Skullgirls April Fools Joke Becomes a Real Character

Skullgirls April Fools Joke Becomes a Real Character

For April Fools Day, Lab Zero decided to poke fun at Capcom for their reveal of Decapre, the fifth new Ultra Street Fighter IV character. Decapre is a “clone” of Cammy, both in gameplay and in story. While she has unique special moves, her normal moves and appearance look almost identical to Cammy’s. She was revealed in a video that showed M. Bison weeding out other possible characters before sending out Decapre to do his bidding.

The Skullgirls April Fools day parody of this video has brain drain going over possible inclusions to the roster, including a brand new Hype Dog, Beatrix, renowned pro player Severin, and Eliza, the next DLC character. However, finding none of them to be acceptable, he says he knows what everyone likes… CLONES!

And thus, he created Fukua, a clone of Filia, the game’s main character. The name came from a typo of Filia’s name by a fan, early on in the game’s development. Fukua is just Filia with your right hand on a QWERTY keyboard shifted over one key. She has been sort of an in-joke since the game was released, many times teased as a “secret” character, like Reptile from Mortal Kombat , that no one can play. However, THIS Fukua is real!

Yes, Lab Zero went far enough to actually develop a brand new character for an April Fool’s joke. She uses Filia’s frames, however since Filia was one of the first characters ever developed we get to see a lot of frames that weren’t ever used. Her super and special moves are completely different, including an amazing array of space controlling fireballs, two different command grabs, one with super armor, and a drill special that moves her across the screen. She even has a command grab super that increases damage and an incredibly invincible teleport super that puts the opponent into a stagger state. Even some of her normals are different, including a mobile downward HK that allows for easy relaunch combos, and the ability to chain her HP from her HK backward in the air. She also has no air-dash but does have a double jump.

For those of you who were simply confused by that last paragraph, fear not. She basically plays totally differently from Fillia. She is a throw mix-up monster, and is capable of high damaging combos, but has few options to get out of pressure. She is playable right now on the Skullgirls PC version.

But what’s best about Fukua is her costumes. All of her color palettes are based off of the most well known re-colors of characters throughout video game history. There is a Sean (from Street Fighter III ) palette, a Shadow Lady (from Marvel vs. Capcom ) palette, a Gold War Machine (from Marvel vs. Capcom ) palette, and even a Decapre palette. To see Fukua in action, check out her official reveal video.

Source: Lab Zero

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