The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall Strategy Guide

The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall Strategy Guide

The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall General Walkthrough:


Copyright 1996 by Susan Nimm. All Rights Reserved. This document may be reproduced electronically, provided this notice is included (unmodified), for any purpose whatsoever. Reproduction onto CD-Rom or floppy disk or paper for any commercial purpose whatsoever is forbidden without prior written permission. In any and all reproductions, this paragraph must remain unmodified.


Be forewarned, this walkthrough can completely spoil the game. Do not use this casually! This walkthough does not document exhaustively the mechanics of going up levels/summoning daedra/getting guild rank as all of these things are well documented elsewhere. It does, however, make passing reference to some of them.

Also, many quests are random in nature; hence, there is no possibly walkthrough for these. Even quests that are not random — e.g. to fixed dungeons —

I did this mainly for myself – if I come back to DF in a few years, I want to be able to progress if I get stuck – but it will suffice quite nicely for others, I believe. Please note that there are some specific directions here and there for what turned out (later) to be random quests. Accordingly, your mileage may vary. Bug fixes may also subtly alter game behaviour. (I gather you are no longer asked to retrieve the cursed BLANK, alas!)

I “cheated” on several things:

    • the way I got a high level character (see below)
    • sequence of levers to pull in the Castle Sentinel quest
    • Part of Wayrest painting quest
    • All of Walk through Castle Daggerfall to treasury (sorry, lazy and busy!)
    • portions of Mantellan Crux.

As of this writing (Nov 96) I recommend playing with the 179 patch if you’re starting the game fresh; otherwise the 177. Of course, if there’s a later patch, play with it! [editor’s note: there is a much more recent patch, #213, available from www.bethsoft.com]


    • items in square brackets are plot spoilers; (document ideally needs some HTML formatting to hide these…)
    • ’email’ style addresses for people – i.e. princess morgiah@throne room.castle.wayrest means go to Wayrest city in Wayrest province. Enter the castle (palace) and head for the throne room. Someone in there will be named Princess Morgiah.

To start:

1. Privateer’s Hold:

This dungeon is to set you up with some equipment and cash. In general, ignore ingredients and the like (unless they’re gems), pick up better quality armour and weapons, and gold. There are ample good walkthroughs for this, so I’ll simply say: head on up to the room with the archer. Take the left door (from POV of original entry) to the large throne room; charge up the stairs, killing the skeleton; press the lever to the left of the throne (facing the throne) while standing on the throne. Elevator will take you up; head up the corridor; open the door on your right; kill the rat, imp, and bat; enter the room and the exit will be in this room.

2. In Town:

Once you get to town (say Daggerfall), I would suggest joining a guild. The process of quickly gaining levels (you need to be at least 10-15 th level to finish the game) is trivial if you have magic schools as at least some of your primary, major and minor skills.

As has been well documented, progress in guilds depends primarily upon successfully completed missions. You’ll need to complete (typically) at least 18-20 successful quests for a guild before reaching the highest level in the guild, and to do about 1 quest/month for the guild thereafter to maintain your reputation.

The trivial way to quickly gain rank and become wealthy and very high level is:

    • custom class with 4-6 schools of magic: 1 minor, 1-2 major, 2-3 primary skills.
    • create cantrips (cheap spells that cost ~5 points to cast) in each school of magic
    • join the mages guild and do lots of guard quests (say about 20 – this should take no more than 5-10 days)
    • join the fighter’s guild (say) and cast lots of cantrips (since you can stay for free and get trained once/day in fighting skills to boot), resting to restore your spell points.
    • At night, break into stores with a good ‘open’ spell (custom, with 100% chance of success). Only rob those that are top quality; sell the merchandise in the morning at bottom quality stores.

Thus, after doing a number of quests for the guild of your choice and training/casting massive numbers of spells, you should be up to 25 th + level and at the top of the guild of your choice within as little as 3 hours (real-time)/1-8weeks (game time). To boot, if you’ve broken into stores you’ll have a house, a ship, a cart, a horse and ~1,000,000 gold coins.

Fair warning: this is technically not cheating (i.e. it’s not as bad as having at your savegame with an editor), but it’s pretty close. I did this after I lost two 12 th level characters to Bethesda’s repair items (and other assorted) bugs and got quite fed up… Determined not to waste a lot of time getting my character up levels, I started with a 25 th level character.

Really useful (and not so useful) things to get are:

    • horse: allows you to move much faster around town (unless you have speed 100 J )
    • cart: allows you to carry much more, and accessible without leaving dungeons!
    • ship: useful in that you can be in the middle of daggerfall, being attacked by ghosts and you can just change transport to a ship and go to sleep. Handy. Very rarely enemies will come aboard your ship however. Thus, you don’t need inns if you have a ship. Also, you can dump huge piles of treasure all over the ship.
    • house: seems useless other than an ego thing. Buy a much handier ship instead – easier to get to, is in all towns…

Really useful (strategic) things to do on dungeon adventuring:

    • Cast recall in town (or at dungeon entrance)
    • Always save BEFORE you get the quest.
    • Save at the entrance to dungeon
    • Save when you’ve just accomplished the quest
    • Regularly back up your save files

Many (of the random) quests are not accomplishable in finite time. So, save before you get a random quest and reload if you need to.

