Sony Dominates Japanese Market

Sony Dominates Japanese Market


Microsoft has been working hard to get part of the lucrative Japanese market, but a recent poll by Japanese news agency C-News shows they haven’t been working hard enough.

A mere two percent of the 1,000 people aged between ten and fifty-nine surveyed said they desired the Xbox 360 over the PlayStation 3 or the Nintendo Revolution.

Nintendo didn’t hold a candle to the PS3 either though, grabbing only eight percent of the poll. Sony was holding a solid sixty percent.

Why Sony? People believe that the PS3 will have the widest range of software and more technology.

Microsoft had a poor showing in Japan when the original Xbox was launched. It sold a total of 500,000 units, which is how many the PS2 sold two days after its launch.

Microsoft still has a chance though. Thirty percent of the market is still undecided. With Microsoft’s much-publicized upcoming press conference in Japan, they could still take hold of more people before launch time.

And the battle isn’t over for Nintendo either. Details are still sketchy about the Revolution which probably leaves many uncertain to whether it is worth the money.

There is still much to come in the next-gen console war so stay tuned!

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