The Sims 4’s “Create a Sim” demo Releases later this Summer

The Sims 4’s “Create a Sim” demo Releases later this Summer

As detailed on the official The Sims website, The Sims 4’s executive producer Rachel Franklin has outlined a few details regarding the “ Create a Sim ” demo for the upcoming addition to the Sims franchise, which is slated to release sometime this summer.

Free for everyone and anyone, Create A Sim is touted to be “ one of the single most impactful features of the entire game.” Create A Sim enables you to take more control over just how you customise your Sims in terms of how the look, what they do and how they act.

Similar to the character customization featured in EVE Online , the customization in the Create A Sim demo features the ability to change the physicality of your character simply by clicking on a certain part of their body and adjusting your mouse accordingly.

Unlike the many menus and sliders featured in The Sims 3’s character customization, The Sims 4’s character customization only requires you to pick a certain physical feature of your character, and change it in a tactile way appropriately.

We’ve established that The Sims 4 won’t feature toddlers and pools when it releases in early September this year for PC. Even though pool building won’t be available, there is a new Fountain Tool that’ll allow for you to create sophisticated landscapes. Further more, toddlers won’t be an age in The Sims 4 , like it has been in previous Sims titles.

We’ll bring you more news on The Sims 4 should further information reach our ears. You can watch a preview of game’s Create A Sim function via the embedded video below.

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