3. First Plot Quest: Finding Lady Brisienna

Then, while wandering about accomplishing the above, you will receive a letter from the Lady Brisienna, a representative of the Emperor. Also affiliated with the Blades, and formerly based in Daggerfall. Meet her, and she will suggest that the 2 quests from the Emperor centre around Wayrest, Sentinel and Daggerfall.

Within a little while (keep doing quests and wandering), you will receive letters from:

    • princess morgiah@throne room.castle.wayrest
    • prince lhotun@throne room.castle.sentinel

4. Morgiah/King of Worms: Marry me?

Morgiah (The woman in red to the right of the King and Queen at the top of the platform) wants to marry Son of King (where I don’t recall) and wants you to take a letter to the King of Worms, head of the Necromancer’s Guild ([email protected] barrow.dragontail mountains). [The deal she proposes/agrees to is to give her “first” in exchange for the King being able to speak with his dead son. Go ahead and read her letter and his response.]

Scourge Barrow (in Dragontail mountains): Enter the small, square building. Click on the middle left coffin, and descend. Head along corridor til door;open door to see a room with ~8 doors and 2 zombies. After dispatching the zombies, take the door just to the left of the one you came in. Follow it, turning left at the intersection and entering the cave passageway. Wipe out the bats, listen to the bears growl and take the first right. Turn left at the intersection and go through the door. You’re in the throne room. King is the chap just to the right of coffin on raised dais. Take his letter and return it to Morgiah.

Do not be unduly alarmed if the quest does not disappear from your log immediately. [[PLOT SPOILER: She (Morgiah) will tell you that Gortwog has the emperor’s letter; it did reach the Queen, but the thieve’s guild stole it and sold(?) it to Gortwog. She notes that the new king of Daggerfall is not as loyal, as Lysandus and Queen Aubkhi is naïve. Suggests you talk to the Dowager Queen, Mynisera (wife of Lysandus), but first approach through someone lower in the court of Daggerfall. (Hint: see Cyndassa, below)]]

5. Prince Helseth: I’m sure that you’re =completely= innocent.

While in Wayrest, you may wish to talk to Prince Helseth@Conference room.castle.wayrest. (This is reached by going through the giant doors at the back of the throne room (either side leads to conference room). He will give you a letter to take to Lord Castellian, head of the elder council (Castellian@hearthhouse residence.kirktry.wayrest for me) [This letter may be a not-so-oblique threat to reveal Castellian’s love letters (written to his sister) to his sister’s husband!] Don’t read it though, unless you want to be distrusted. Return with Castellian’s response [and Helseth will tell you that his family may have something to do with the overall situation. Wayrest dispatched advisors to Daggerfall/Sentinel on eve of Battle of Cryngaine Field. (Lysandus, loyal to emperor vs. Cameron wanting more autonomy) Advisors claimed later not to have gotten there, waylaid by Gortwog’s orcs, but Helseth believes they got to Lys’s tent and spoke briefly with him. (interesting if you later look at the painting queen of sentinel asks you to “liberate” from castle wayrest).]

6. Lhotun’s Quest: Brother… what brother?

Journeying to Sentinel, you will find him in the throne room anteroom on the right – a group of three people sitting on the floor. He wants you to find out what happened to his older brother (Rhust?). Take this quest, ask around about the brother in court and on the street of Sentinel and other nearby towns. Shortly, you will be handed an anonymous letter by a “tall, gaunt woman” who will slip away. You will go and meet her where it says (search the upper rooms of the building), and she will, as a representative of the Underking, indicate that you should search Dungeon BLANK. Go there, and you’re likely on your own here as this (dungeon) seems to change each time. What doesn’t change is what you must find – once at the top of a tall tower, and once in a tiny cupboard in the bowels of the dungeon for me – a piece of paper – the Death Certificate. [This is the sad tale of R- who was kidnapped (probably by agents of his dad, King Cameron) and left to die. He’d always been a sickly child. He also hints that the underking is a superpowerful magic-user who took over a powerful body a long time ago. ]

Return to Lhotun and he will tell you [that Lysandus had some kind of relationship with Medora Direnni the sorceress of his court. Mynisera later sent her away. Rumor has it that she is in a huge castle (Thanks, Bethesda!) somewhere on the Isle of Balfiera, and that she is cursed and can’t leave.]

Sometime after (some of) the above, you will receive a missive from Waycrest, with crest which I was unable to read. May have been an engagement notice for Morgiah according to net speculation I’ve seen from Paul Parkhurst on Daggerweb. Seems a reasonable supposition/bit of analysis.

