Sony Announces Gangs of London for the PSP

Sony Announces Gangs of London for the PSP


Sony has announced that Gangs of London, a title that was supposed to be originally launched on the PSP, will be coming soon.

The game is a crime narrative that will allow players to weave their way through sixty missions. The story is about competing gamgs fighting for the title of top London criminal mastermind. The game will allow for single player mode along with options for Gang Battle, Free Roaming, London Pub Games, and Game Sharing.

Gang Battle is a mix of turn-based strategy and card games as players defend various positions around London against four human or A.I. controlled opponents.

Free Roaming will allow players to explore London without restriction. Gamers can choose their won characters, weapons, vehicles, time of day, and police levels.

London Pub Games allows players to fool around with games like darts, pool, and skittles.

Game Share allows players to create a level with unique objectives, environments, and characters based on the serial number of whatever PSP you have.

“We are excited by so many facets including its accessibility, graphic novel gangster stories, and open game structure that enables a large variety of game modes,” commented Daniel Navarro of Team Soho, who is creating the game. “It’s an intense depiction of London’s criminal underworld with elements never seen before on a handheld system.”

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