Splatoon Might Fit into the Mario Canon

Splatoon Might Fit into the Mario Canon

All right guys, time for a goofy little sidetrack to beat the summer heat.

So now that Splatoon has been released, an interesting theory has been circling around the internet. This theory, partly pushed forward by Nintendo’s statement that Mario was almost the main character of Splatoon , posits that the Splatoon universe is actually an alternate reality timeline of the Mario universe. Why?

Well, for a couple reasons. The most obvious reason is the fact that the Inklings and Bloopers look very very similar. The only real difference is that their outside tentacles are much longer and meatier than a blooper’s, they are colored, and their eyes are more expressive. Otherwise, they look like the same cartoony squid.

Second of all, the ink that the inklings spray looks very similar to the ink that was sprayed all around the Isle Delfino in Super Mario Sunshine . The graphics effect is very similar, and the only enemy that we saw spreading this ink without the use of some tool or external source are the Bloopers.

In Super Mario Sunshine we see the first examples of Bloopers starting to walk upon land instead of water. These Bloopers sit in a pool of their own ink to survive.

Splatoon Might Fit into the Mario Canon

Of course, Mario manages to totally wipe out all of the ink from the Isle Delfino and save the day, right?

But what if he didn’t? What if he never recovered the shine sprites and instead let Bowser Jr.’s plan go unhindered? The ink would spread everywhere, polluting the land to all, except Bloopers.

Now here is the important part. The Mario universe has seen non-human objects evolve human-like qualities in the past. Just look at the Toads or the races of bean people and block people from the Mario & Luigi RPGs. It wouldn’t be so far-fetched to say that, in a world where only they could survive, given enough time Bloopers would evolve humanlike qualities. Bada bing bada boom, now you have the Inklings, waging wars against similar members of their species by tossing their ink around.

It’s just a fan theory, of course, but it’s a rather amusing one. Besides, It’s more plausible than most of the stuff Nintendo has said when it comes to resolving the Legend of Zelda timeline.

Then again…

What if the Octolings evolved from Octoroks?

It’s all starting to make sense!

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