Queen Akorithi @throne room.castle.Sentinel requests your presence (via a letter) before end of next season. Go there, and she will ask you to infiltrate Castle Wayrest and take a painting. See walkthrough at Daggerweb, modified as follows:

7. Castle Wayrest: A Painting, My Kingdom for a Painting…

When you first get in the palace, enter the throne room, go through the huge doors on either side to the conference room. This has a door on the left side and one on the right; go through the one on the right. Take the first left, follow until you come to a room with about 3 large coffins and a teleporter(TP). Go thru the TP to a room with a TP and a door. Go through THAT TP to a room with TP, lever and door. Pull lever, go through TP. Exit room you arrive in (you’ll need to kill some orcs), turn right then left; follow passageway and go to end which leads to a door through which there is a moat. Enter moat, wander around and you will see a small passageway under the water; crouch down and go through. Wander around that moat, and you will see a door on the far side. Go up the stairs; straight ahead will be a lookthru. Crouch down (shrink if you’re pre 179 patch) climb and walk through. Go up the stairs, taking two rights go through door at the top of the stairs. (Note that the passageway continues to the right; ignore it). This room has two doors (left and right); take the left. Turn right then left into corridor, follow to the end, through a door into the room with the painting.

8. King of Worms Quest: Bring me the Soul…

By now you should have been contacted by the King of Worms via the simple expedient of him stitching a note into a zombie’s skin and sending said zombie after you. Go there to Scourg Barrow, and he will ask you to do him a favour: go to Castle Sentinel, and retrieve the soul of Prince *, an ancient lich wandering the dungeon whom he wishes to question.

I got to the area of the dungeon the Lich was (after exploring the entire thing) but did not figure out how to get the final set of bars down on my own. Forthwith, I suggest you peruse High Elf Stalker Elrin Goareth (aka George Smith)’s able description from Daggerweb.

[King of Worms then tells me the tale of Tiber Septim, the first Emperor, who betrayed his battlemage Zurin Arctus just before one of the last battles in his waves of conquest. The soul Zurin Arctus refused to leave the body (Thanks to “Numidium” ?), and thus, upon taking over the body of an ancient lich, Zurin became the Underking! Worms notes that he and the underking dislike each other, and also that were the underking ever to regain his mortal body, havoc would result!]

Note that you will be attacked by endless waves of zombies (even in inns, annoyingly) until you complete this quest!

At around this time, you will then be asked to contact (by a young courier who leaves immediately) to contact a representative of the underking, varhtta@khaldten residence.atruhisa.sentinel. She will offer information in exchange for you returning something the necromancers and blades have to her.

9. Quest for the Underking: Retrieve the cursed BLANK

Wherein you are requested to retrieve a cursed BLANK from the Blades HQ, Castle Llugwhych.Ykalon, and learn something from the underking.

Enter into small room, go through door on opposite (West) wall to conference room.

Go through conference room to room at back. (West wall)

Go up stairs and curve, up stairs, along corridor to shaft at end; pull lever.

Go up shaft and down corridor — can ignore room on right filled with unobtainable papers, scrolls etc.

Go through room w/ 2 knight statues to door at back (west wall); pull lever, go up shaft, turn right.

Go along cobblestone floors, down, then giant clockwise circle through room w. grey floor, bench, continue along gray floor, going up.

Grey floors: Turn left at cross junction, go straight; through connection to cobblestone section.

Cblstone sxn: Continue straight through the first junction(4-way); turn left at the second, which is a T-junction. Follow twists and turns — do not take the first right (if you end up in a room with a yellow tapestry — wrong turn) — go to end of corridor and turn right (small 1×1 room at end)

Journey to pit Go 1 level up and head west.

Take first right (go through secret door) and go to end — through 3 sets of doors. There’s an ancient vampire guarding, + 1 vampire + 1 spellsword. (your mileage may vary)

Now, when you return the BLANK to the representative of the underking, [she will tell you that Lysandus didn’t really die at Cryngaine but was killed treacherously before that (on the eve of the battle as I recall). Combining that information with the information from Prince Helseth and the painting of wayrest (IF you looked at it that is!) this suggests that Wayrest murdered Lysandus on the eve of the battle. The representative goes on to tell you where Lyusandus’ actual tomb is (The one in hammerfall at Cryngaine is an empty shell), with his real body: in Menevia. She concludes by saying that she knows not why Lysandus haunt’s daggerfall rather than the field of battle where he was betrayed.]

Note that (not surprisingly!) your reputation with the Necromancers (and the King of Worms) will drop when you finish this quest.

10. Cyndassa’s quest: Brother… what Brother II

Now, head off to Daggerfall. Go into the room at the left rear of the lower part of the throne room; talk to Cyndassa, a maid. She will ask you to go to a (randomly selected) dungeon and kill a werewolf therein. Be sure to save before this mission (as with all) as many of the dungeons she suggests aren’t on your map! Go do in the werewolf (who was her brother), and she will tell you [that the letter arrived, and that she gave it to Queen Aubk-i, who read it, looked surprised, and said she’d pass it on to Mynisera. She also remarks that the King (Gothyrd), son of Lys&Mynisera, is not too fond of the emperor.]

11. Queen Aubk-i’s first quest: My mother-in law…

When you talk to Aubk-i, if you have done all of the above, she will comment [on the letter and say that it was stolen (probably true, given Morgiah’s info) before she read it (false if we believe Cyndassa).] She will then ask you to report on Nulfaga’s condition(below).

