the fourth race in Destiny and “ … of Gods ” is the fourth of expansion.

As with all rumors, it’s advisable to take all of this with a large heap of salt. As this leaked image is reportedly up to a few months old, it’s very possible that its information may well be out of date, and a very different plan could be put in place instead.

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