SEGA’s New Studio Is Called Hardlight

SEGA’s New Studio Is Called Hardlight


Last June, Gary Dunn, Managing Director of SEGA’s European development, mentioned that they were putting together another studio in Britain that would be working on an “entirely new IP.” Evidently, this studio has been cobbled together from the bits and pieces that were left over from the recently defunct SEGA Racing studio.

“I’ll tell you the story,” said Dunn. “SEGA Racing studio we closed three years ago. What people probably don’t know is we retained half a dozen of the brightest minds and set up the SEGA Technology Group. We used them across the SEGA Corporation in America, Japan, and Europe as a product support group—going in at the end of games and making sure everything was working as best it could.”

Up until now, no one even knew the name of SEGA’s new mystery studio, but according to a recent job posting, the studio is called Hardlight. And while Hardlight’s projects are still a bit nebulous at the moment, SEGA did mention that they were working on a “unique action adventure” for the PS Vita.

The job posting also promises that applicants will stay “at the cutting edge of developments in technology, middleware and game experiences,” and focuses on creating “high quality and innovative experiences for both current and future platforms.”

Hopefully this new studio will help SEGA UK keep their head above water. Things have been pretty rocky in the UK gaming market, and SEGA has taken its share of lumps. It might be time to say a few prayers to the gods of gaming on SEGA’s behalf.

By Josh Wirtanen

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