Star Fox: Assault Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for GameCube (GCN)

Star Fox: Assault Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for GameCube (GCN)

Star Fox: Assault


Survivor mode

Successfully complete story mode to unlock survivor mode.

Xevious mini-game

Successfully complete story mode with all Silver friendship medals to unlock the Xevious mini-game.

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Demon Sniper Rifle in multi-player mode

Collect all of the flags on any level to unlock the Demon Sniper Rifle in multi-player mode. It can destroy Master Tanks or Arwings with one shot, but fires slower.

Play as Peppy Hare in multi-player mode

Successfully complete fifteen versus mode matches to unlock Peppy Hare in multi-player mode.

Play as Wolf O’Donnell in multi-player mode

Collect the friendship medals on all ten levels to unlock Wolf O’Donnell in multi-player mode. Alternately, successfully complete story mode with no allies killed.

Aparoid City multi-player level

Successfully complete the Aparoid Homeworld: Breaching the Defenses level to unlock the Aparoid City multi-player level.

Corneria City multi-player level

Successfully complete the Corneria: War Comes Home level to unlock the Corneria City multi-player level.

Fichina multi-player level

Successfully complete the Fichina: Into the Storm level to unlock the Fichina multi-player level.

Inner Sargasso Hideout multi-player level

Successfully complete the Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities Revisited level to unlock the Inner Sargasso Hideout multi-player level.

Katina Outpost multi-player level

Successfully complete the Katina: Frontier Base Battle level to unlock the Katina Outpost multi-player level.

Outer Sargasso Hideout multi-player level

Successfully complete the Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities Revisited level to unlock the Outer Sargasso Hideout multi-player level.

Planet Sauria multi-player level

Successfully complete the Sauria: Reunion level to unlock the Planet Sauria multi-player level.

Space Station multi-player level

Successfully complete the Orbital Gate: Incoming level to unlock the Space Station multi-player level.

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Other multi-player bonuses

Successfully complete the indicated number of multi-player matches to unlock the corresponding bonus in multi-player mode:

    Special Items On/Off option: 5
    Missile Launcher: 5
    Missile Launcher Only mode: 10
    Play as Peppy Hare: 15
    Gattling Guns: 20
    Crown Capture mode: 30
    Titania Desert map: 40
    Sure Shot Scuffle mode: 50
    Simple Map 4: 60
    Fireburst Canon: 75
    Booster Packs: 90
    Booster Pack Bout: 110
    Zoness Sea Base map: 130
    Star Wolf Team’s Wolfen ship: 150
    Predator Rockets: 170
    Cluster Bombs: 200
    Booster Packs and Launcher Tilt: 230
    Simple Map 5: 260

Quick vs. mode matches

Note: This trick requires two controllers. Use the following trick to get all the vs. mode unlockables quickly. At the level selection screen, press Y and the options should appear. Select “Sniper Showdown”. Then where it reads “Point” change it to “Survivor”. Next, set the number of lives to “1” and select “OK”. Once back at the level selection screen, choose “Simple Map 1”. You should start very close to your opponent. Shoot them and they should die in one hit. Once it is over, just select “Retry”. Keep doing this until you unlock the desired bonus. When you unlock “Sure-Shot Scuffle Mode” at fifty matches, you can accumulate matches even faster because you can kill your opponent in one hit with any weapon.

Easy health

Save your teammates to regain health.

Easy Arisel attack

While in multi-player mode, select Katina. When the game starts, find the sniper rifle. If an Arwing is available, take it and do a fly by; make sure it is fast. When in the Katina base, press Z to ride on the ship itself. Press X to zoom in and find your target (the second to fourth players) and fire. This makes it easier to kill then getting shot. Note: Do not fall off and watch out for Demon Launchers or any rocket. Get back in ship before the invisible wall hits by pressing X then Z.


When away from a vehicle or after shooting or killing an opponent, press Z.

Effective Predator Rocket use

When you get the Predator Rockets, land some where far from your opponent. If your character can jump high, jump towards your Arwing’s or Wolfen’s wing. Plant the rockets on it. Put the last one on top of the cockpit. If you put it on the tip of the ship and try to shoot your opponent, it will destroy the rocket. If your opponent gets in an Arwing or Wolfen rush over there and get under him or her so that the rockets can fire at your opponent. Note: If you are doing the breaks when they fire as the Wolfen, the rocket will hit you.

Avoiding Predator Rockets

Get someone on your Arwing and have them shoot the rockets behind you, or go full speed on the ground and before you hit the ground, go up. The rockets will hit the ground and explode.

Avoiding Landmaster charged laser

If your character jumps high, you can avoid the charged laser by jumping only when close to your opponent that is in the Landmaster.

