Sony Has “No Plans” To Make Another Resistance

Sony Has “No Plans” To Make Another Resistance


The Resistance franchise has been one of the most competent if overlooked series of this console generation. Back in 2006, Resistance: Fall of Man brought quality shooter action to the PS3 when it was still in its fledgling infant stages. However, after two direct console sequels, a PSP title, and a PS Vita game, it may finally be time to say goodbye to the flagship FPS.

Speaking to OPM UK, Daniel Brooke, the director of latest series entry (and critical flop) Resistance: Burning Skies, said that Sony does not plan on resuscitating the franchise anytime in the future.

“The Resistance Franchise has been exciting to work on,” Brooke said, “but as for the future we have no definitive plans.”

While the news may be disheartening to some, it’s not exactly surprising. The latest console entry, Resistance 3, released last year to critical acclaim but very poor sales. This past January, Insomniac, the creator of the franchise, announced that it will no longer be developing future Resistance titles, leaving their IP in Sony’s hands. From there, the aforementioned Burning Skies came and disappointed, bringing us to today.

While not a definitive cancellation of the series, it would seem that franchise fans should pay their respects and enjoy their current Resistance games now while they’re still fresh.

By Jeff Dunn

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