Sword Art Online: Lost Song Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Sword Art Online: Lost Song Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Sword Art Online: Lost Song

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Custom Character Creation

Successfully complete the first island to unlock the “Custom Character Creation” option. After defeating Fafnir, you will be able to create a customized character in the Cafe/Multiplayer room. Talk to the girl behind the counter to the left of the door.

Bonus characters

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Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

    Black Lotus: Successfully complete Story mode, then speak to Strea with Kirito. Strea will start to glitch and you will fight her as a Level 1,000 enemy. You will unlock her whether you win or lose the fight.
    Lux: Successfully complete Story mode, then speak to an Undine in the plaza with Leafa and Silica in your party. Go to the dungeon in the top right of the map on Nibelheim.
    Rain: Successfully complete Story mode, then go to the first island to fight her. Win to the fight to unlock her.
    Seven: Successfully complete Story mode, then start a short storyline quest with her by visiting Agil’s shop after completing sub-events with Rain.
    Sumeragi: Successfully complete Story mode, then go to Woglinde to find him on a floating island standing next to a chest after fighting Rain with Kirito. Talk to him to unlock him.

Walking through walls

While controlling a character with a mace, dagger, or dual wielding swords, go up to a wall or obstacle and repeatedly use the first Square attack. You will slowly inch forward and eventually get inside the wall or obstacle. You can walk around inside the wall and bypass some locked doors or scenes. While inside the wall, you cannot attack enemies with attacks or magic and they cannot attack you, but you can still buff or heal allies.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    ALO’s Strongest Player (Platinum): Earn all trophies. “You are an excellent fighter. The best I have ever seen.”
    Let’s Start With a Test Run (Bronze): Complete your first side quest.
    Contractor (Silver): Complete a total of 100 side quests.
    Bounty Hunter (Silver): Complete a total of 100 Extra Quests and/or Multiplayer Quests.
    Being a Solo Player Isn’t So Bad (Bronze): Complete a total of 10 side quests, Extra Quests, and/or Multiplayer Quests with a party consisting of any single character.
    Super Player (Gold): Complete an Extra Quest without taking damage.
    Can I Get a Raise? (Bronze): Resurrect a party member who has become a Remain Light.
    Weapon Collector (Silver): Collect 100 different weapons, not including shields.
    Accessory Collector (Silver): Collect 50 different accessories.
    Lisbeth’s Smithy Appreciates Your Patronage! (Silver): Raise a weapon’s Enhancement Level to its maximum.
    Swordmaster (Silver): Raise a single Sword Skill to level 500. *OSS included.
    Spellmaster (Silver): Raise a single Magic Skill or Special Skill to level 500.
    Skill Maniac (Silver): Learn every possible Sword Skill, Magic Skill, and Special Skill for a single character.
    All These 100,000 Yuld Mithril Pieces…! (Bronze): Have more than 1,000,000 Yuld.
    Slayer of Enemies (Silver): Defeat 5 or more enemies at the same time with a single attack.
    Annihilator of Enemies (Silver): Defeat 1,000 enemies over the course of the game.
    Your Adventure. (Bronze): Create a party that includes your own custom character.

Additionally, there are 26 secret trophies:

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    Welcome to ALfheim Online! (Bronze): Log into ALfheim Online.
    Fairies in the Sky (Bronze): Reach the story chapter “Fairies in the Sky.”
    The World of the Black Fairies (Bronze): Reach the story chapter “The World of the Black Fairies.”
    The Youthful Goddess (Bronze): Reach the story chapter “The Youthful Goddess.”
    The Red-head in the Shadows (Bronze): Reach the story chapter “The Red-head in the Shadows.”
    A Paradox of Light and Darkness (Bronze): Reach the story chapter “A Paradox of Light and Darkness.”
    Battle of the Knights of the Tri-blade (Bronze): Reach the story chapter “Battle of the Knights of the Tri-blade.”
    Lies (Bronze): Reach the story chapter “Lies.”
    Intertwined Desires (Bronze): Reach the story chapter “Intertwined Desires.”
    The Dark World (Bronze): Reach the story chapter “The Dark World.”
    The Twilight of the Gods (Bronze): Reach the story chapter “The Twilight of the Gods.”
    The Two Idols (Bronze): Reach the story chapter “The Two Idols.”
    We’re Not Done Yet! (Silver): Complete all main story chapters. “We still have a lot more gaming left to do!”
    A Deeper Bond: Asuna (Silver): Complete Asuna’s side story. “Stay with me forever, Asuna.”
    A Deeper Bond: Leafa (Silver): Complete Leafa’s side story. “I hope that I’ll always get along with Sugu.”
    A Deeper Bond: Silica (Silver): Complete Silica’s side story. “I won’t tell anyone what happened here today.”
    A Deeper Bond: Lisbeth (Silver): Complete Lisbeth’s side story. “We’re going to forge a lot of memories together, whether you like it or not.”
    A Deeper Bond: Sinon (Silver): Complete Sinon’s side story. “Sinon is an indispensable part of this team, and an important friend.”
    Ki-bo’s a Playah! (Bronze): Go to the festival with all the game’s heroines. “This’s a sweet scoop!”
    A Worthy Rival (Bronze): Befriend Sumeragi.
    It’s Just Like Old Times (Bronze): Complete a side quest, Extra Quest, or Multiplayer Quest with a party consisting of Kirito and Asuna.
    Guys Night Out (Bronze): Complete a side quest, Extra Quest, or Multiplayer quest with a party consisting of Kirito, Klein, and Agil.
    Girls Ops (Bronze): Complete a side quest, Extra Quest, or Multiplayer Quest with a party consisting of Silica, Lisbeth, and Leafa.
    A Game Where You Can Die Is Too Easy! (Bronze): Have the character you are controlling reach 0 HP and become a Remain Light.
    Skill Master (Silver): Raise Asuna, Yuuki, Rain, and Sumeragi’s OSS to level 100.
    Sword of Kings (Silver): Obtain Excalibur.
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