The Best of E3 2014 – The Sony Press Conference

The Best of E3 2014 – The Sony Press Conference

Sony is going into this E3 on top. They have sold the most next-gen consoles, they have the largest market base, and they recently announced Project Morpheus. Right now, all they have to do is stay strong and they will be in a fantastic position to “win” the whole convention. Of course, any convention presence starts with the press conference, so let’s see what Sony had to show us.


The first trailer of the conference was Destiny , and it was largely a story trailer. It talked about “the traveler” something that the human race found on Mars that allowed them to colonize other planets. It focused on the story before everything else, about a darkness that hunts the traveler, and about the possible extinction of the human race. The game will take place on multiple planets, hopping around the galaxy in multiple environments. This is easily one of the must have PlayStation exclusives. The Destiny beta will release on July 17th on PlayStation owners first. This weekend, PS4 owners will also be able to play the first look alpha at www.GreatnessAwaits.com/Destiny.There will also be an official Destiny bundle which includes a white PS4, the game, a controller, and a 30day PS Plus voucher.

The Order 1866

It’s been a while since we heard anything about this. We finally got to see some gameplay, as a soldier faced off against what I could only imagine is a werewolf. The trailer showed him backing up in first person mode, firing a pistol at the creature, before being knocked through a window. A heavy rain style command prompt allowed the soldier to stay alive as he took cover and reloaded. Thus far it looks a lot like a generic third person shooter, but the atmosphere and theme are just astounding.


IT’S A NEW REZ! Or at least it’s a lot like REZ. It’s a game about two souls that are linked but can never be together. You control two characters at once, each a different color. They have to pick up objects of their color and avoid objects of a different color. When they collect enough objects they join together and become a dragon which can sculpt the sky. Big surprise, the game is available tonight on the PS4. PS3 and PS Vita versions to follow with cross buy.

Little Big Planet 3

Yep. Little Big Planet is getting a sequel. You can now make completely 3D worlds, going far into the backgrounds and foreground. Sackboy also has new friends. The first is, Oddsock the dog. Oddsock has the ability to wall jump and is much faster than Sackboy but cannot use items. He also has another friend called Toggle. Toggle is huge and strong, able to push things that Sackboy cannot. He can “toggle” his size and become small at the push of a button. The last new character is Swoop, a bird who can fly freely. These several new characters can now work together to solve puzzles, giving you even more freedom in level design. Sackboy can also climb now, and he has a brand new item–the pumpinator–which can throw water at things to push and pull them. All LBP1 and LBP2 levels will be playable in LBP3. LBP3 will launch this November.


Developed by From Software, the first thing we saw in this game was a horde of zombies marching with zombie dogs. After that, a man in a trench coat went to town, murdering them with a sawtooth sword and shotgun. There wasn’t any gameplay show but hey, medieval style old-school Transylvanian zombies? Who doesn’t love that… or the big zombie dragon encounters?

Farcry 4

Farcry 4 had a brand new gameplay demo. It started by showing off new grappling gameplay. Players can find grapple gear lying around and use it to freely traverse the environment. It also showed off a new double crossbow, which can hold two bolts knocked at once. The trailer went on to show a lot of carnage, including duct taping C4 to an explosive barrel, hijacking vehicles, and murdering people in stealth with a knife. It looks like the entire game is even bigger this time around, which is hard to do. Oh yeah, and they also showcased drop in drop out co-op play. Farcry 4 is also the first game that allows you to invite your PSN friends to join a game, EVEN IF THEY DON’T OWN THE GAME ITSELF!

Dead Island 2

Dead Island wasn’t exactly the greatest game out there, but the Dead Island 2 trailer looked hilarious. It was all about a runner who slowly turns into a zombie, and the hunters who take him out. The PS4 will have an exclusive character class and map. It’s good that Dead Island 2 isn’t taking itself too seriously, it just makes the game better.

Grim Fandango

Being remastered on PS3 and PS4… nothing else to say. Buy Grim Fandango . It’s one of Tim Schafer’s greatest.,/p> • Indie Games

Brofroce, Titansouls, Not a Hero, Hotline Miami Wrong Number, The Talos Principle, all will be coming first to PS4 courtesy of Devolver Digital. The makers of Journey also have a new game coming, featuring a serene aquatic environment and a diver of some sort… though the purpose of the game is still a bit unknown. It’s called Abzu , and it looks amazing. Heck even Suda 51 is getting in on this with a new multiplayer action game called Let It Die . Basically any indie game you can get on Steam will be available here, and then some.

No Man’s Sky

We heard a little bit about this game last E3, but we finally saw some gameplay this time. The trailer started with simple exploration on an alien world. It then took off to the stars, becoming a huge interstellar dogfight. The universe is actually procedurally generated and is infinite. Each player will start on a different planet with different creatures and different technologies. Only by getting off world will they be able to interact with each other at all. It’s quite impressive.

The Best of E3 2014 – The Sony Press Conference

• PlayStation Now

Sony’s new streaming service is going to enter into an open beta at the end of July. It will also be coming to the PS Vita, and the PS3, allowing everyone to stream the vast PlayStation library of games. Not only that, but the PlayStation Now service will be available even without a PlayStation device. The service will be integrated into Sony smart TVs. All you’ll need is a dualshock 3 and you can play PlayStation games easily.

• PlayStation TV

It’s basically a streaming device, for PlayStation. Want to play PS3 games on a different TV than the one your PS3 is connected to? PlayStation TV. Want to play PS Vita games on your TV? PlayStation TV. Want to remote play PS4 games on another TV. PlayStation TV! It’s only 99 dollars and it’s coming to America!

Mortal Kombat X

Blood is still squirting from my eyes over this one. Scorpion has new fireballs! Sub Zero can make an ice clone of himself and throw it! Scorpion vaulted off the environment! Sub Zero fired a Marvel style ice-beam. Scorpion has psycho crushers and axe kicks and dive kicks, and a ranged grapple that causes a special stun. Two new characters were shown, a half insect woman, and a giant with a baby riding it. And oh god the fatalities! People were punching holes into each other! Stay tuned for our full preview of this one!

Ratchet and Clank: The Movie

Not a game, but still amazing. The trailer for this made it look like the coolest Ratchet and Clank experience yet. It’s not coming to PlayStations, it’s coming to theaters in 2015. So be ready to hit up your local sixplex for this one. In addition, the first Ratchet and Clank will be completely remade for the PS4.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Unfortunately, the trailer that we were shown for this game was leaked a day before the convention, but it doesn’t make it any less awesome. If you haven’t seen it yet, look it up now. It’s tear-jerking, and combines the atmosphere of Metal Gear , with a heart-wrenching scene of soldiers saying goodbye to their fallen, and of course, plenty of scenes of Snake kicking ass!

Batman: Arkham Knight

We got to see a first gameplay trailer for this game at the end of the press conference. It showed Batman on top of a balcony overlooking Gotham city, and diving down into action. Batman has a new high tech powersuit that that allows him to fly around the city pretty freely, and he can summon his Batmobile at any time. His batmobile also seems to have a mounted turret now… even though that doesn’t quite seem very Batman-ish, what with the no killing rule and all. The trailer eventually glitched out showing the Scarecrow as a main villain. The Scarecrow nightmare missions will only be available on PlayStation.

Uncharted 5: A Thief’s End

The final trailer of the night showed us that Drake is back in the game once again. We were all waiting for an Uncharted game on the PS4, and Sony did not disappoint. The trailer showed us in game footage which looked almost like moving CGI. It was astounding. Not much more to say about it other than it comes out in 2015 but it’s great.

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