Talk to Nulfaga(Lys’ mother)@throne room.Shedungent.wrothgarian mountains. Simply enter, move forward to the door, open it (or click on banner, and type ‘shutup’ – courtesy of having finished the game!) Walk up the ramp and talk to Nulfaga. She will make a semi-random comment, typically having to do with her insanity and her son’s death. Return and talk to Queen Aubk-i.

12. Mynisera’s Quest: Courier Search

Next, talk to Mynisera in room@castle daggerfall.daggerfall.daggerfall. This is at back RIGHT of room. She will ask you to find the emperor’s courier (who gave the letter to Queen Aubk-i, instead of Mynisera), one Ysyssa Buckingwing, a member of the Knights of the Dragon. Mynisera will give you a signet ring as proof of your bona fides. Go to Gondistair Moorham@Baelmoth Used Supplies (a pawn shop) in Baelmoth, or wherever Mynisera tells you to go. He will tell you where YB will be. Note that there was an interesting bug here – the number of days which he said YB would take to get to palace.Wildertown.daggerfall (6) were off what your log says. Wait patiently, go in only after about 10am when all the doors are open and you should find her on the first floor. I found nine days worked – despite my log saying 12 and Gondistair saying 6. This was a simple, but frustrating quest!

[YB will explain that she’s a pro: the emperor ordered her to give the letter to the “Queen of Daggerfall” and she did – to Aubk-i who was Queen by the time the letter arrived in Daggerfall.]

Upon return to Mynisera she will note the same thing, and say that she received a letter from Princess Morgiah about where the letter was. If you’ve already done Morgiah’s quest, then simply click on Mynisera again (presto!). [She will remark that Gortwog has it and send you with a letter to Orsinium.orsinium area. The letter indicates that she supports Gortwog’s ambitions to be recognized by the Empire and asking for her letter back.]

13. Orsinium Quest: Not a lover’s letter…

Now the fun begins. Go to orsinium.orsinium area and enter the big black building. (Hard to miss!). Kill the first orc and walk to the end of the room to talk to Gortwog. Then trundle through the dungeon. Here’s how I found the letter:

There are two doors at the back of the conference room; take the leftermost (southernmost if you prefer). Meander along this grayfloored area (walls will change after you pass through a door after a while) going up, up, up. You will come to a T-junction (ahead, or left).

Turn left and proceed, passing through a room (go out door in west wall) and proceed down, down down. (everything remains gray floored, though walls will change as you pass through doors). After passing through doors to other passages, (no choice available on turns, thankfully), you will come through a door to a very large room with an opening in the middle. (You may need to drop down to the large area below and open all four doors in this area and pull all levers in the rooms thus revealed; then again, you may not. If you can’t complete the walkthrough as I describe, try doing this).

The door you enter this room through will be in the east wall of the room. Go out the door in the south wall, to cobblestones, take the first right (4-way intersection). Head straight, passing through a gray floored room to the door on the opposite (West) wall. Take the first right off this cobblestoned passage, passing through to gray again. Keep to the left (You’ll only have one spot to turn; ignore it) until you come to a door in the corridor (West wall) passing through to a cobblestone section.

Go through to a brief cobblestone section, and turn left, passing to a gray section. Follow this until the end, going down, enter the door at the right, and presto! The letter room! If you have any difficulties, try turning RIGHT rather than left in the cobblestone section and pulling the lever in one of the rooms. You may wish to do this anyway as this is the way to the vault of Orsinium.

The letter says (naughty, naughty for reading it!)

[The Totem of Tiber Septim has been found. Power behind TS could be unleashed again (is the UK?) Rumor has it that Lord Woodborne@wayrest has it and will “lose it” soon. Uriel Septim urges Mynisera (not without influence @wayrest) to turn it over to Mynisera or Lady Brisienna).]

After returning to Daggerfall to talk to Mynisera, you find she’s gone! Talk to Queen Aubk-i and she will send you on a quest to Castle Necromoghan to find letters that Mynisera is destroying.

14. Castle Necromoghan; Queen Aubk-i’s second Quest: Letters, what letters?

The dungeon isn’t random; the position of the letters is semi-random. Every time I’ve played though (with a high level 12+ character), they’ve been in the same place as indicated below. Note that although you will have 17000-22000 days to accomplish this task (according to the queen) you actually won’t. This is one of the more interesting (in that it’s quirky but doesn’t kill you) DF bugs.

Go straight from the entrance; turn left at the fallen timbers, turn to right and go UP the hole in the ceiling (just before the pit leading DOWN). Go east, then turn right (south). Turn left and you will see a pit with a monster in it and a grey skull floating above it. Press the skull, and it will descend.

Now go back to the fallen timbers. Go DOWN the pit just east of the upward hole. You will arrive in a room with a ramp in the middle (unconnected to the gallery around it) and an altar on the ramp. Head out of the door in the South wall of the lower level of this room (go down the ramp). BTW, just off this room is an 8-door room that (one of the rooms off of it) MAY contain the letters. Then again, probably not!

