The Sly Collection Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

The Sly Collection Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

The Sly Collection

Bonus mini-games

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding mini-game:

    Bentley RC Race: Enter the mini-game section.
    Guru Dart Shooter: Successfully complete the Prologue and start Episode 1: “The Black Chateau” in Sly 2: Band Of Thieves .
    Interpol Target Practice: Successfully complete the Prologue and start Episode 1: “Tide Of Terror” in Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus .
    Treasure Snagging: Successfully complete the Prologue and start Episode 1: “An Opera Of Fear” in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves .

Sly 4 teaser trailer

Successfully complete all three games to unlock the Sly 4 teaser trailer.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Sly 2: Band Of Thieves

    Artistic snobism (Bronze): With Sly, silently replace a canvas.
    Gotta fine’em all! (Bronze): Find 15 bottles containing a message.
    Bottled (Bronze): Find 20 bottles containing a message.
    Thirsty (Bronze): Find 30 bottles containing a message.
    Pink fits you so well! (Bronze): Buy the Diable Fire Slam on the ThiefNet.
    That’s really something! (Bronze): Buy the Hover pack on the ThiefNet.
    Pink hell plate (Bronze): Buy the Raging Inferno Flop on the ThiefNet.
    Thrifty (Bronze): Buy the Paraglider on the ThiefNet.
    Fiery fox (Bronze): Complete the prologue in Cairo by escaping Carmelita.
    Fox-trot lesson (Bronze): Dance with Carmelita.
    Spider legs (Bronze): Steal with Contessa thrice.
    Pickpocket (Bronze): Get 100 coins.
    Emprisoned (Bronze): Free Carmelita from the Contessa.
    Purse-snatching (Bronze): Steal three keys from Carmelita in Canada.
    Vigorous hug (Bronze): Force a bear attack in Canada.
    Heads or tails (Bronze): Get 500 coins.
    Stowaway (Bronze): Hijack the train.
    A friend in flames (Bronze): Buy the Fists of Flames on the ThiefNet.
    Somebody called a medic? (Bronze): Buy the Snooze Bomb on the ThiefNet.
    Ace of dodge (Bronze): Buy the Combat Dodge on the ThiefNet.
    Reptile thief (Bronze): Defeat Dimitri.
    Surfeit (Silver): Knock down Neyla to save Sly.
    Careful, it’s spicy! (Silver): Defeat Rajan.
    A bad bug (Silver): Defeat the Contessa.
    A REALLY bad bug (Silver): Defeat the Contessa again.
    Exact money change (Silver): Get 1,000 coins.
    Digestive troubles (Silver): Find the Clockwerk’s stomach.
    Gold medal (Silver): Defeat Jean Bison.
    Elk head (Silver): Steal the elk costume for Murray.
    Wake up! (Silver): Buy the Alarm Clock on the ThiefNet.
    True loot (Gold): Get 1,500 coins.
    Tick tock (Gold): Defeat Clockeyla.
    Remote control (Gold): Buy the Trigger Bomb on the ThiefNet.
    Stealth (Gold): Buy the Silent Obliteration on the ThiefNet.
    Ornithodentist (Gold): Get every bottle containing a message.
    An unlikely bandit (Platinum): Obtain every trophy in Sly 2: Band of Thieves.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