Defeating the Aparoid Queen

The Aparoid Queen has three forms that you must destroy. In stage one, you will see the Aparoid Queen during the intermission sequence and notice that Pigma, General Pepper, Peppy, and Fox’s father have been absorbed. The queen tries to stop your mission. Destroy her armor and avoid the attack she sends at you. When you see the red jewel, attack it when you have the chance. After her health has been depleted, you will see an intermission sequence where Fox shoots the self-destruct program into the hole that you opened. However, she will get away and try to create an antibody to get rid of the program. In stage two, shoot the four red “eyes”. Then, shoot the head that comes out of the body. Shoot the gold armor on her head to reveal the weak spot. Watch the head’s movement and breath attack. If you have the Hyper Lasers, this should be easy. In stage three, she will be in her last form. Just shoot the eye and it is over. She has two attacks remaining. If you start to see green barriers in a circle, fly in the center and attack her; watch out for the beam that she fires at you.

This trick requires a controller with an auto-fire feature. Use the auto-fire on the Apariod Queen to destroy the armor and kill her weak spot. You will have to fight her again. Destroy the pink balls and the armor on thye snake-like head thing. Shoot the orange ball on it and repeat. Finally, just shoot her. She will be shooting fire or a green thing that she spits out. The fire can be easily avoided. For the green weapon, you must stay in that thing without touching the green wall.

Defeating the Hatcher leader

Shoot the bubble-like object that is on the bottom of him. After that he will fall. Get on him by pressing Y. Finally, keep shooting that bubble-like object on top of him. If you fall off, repeat those steps.

Defeating ground enemies

If you have Sensor Bombs and a Booster Pack, you can perform a devastating attack on ground enemies. If an enemy is standing relatively still (for example, trying to snipe someone) fly over them with your booster. When you are overhead, “plant” a Sensor Bomb. It will automatically fall to the ground, where it will soon explode.

Multi-player coordination

In 2 vs. 2 mode set the game on Arwings and Landmasters. When the battle starts, have one person drive, then hop out. Then, let the other person drive and you will be able to get a ride to your own vehicle or help and be a gunner. Note: Beware of Arwings. When you are on the Arwing you should have the gunner have homing rockets. In the Landmaster you should use machine or gattling guns. Once in awhile you should switch locations.

Ride on Arwing or Landmaster in multi-player mode

Note: It is strongly recommended that you practice this a few times with a friend. Go to a level with pilots, Landmasters, and Arwings available. Try Corneria City, as there are many good places to board a ship. Choose a character that has a two to three star jumping ability. With a friend, make your way to either the Arwing or Landmaster. Have you or your friend jump onto the wing of the Arwing or the side of the Landmaster. Whoever does this should press R to keep steady. Then, have the other person press Z to start driving or flying.

Additionally, use the following trick to stand on the wing of an Arwing while nobody is driving. Note: It does not work on a few stages. Press Z on hop into an Arwing. While flying, press Z again and you will be on the outside of the ship. You can press Z again to get back into the ship. While you are on the Arwing, you can shoot any weapon that you could normal shoot on the ground. If you jump off the ship you will land on the ground and suffer no damage. The Arwing will go to the edge of the level until it explodes. The Arwing will then appear on the ground in less than a minute.

Things to do on the wing of an Arwing

Use the “Ride on Arwing…” hint. Some fun things to do include using hard-hitting weapons such as the homing rocket launcher, gatling gun, or machine gun. You can strap a Fireburst Pod onto the wing and have some nice explosive fun, watching the fireworks from the sky. Another good idea is to simply cover the tail of your ally’s Arwing, just to make sure no one sneaks up behind you. Also, if you happen to have a Demon Launcher, you can really do some damage firing at other Arwings from a good spot. Overall, it would be a good idea to pack a Barrier along because you will be very vulnerable. Additionally, when you are saved by Wolf or Falco, you will use the plasma cannon. However, if there are no enemies you can still use your other weapons and have fun with it.

Arwing decoy

In multi-player mode, go to a level that has Arwing and on foot rules. Get into an Arwing. Go to a place where the other player cannot see (make sure he is not looking on your screen) and jump off with Z while making the Arwing go over your opponent’s head. Then, while he is following the Arwing, shoot him with your best weapon.

Arwing surviving the Demon Launcher

If your opponent shoots a Demon Launcher at you, get out of the Arwing. Put your barrier on and the Arwing should survive. Note: Your Arwing needs full health to survive that blast, or simply just jump out of the Arwing and fall.

F-Zero reference

During the intermission sequence after the first half of mission 1, Fox will say “Adjust G-Diffuser output”, which is a reference to the engines used in the F-Zero machines.

Star Fox 64 reference

When you defeat Pigma when he becomes a Apariod next to the Arwing, it will show Sector Y from Star Fox 64 .

Queen referred to as boy

When you fight The Queen (the last Boss), some time during the battle with her first form Falco will indicate that the queen is a boy by saying “He just won’t stop”.

Star Luster (Japanese version)

Get all 50 special flags to unlock the Star Luster.

Saved allies

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The following is a list of allies that must be saved in each level:

    Fortuna: Slippy, Falco, and Slippy
    Katina outpost: Krystal and Slippy
    Sargasso space zone: Krystal and Falco
    Fichina: Slippy
    Astriod Belt: Falco, Krystal, Falco, and Slippy
    Sauria:Slippy, Falco
    Cornera: Krystal and Falco
    Orbital Gate: Slippy and Krystal
    Apariod Homeworld: Falco and Slippy
    Homeworld Core: Slippy, Krystal, and Falco
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