Continue along the gray corridor (giant circular loop), not making any optional turns (in particular do not go left at the T-junction). You will arrive in a room with railings and a ramp down to the lower level. Head out the door in the North wall of the lower level (walk down the ramp) and you will see the opened trap door. Go down, defeat the two monsters and you may find the letters.

If you don’t find them there, then head west from the gray circular passageway to the 8-way room. (I know, vague…but it’s the best I can do. If worst comes to worst, reload. You did save, didn’t you?)

In any event, the letters are burned but you can decipher the following:

[first 2 pages – love letter, 3 rd page (we realize from Medora to Lysandus) notes that Mysinera suspects Lysandus is cuckolding her; and notes that Medora does not like his “hollow crown” and “hollow wedding ring” those two empty circles that entrap him. She wants to be his forever… 4 th page (from L to M??) talks of the wiping out of mare and stallion orcs, and the insistence of Price Klaius that they be killed. Statement that ‘”your father”, “my lady”, did great evil.’ 5 th page (L to M) He speaks of crushing them at Cryngaine and abandoning his responsibilities.]

Return to Daggerfall, and talk to the Queen. She will say [how sad it was, especially that Mynisera’s father killed those orcs – that no one deserved that.] Then, wait a few days (depending upon how much time you spent in Necromoghan) and talk to Mynisera when she comes back from Necromoghan. Mynisera will note that [probably Gortwog has sold umpteen copies of this letter (the one about the totem) all about the Illiac Bay. Not to worry, she says, she’s sure the Totem will come into your life as you seem to have a knack for such things. She does say to remember that the only safe hands the totem can be in are the emperor’s…]

You will soon be slipped two notes; one about the Mantellan heart, and one that’s a threat from the man in gray.

[A description of Numidium – a giant as tall as the moon in the sky – unknown whether good or evil, and controlled by the totem. For the totem to function, you need the MANTELLAN heart. Numidium lost this in the final battle with (his creator?) Tiber Septim’s battle mage, aka the underking! The letter also notes that the underking created the totem, and that it can only be wielded by a descendant of Tiber Septim or someone with connections to the supernatural.]

15. Direnni Tower: Finding the lover.

Remembering that Medora Direnni is said to be on the Isle of Balfiera, search the island and note the Auspiciously named Direnni tower. (Here I had trouble reading my notes so borrowed (after the fact) from Scott Jenning’s Daggerweb walkthrough where mine needed clarification).

Go through the door immediately by the entrance into a huge room, and climb down the stairs to the bottom. Climb the other set of stairs to the top, and go through the door into a small room. There’s a wheel above a fireplace – turn it. Go through the now open trapdoor at the bottom of the large room you first entered.

Go through the west door, and at the very first turn in the passage go through the secret door to the left (by the corner – check your automap). Go through the room out the east door, and follow the path until you come to a T (right after some stairs on your right). Go right at the T, and follow the path (ignoring openings/passages to your left and right) straight into a pyramid room. Go around the pyramid to the exit on the west side, go left, and climb the steep incline.

You are now in a maze. Simply follow the wall on your left. Don’t go through any doors. You will retrace your steps once or twice as you head down a corridor, turn past a door and back up the other side (your new left wall). When you start to descend down a slope, you will turn and arrive at a T marked by a Direnni banner. Go right (down). You are now by a series of columns, one of which has levers. Pull only the 2 levers that are facing Direnni banners.

Go south to a Direnni banner next to a door going west. Go through the door and follow the path through another door and up to Medora. Talk to her. She will send you off to Shedungent to find a unicorn’s horn.

16. Shedungent… Medora’s second quest: =You= want a unicorn’s horn? Yeah, right.

With thanks to James McNabb and R. MacPherson: (@Daggerweb)

To find the unicorn horn: Go to straight in to the first door and unlock or go to the banner and say “shutup”. Cross the room and take the passage out of that room (only way out). At the (first) room on the right pull the middle lever of 3 and exit the room. Go left up the stairs, then right. Keep on that path, take NO turns until you come to a 4-way intersection. turn right. Ignore the subsequent turn to the right; keep going forward through the twists. The path turns right and the walls change texture. At that intersection pull the torch. Turn right and take the stairs up. Turn right and go thru the door. There is a secret door on the south wall. In that room is a bed with the horn on the bed

At this point, I got really confused. I went back to everyone, getting useless quests from people. Finally, I went to Gortwog who talked about where the Dust of Restful death was and seemed to assume that I’d come from Medora. He sent me to a random dungeon:

17. Gortwog’s Second Quest: Dust of Restful Death:

Random. Dust is VERY likely (always?) on the body of a mummy and looks like lich dust with a green background even when (if) you’re only looking at treasure on the dead body. Just wander – if it takes more than ~1h, reload and try again!

After heading back to give Medora the dust, come back to her in a month. [She talks (upon receipt of dust) of how Eadwyre and the court of Wayrest killed a king (presumably Lysandus) and that this is treason. She will be revenged. Also, there is some kind of letter she wrote to Gortwog. Gortwog, incidentally, sent troops to try and stop the assassination of Lysandus.

