RUMOR: Nintendo Passes The Cost On To You

RUMOR: Nintendo Passes The Cost On To You


Not much is known about the Wii U as of yet, but we may now have an idea of its pricing. Sources tied to the manufacturing and distribution of the console claim to have parted out the console at a cost of $180, of which $50 is specifically for the system’s screen-toting controller. The source goes on to claim that this isn’t the final cost of the system; Nintendo is all about minimizing cost and maximizing profit, but they do claim to have a dead-minimum price for the hardware, to the consumer.

That price? $300.

It doesn’t seem like that much at first glance, recalling that the original Wii launched at $250, while only the most basic, Core model of the Xbox 360 was able to meet the $300 price-point. The original Wii, though, has since plummeted to a $150 price-point and includes additional software.

The Wii U, while touting a screen-bearing controller and of undetermined power, is definitely in line with the current generation of console hardware, aiming to provide a comparable experience to that of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Those have had models at or below the $300 price-point for a significant time, now, and aren’t going to stay there forever; the $300 sticker, as with the $250 price-tag the 3DS launched with, may simply be too high to draw in customers.

Of course, this is all a rumor. We don’t know that the Wii U costs this much to produce, or even that Nintendo would almost double the value of its parts when proposing an MSRP.

By Shelby Reiches

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