TGS 2011: More UMvC3 Details Revealed

TGS 2011: More UMvC3 Details Revealed


All the new Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 characters have already been leaked, but that doesn’t mean the excitement has dropped off even a little. Vergil and Iron Fist got their first gameplay teases today, and the Internet has exploded with hype and speculation ever since.

Iron Fist seems to be a fast but immobile hard-hitting character. He doesn’t seem to have air dashes, teleports, flight, or anything else that would get him around the screen quickly, nor does he have any projectiles to control space. However, his combos last forever, and he has multiple moves that can stagger the opponent, pick-up OTG, and hit overhead while still allowing him to combo afterward. He has rush punches, flying kicks, uppercuts, and, more interestingly, a power-up Special which coats his fists in flames. As of now, I can’t tell what this special does in the trailer, but hopefully we will get further details over the course of TGS.

At first glance, Vergil looks a lot like Dante. He has Dante’s teleport, his air S, his quarter-circle back H, his quarter-circle forward L in the air, his stinger, and even a Devil Trigger mode. However, this is where similarities end. Vergil has an Install Super that summons rotating swords around his body. These all do multiple hits and chip damage. He can also fire the swords off one by one as projectiles, if he likes. Coupled together with Vergil’s teleport, I’d say this is the new Ouroboros of the game. Vergil’s teleport isn’t confined to appearing behind the enemies head. He can also appear behind the enemy on the ground if he likes, giving him more opportunities for high/low mixup. Vergil has a Devil Trigger mode, which means he is one of the few characters to have two power-up Supers. His Level 3 appears to only be able to be done in Devil Trigger mode, effectively making it a Level 4 Super. This is probably a good thing, because it hits like a truck. His only other Super is a barrage of blade projectiles that cover the whole screen and that links cleanly off of an air combo.

In addition to these two characters, UMVC3 has been confirmed as a PS Vita title, and a launch title no less. It also now has official release dates of November 15 for North America, November 17 for Japan, and November 18 for Europe.

Now we only have Rocket Raccoon, Nova, Frank West, and Phoenix Wright to go.

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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