18. Princess Elysana’s Quest: Barbie or the Big Green Guy?

At some point you will get a letter from the bubbly Princess Elysana@throne room.castle.wayrest, asking you to come visit her – you having been recommended by Lord Woodborne. Go there, and she will give you an escort mission to escort her cousin Vannayne Greenhouse to meet Gortwog (not in Orsinium-chesterleigh.daggerfall). She says you’ll get cash and info about the “totem pole or whatever”. [Surprise – it’s treachery, though not difficult to handle.]

19. Lysandus’ Tomb: A Dead King

Here we head off to the revealed location of Lysandus’ tomb in Menevia.

Make sure that you cast recall at the entrance! Enter the leftermost door, and follow the passage. Take the first left, and continue until pass through to grey walls and see a floating skull. Press it and teleport! (NB- I’m not sure if there is anyway back without teleporting)

You’ll teleport into a room with a torture bed and chains hanging from the ceiling. Pass out of the westernmost door in the north wall (the other one is a secret door; ignore it). You’ll move along a passage, passing a red brick door on your right (don’t try it). Pass through two small rooms/mini-passages and into another passage.

Turn right at the first opportunity, a T-junction, pass over the trapdoor/pit, and proceed to door at end of passage. Pass through the door in the North wall and proceed left immediately. Turn right at the T-junction and proceed (pass over a rock in the passage). Turn right at the four-way junction, (pass over a burlap bag) and follow the passageway until the next junction: a T-junction. Turn left at the T-junction and head east until the end of the passageway: a door in the east wall.

Pass through the door (heading east), and turn right immediately. Head south, passing straight through the three way intersection. Follow the passage, turning to the east. Head up, through the second three way intersection, keeping straight (east). Follow the passage to the left (north), pass by the turn on your left, turn tightly from north to south. Head south, up the ramp and take the doorway in the left (east) wall at the top of the ramp and pass through to the grey walled passage. (This may be a secret door; if you turn right (west) to a 4-way intersection you’ve gone too far.)

Turn left at the T-junction, right at the four-way junction. Proceed down this grey-walled passageway, heading east, south and then west. Enter a small room, heading west; walls change from grey ‘brick’ to gold and white cobblestone. Pass through the only other door (on the west wall), head along the passage, turning North and then east. Pass straight through the 4-way intersection, continuing east, and then follow the turn of the passage south.

Take the (secret?) door; it’s to your left as you move along the passageway. It’s s short distance before the turn right and the dead-end. Follow this new passageway; ignore the first right; take the second right, go along and then down to a T-junction; turn left and follow the passageway to its end: a pit.

Drop down the pit; go down the passageway to the end (east, south, west, north and finally east to the door to the large room – below). (You may need to enter the last room room on the right from the passageway into the large room then descend below and pull the lever if you can’t get into the large room or descend to the Lysandus’ coffin. This is the 7 th door on the right; you’ll hit is as you’re going north and about to turn east.)

Enter a large room through a door in the north wall of the room; cross over to the door in the column in the south east corner of the room. Pull the lever, and turn to see much of the central floor descend. Jump down, walk over to the coffin and click on it to see a cut scene. Lysandus will tell you what needs to be done to lay his ghost to rest: only the death or humiliation of he who betrayed him: Lord Woodborne of Wayrest (betrothed to Princess Elysana; has a castle somewhere in the wilderness of Wayrest). Hypothesis: is he the man in gray? Very probably, since Elysana set us up with a bad mission to Gortwog…

So, we head off on Lysandus’ quest:

20. Woodborne Hall: Quest for a traitor with drab dress sense to boot.

Two ways to finish this quest, apparently. One: find “papers” of Woodborne; two, kill Woodborne himself. Here’s where I found the papers:

Go up the room to the entrance at the top north west corner of the room. Go along the corridor, straight along through the two four way intersections to the door at the end. Go along THAT corridor to the end and through the door.

Go straight down the corridor. (NB- if you take the only door on your right it leads to a room with a pit (may need to walk over hidden trapdoor) – take pit all the way up, go south down the short corridor and drop down the pit to land on a trapdoor. No idea how to open it; possible this is where Woodborne is hiding?) Ignore the doors on either side, and go through the door at the end. Turn right at the three way intersection, go east straight through the four way intersection and follow the corridor to the stairs.

Turn right at the bottom of the stairs, follow the passage around. Ignore the secret door on your right and go through the door on the east wall by the end of the corridor. Go through the door, straight down the corridor. Turn south at the end, then go over the pit and turn west. Go through the door at the end and enter a room with the papers.

[The letter talks about how he killed Lysandus, knows that Gothryd will help him, how he will marry Elysana, and, when Eadwyre dies (“sooner rather than later”) but the ‘bitch queen and her brats’ annoy him. Barenziah wants Helseth to be the heir, and Elysana to marry off some far off prince. Morgiah promised to heir of Firsthold. B not trust him, he will do to B what he did to Lysandus, noting that Gortwog nearly saved Lysandus. Relies on Gothyrd to support claim for throne, and Ead maybe if Helseth is heir. He boasts of a spy network equalling that of Gothyrd, Eadwyre, Akorith-I or the emperor. Underking and Necromancers may be more substantial, but maybe not. Notes that he needs physical power – a standing army and gold for same.]