    The vault (Bronze): Complete the prologue, ‘Beginning of the End’.
    Intimate moments (Bronze): Approach Carmelita in the ‘Police HQ’ level.
    Undercover racoon (Bronze): Use a Sly disguise in Venecia.
    The Guru unleashed (Bronze): Meet the Guru in ‘Unleash the Guru’.
    Scorpions cleaner (Bronze): Free the scorpions load from the truck.
    A true friendship (Bronze): Slow down Dr. M with Bentley and Murray.
    Romantic ballad (Bronze): Complete the boat pursuit in Venecia canals.
    Halloween (Bronze): Defeat masked Carmelita.
    A little crush (Bronze): Ask Penelope for some help in ‘Frame Team Iceland’.
    Last service (Bronze): Complete the pub battle.
    Vampire exterminator (Bronze): Stop the vampires.
    Reconciliation (Bronze): Complete ‘Dynamic Duo’.
    Night-owl (Bronze): Buy the Alarm Clock.
    Decompression problem (Bronze): Take the scuba diving equipment from Dimitri.
    Tightwad (Bronze): Get 500 coins.
    Flying racoon (Bronze): Buy the Paraglider.
    She’s a crafty fox (Bronze): Carmelita saves the day, again!
    With Mitshoko’s agreement (Bronze): Activate the Shadow Power Level 2.
    Bently the plumber (Bronze): Destroy the pumps.
    Numismatist (Bronze): Get 1,000 coins at once.
    A true tornado (Bronze): Buy the Sly Spin Attack Level 3.
    Jumpkick champion (Bronze): Buy the Sly Jump Attack Level 3.
    Hard defeat (Silver): Defeat Octavio.
    Mayday, mayday (Silver): Defeat the Black Baron.
    A trump in the sleeve (Silver): Defeat Muggshot.
    Dragon’s hit (Silver): Defeat the Chinese Dragon.
    Taking out the trash (Silver): Defeat LeFwee.
    Tentacular terror (Silver): Defeat Crusher.
    Getting promoted (Silver): Complete the game at 50%.
    Murrary’s holy fire (Silver): Buy the Fists of Flame.
    And now? (Gold): Defeat Dr. M.
    Tough racoon (Gold): Complete the game at 75%.
    Here comes the loot! (Gold): Get 2,500 coins.
    A flying turtle (Gold): Buy the Hover Pack.
    100% Cooper (Gold): Complete the game at 100%.
    A Real Honor (Platinum): Unlock every trophy in the last adventure of Sly Cooper…The last?

Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus

    A doggy girl (Bronze): Take a police file from Carmelita.
    Numismatist (Bronze): Find one coin.
    Coin recycler (Bronze): Find 60 coins.
    Dozens of coins (Bronze): Find 99 coins.
    Plans in the snow (Bronze): Find plans in the snow.
    Very talented programmers (Bronze): Find plans in the water.
    Like a bulldog (Bronze): Find a plan from Muggshot.
    Hat trick (Bronze): Learn the explosive hat technique from Rob McCooper..
    Let’s go to the adventure! (Bronze): Enter into the world of Sly Cooper!
    With Slytankhamon agreement (Bronze): Upgrade your shadow.
    Walk like an Egyptian (Bronze): Learn the secret move from Slytankhamon.
    Bomber (Bronze): Learn the plugging attack from Drake Cooper.
    Lazy (Bronze): Upgrade your slow motion.
    Not so fast (Bronze): Learn the slow motion jump from Dev Cooperinda.
    Double vision (Bronze): Learn the duplication technique from Andre Cooper.
    Coin hoover (Bronze): Learn the coin magnet technique from Karina Coopergina.
    Not afraid of spikes (Bronze): Learn the anti-gravity technique from Augustine Cooper.
    Singing alligator (Bronze): Find a voodoo plan.
    Don’t move (Bronze): Learn the technique from Colonel Reid Cooper.
    Soaking (Bronze): Learn the aquatic security technique from Suzanne Cooper.
    The tricks of the job (Bronze): Start your adventure with Cooper.
    Dog game (Bronze): Enter into Muggshot’s territory.
    Frog legs (Silver): Beat Raleigh the frog.
    Grab a bone (Silver): Beat Muggshot.
    Dance, Dance, Ruby (Silver): Beat Ruby.
    A not so cute panda (Silver): Beat Panda King.
    Clock blocker (Silver): Upgrade every slow down technique at the maximum level.
    Blackout (Silver): Upgrade every shadow technique at the maximum level.
    Swamp lily (Silver): Enter into the voodoo swamp.
    Clockwerk Orange (Silver): Find Clockwerk.
    Meeting the elders (Gold): Find all the plans.
    The lure of money (Gold): Open every strongbox.
    No, that’s impossible (Gold): Beat Clockwerk.
    Bottle stock (Gold): Find every bottle containing a message.
    Clever like a thief (Gold): Learn every plunging attack.
    The Real Thievius Racoonus (Platinum): Unlock every trophy from the first adventure of Sly Cooper.

Sly Mini Games

    Treasure Hunter (Bronze): Play Treasure Hunt.
    Trained pupil (Bronze): Play the Guru dart game.
    Where’s Penelope? (Bronze): Play the Bentley’s Helicopter Battle.
    Interpol Trainee (Bronze): Play Interpol Shooting Training.
    Come on! (Silver): Get 5,000 points in Treasure Hunt.
    Remote turtle (Silver): Get 8,000 points in Bentley’s Helicopter Battle.
    A determined pink hippopotamus (Gold): Get 5,000 points in Guru dart game.
    Carmelita’s fight against crime (Gold): Get 7,000 points in Interpol Shooting Training.
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