Give the papers to… well take your pick. I chose the Queen of Wayrest. She arranged for public execution and confiscation of his goods. (for which I got a measly 15k gp’s).

Wander about a bit and you will be asked to meet Lady Brisienna (Horcart.wayrest). [She will tell you that the blades attacked Woodborne hall but failed to get the totem before Gothyrd removed it. With heavy losses, they are unable to mount an assault upon Daggerfall. Go there, remove the totem from the treasury room (see Daggerweb walkthrough).]

21. The Totem. Say, are you carrying a totem in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

See Daggerweb walkthrough. I made it through about 20% on my own, got bored and used James Andrew McNabb’s version which is NOT copyright by me. If James Andrew McNabb (the author) would like it removed from this document, please notify me or whoever has posted it. I enclose it as the original web site hosting it seems to have gone down.

[JAM’s stuff begins]


Walkthrough written by James Andrew McNabb [email protected]

Suggested spells : Levitate, Recall, and Waterbreathing

To find the totem: Take the left door beside the King and Queen. Follow that path to large room. Take the other door out of that room. Go thru the next smaller room. You are on a ledge looking at a tower with a walkway connected to a wall with a door. The easiest way to get there is to cast levitate. Go thru that door and turn left. Follow this ledge around the sunken room. Pass thru the door. Take the door on the left. This is the treasure room. Walk down the ramps until you are right above the water. The actual treasure is hanging from the ceiling. Jump in the water. There are 2 openings on each wall. Look for a door. It should be on the right of the wall. Take the left opening. follow that underwater and enter the room. Turn the wheel in that room. Go back out and now go through the door on the right. In that room there are 3 chains. Pull the one in the middle. You will be teleported to the top of the room. Look down and you will

see the top of the treasure cage. Levitate down to the top and pull the lever you find there. That will open two of the blue barred rooms. One of those will have the totem in it 🙂


[JAM’s stuff ends]

[The totem itself will tell you you have a year and a day to put it into the hands of someone of Royal birth (i.e., NOT you!). Wander around a while and you will receive letters from the following:

    • The Underking (Letter floats to you and puts itself in your pack – no one sees). (TS forged an empire and ruled with Great Numidium – heart of the Mantella – UK’s heart. He wants it, doesn’t want to interfere in mortal affairs, and offers Necromancer’s Amulet. Order of the hour.Chargate.wayrest)
    • Gortwog (Heavily cloaked figure, green hand shoots out, figure shuffles away. Offers an artifact; promises not to rule beyond Orsinium; wants to establish an independent Orcish Kingdom.)
    • Queen Akorithi (Page in livery of Sentinel – She says she’s the only one who is loyal – wayrest and daggerfall aren’t and offers 100,000 gp’s. (whoopee!))
    • King of Worms (from behind – skeleton – shoves letter in your mouth — He promises to protect Tamriel by leaving this plane, noting that any mortal is very dangerous holder for totem, and offers you fame – increased reputation throughout the Kingdom.)
    • Eadwyre (Portly man – livery of Wayrest – offers to meet or exceed Sentinel, Daggerfall – ‘enough to buy own ship’)
    • Brisienna (never did get it – just appeared in my pack: Please come and meet me.)


Gave totem to Brisienna; was contacted immediately by Nulfaga to go to Shedungent. She says:

[Only crowned heads will hold the totem true. First is one who killed but did not kill another. Second is one who is two devoured by its young. Third is one who made one slave and many free. Fourth and fifth are two who compete for mud. Sixth is one who brings a home to the homeless. Seventh is one who Lords all but who does not lord at all. I do not know who of the 7 is best.. you have chosen who will command great Numidium. Sends me now to Mantellan Crux, to retrieve a green jewel of unusual size.]

  1. Mantellan Crux: Now where is that jewel?

Giant cube room; patrol at low, med, high to get all four walls. Doors in west and south walls at bottom and top for a total of 4. Make sure you go ‘in’ each door and press against the force bars. (This allows you to ‘see’ the bars later on the automap from afar.) 3 big floating ‘rock’ (inverted pyramid) platforms; 1 tiny at top (with lever); 1 big high (where you enter with statue on top), 1 medium medium(with four doors pointing to 4 compass points.). Force barred entrances in both the lower rock platforms. Also, elevator between the two lower platforms. Lever doesn’t SEEM to have other effects…

Area 1: Foyer

  1. Lever at top tiny platform originally faces WEST. PULL to EAST and the force door in the lower platform opens.
  2. Lever inside lower platform faces SOUTH. Pull to NORTH (you need this later – it opens up a force door inside first area.)
  3. Go to lower platform. Doors at four compass points originally ‘point’ NESW – i.e. face north, and the northernmost door looks like a line not a plane. Open the south door (and the east if you want). Go through the top south door in the starry wall and up the shaft.
  4. Wander along, going straight through the 4-way intersection, turning right and up the stairs. Proceed to the end of the corridor (noting the force beams on your right at a T-junction) and pull the lever from west to east, removing the force beam.
  5. Go back to the T-junction, and you will find 3 levers close together. Pull all three from west to east in the order that you hit them. Pull the first again (i.e. closest to the T-junction) and you should be able to proceed all the way down the corridor to another lever. Pull it. This opens the force door in the middle pyramid.
  6. Go back to the first big high land mass (inverted pyramid) and enter the now deactivated force door. Kill the Daedra Lord and walk onto the magic carpet to be teleported.
  7. AREA 2: The Benefactor

  8. Go down the passage to yet another star room. Turn right, and head down to the large land mass with tombstones. Click on the white tombstone and see that here lies the Spirit of Benefactor, although his body still guards the way… Click on the tombstone furthest to the West and the one furthest to the south east. You should here ghostly moans. Head down to the opening in the side of this pyramid and click on the lever. South east tombstone opens up middle trap door in pyramid. You may have to fiddle a little to get the force beams in the land mass with tombstones to disappear
  9. Head up to the north (east corner) of the room and go through the unbarred door. Click on the statue and type “Benefactor”. Head back out to the starry room and down to the pyramid (non-inverted; looks like a real pyramid!) go down the lift to the room below; go to the corner of that room (middle trap door in pyramid) and down that lift. Drop down the lift in the north east corner of the room, covered by an open trap door. Head south then west to drop down the pit. Move just north to drop down the trapdoor to a teleporter.
  10. AREA 3: Inverted Temple

  11. Turn left at the t-junction. Head to the centre of the starry room, to see an upside down set of rooms. Four doors; open them all: Blue Obelisk, Lever in ceiling and statue room. Click on blue obelisk to be teleported OR Pull lever in ceiling; go to opposite door and pull newly revealed lever. Go to blue obelisk room and click on obelisk.
  12. This teleports you to a room with eight doors. Go through eastern door in southern wall. Turn left (west ) at the T-junction and keep going west through the two doors. Enter AREA 4 – fire.
    AREA 4: Fire, Talking Heads, Skulls and a Green Gem.
  13. Click on the first head above the path at the T-junction. The head will say “Hear me-the blind God is a jealous god. Let his true servants lift up their eyes to him and the way will be easy. Hear Me!”
  14. So go ahead (right) and click on the first head. It should start by facing the big head in the centre, when you click it will rotate. Go back to T-junction and click on the THIRD head, which will also rotate. Go up to top; talk to Clavicus Vile, kill the fire daedra and go down the shaft to the dark head.
  15. Click on the dark head: “One speaks for me; two serve me; six protect me. How many defy me?” Answer One.
  16. Teleport to a chamber with skulls on shelf. Click on the one two to the left of the door (i.e. middle one on left shelf) to TP a fair way along a boring spiral. Head (west) to end and open door. Go way, way up the stairs and through until you come to a shaft down. Drop down and teleport to a new area.
  17. You’re in a nifty star room with a giant sword and a giant crossbow. Go to the giant crossbow (around the middle) and click on all four of the axes. Sword will have tilted down. Walk up it to the door in the top north (near middle) of the room. Turn right and go all the way down the shaft. Head North into the room, take the west door, north door, west door, north door, east door, north, north, and west along a corridor with four pits . Turn south then west to arrive in a large room. Go to the centre and touch the green gem.

Surprise, you’re back at Shedungent, and see a brief cut scene. Congratulations, you’ve done it! (Wait, you read this, so actually you cheated. Congratulations withdrawn and shame on you. J )

Appendix: My incomplete Daedra summoning table:





Artifact Description


8th of frost fall



13 th of frost fall

ebony blade


2nd of suns’ dusk

ebony mail

mehrunes dragon

20 th sun’s dusk

merunes razor

molag bal

20 th evening star

mace of molag bal

clavicus vile

1st morning star

masque of clavicus vile


13 th of morning star

ring of khajiit

Go kill an mu in dungeon; go report to someone@somewhere.

Feet of Notorgo; invisibility.


2nd of suns’s dawn


ditto meridia, ‘cept 2 nd in dungeon

Staff; polymorph monster on hit.


16 th of sun’s dawn

sanguine rose

ditto; 2 nd in town.

Summons a lesser Daedra to kill enemies

hermaeus mora

5th of first seed

oghma infinium

kill in palace; find in library=easy

Raises attribute by up to +30!


21st first seed

azura’s star

Kill a priest; find in town

Don’t know – this one’s evil.


9th of rain’s hand


Kill ancient vamp; find in town.

Dwarven tower shield; free act+spell rflct


9th second seed

ring of namira

kill ancient vamp; find in town

any dam bearer takes suffered by atackr


5th of mid year

hircine shield

doesn’t seem to be on the 5 th ???


10th of suns’s height

skull of corruption


3rd of hearths fire

skeleton key

Original dates and artifacts courtesy of a response to Silk, by Yama? Quest and artifact descriptions mine.

Morning Star-31 Sun’s Dawn 28 First Seed-31 Rain’s Hand -30 Second Seed 31 Mid Year 30

Sun’s Height 31 Last Seed 30 Hearth Fire 30 Frost Fall 31 Sun’s Dusk 30 Evening Star 31

That’s all she wrote!

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