Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark


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Infinite XP

Play Chapter 2: Ruins Of Crystal City – The Lost Vault, and proceed through the mission until you get the “Search for the leaders of the Insecticons” objective. Before you can fight the leaders, there will be three swarms of Insecticons you have to kill. Switch to Starscream, and clear out the waves of Insecticon enemies. After defeating the three swarms, walk over to the terminal and press X. Then, press B to back out of the terminal. This will save your progress. Pause the game, and select the “Restart From Last Checkpoint” option to start at the beginning of the swarm attacks again. Repeat this process as many times as desired. Note: You will also be completing challenges that give you Gear Boxes that contain x4, x5, and x6 XP multipliers to make the process faster. Additionally, equip any hack that will give you extra XP.

Play Chapter 7, and proceed through the mission until reaching the end. Hack the weapons terminal before entering the final turret section. Select “No Shield Regen” while hacking to get +300% experience points. Also, slot the x6 XP multiplier multiple times, if possible. Go to the Jazz prison area, and clear out the basic enemies. Once you are down below, go to the objective marker, and jump on the turret. After the enemies spawn, use the T.E.C.H. XP bonuses, and destroy each incoming enemy. Use each bonus as the previous one lifts. Then, either wait for Jazz to die or pause the game, and select the “Restart From Last Checkpoint” option before the end of this section to continue farming experience points. You will retain the previously earned experience points after restarting and can repeat the process as many times as desired.

Recommended hacks

Add one of the following hacks at a loadout terminal to get the corresponding bonus:

    Exploding Enemies: Gives a 75 percent XP boost, and every time an enemy dies, they explode harming everything around them. It is recommended if you primarily use ranged attacks.

    More Ammo: Enemies drop more ammunition, you have less health, and gain a 75 percent XP boost. It is recommended if you can frequently take cover.

    More Health: Gives a 125 percent XP boost, and enemies drop more health than ammo. It is recommended if your weapon has decent ammunition capacity.

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    No Shield Regen: Gives a 300 percent XP boost, but your shield does not regenerate unless you defeat an enemy. It is recommended if you can aim well and take cover frequently.

    Tough Guys: Gives a 200 percent XP boost, but enemies inflict more damage and have less health. It is recommended if you can avoid damage or take cover until your shield regenerates.

Recommended T.E.C.H. assists

The following T.E.C.H. assists are recommended for the indicated situations:

    Battle Drone with Cybertronian Ultimate Repair Energy Drone: The Battle Drone will steadily attack enemies within range, which is useful when you need cover fire or need to know where enemies are located. C.U.R.E.D. will heal a nearby ally. You can only have one of the drones active at a time.

    Diffraction Barrier: Since the barrier does not move, it does not protect you from moving enemies. It is most useful when you need to replenish your shield without cover.

    Energon Heal Burst: It is useful when in a support role. It immediately heals allies and also allows them to heal over time.

    Energon Recharger with Shield Restore Booster: This combination allows you to regenerate health very quickly while having the ability to immediately restore your shield as soon as the Energon Recharger effect wears off.

    Guided Cluster Grenades: It places heat-seeking mines that are effective when used near a group of enemies.

    Vehicle Booster: It gives better armor and increases your damage while in vehicle mode. It is more beneficial for aerial vehicles.

Recommended weapons

The following weapons are recommended for the indicated situations:

    Melee: It is the best way to attack at close range.

    Nucleon Charge Rifle: It is the best sniper rifle, but it requires time to charge once you look through the scope. It is best used when in a safe position at far range.

    Riot Cannon: It has a wide blast radius and does a large amount of damage. However, it has limited ammunition capacity, but it can be upgraded.

    Thermo Rocket Cannon: It is a heavy weapon that quickly locks-on to an enemy with a guided missile. It rarely misses but has very limited ammunition.

    V32.CYBR Corrupt@r: It turns an enemy to your side temporarily. They will then immediately attack the closest enemy, but it is not as effective as you can be. It is best used when you are outnumbered.

    X18 Scrapmaker: It does not require reloads, but it has a small amount of cooldown before it can be fired.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

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    Aligned: Choose your allegiance.
    Peace through Tyranny: Defeat 250 Autobots.
    It Was An Honor: Defeat 250 Decepticons or mercenaries.
    Short Circuit: Reach Level 5.
    Perfect: Reach Level 10.
    You Got The Touch: Reach Level 25.
    Covenant of Primus: Activate Prime Mode.
    It’s The Thought That Counts: Open 3 Gear Boxes.
    Tough: Make it through Wave 5 in Escalation.
    Double Tough: Make it through Wave 10 in Escalation.
    Double Tough Hard: Make it through Wave 15 in Escalation.
    Hmm, Upgrades: Upgrade any installation to max level in Escalation.
    You Get Nothing, Good Day Sir: Slow down the reverse engineering project.
    Make Peace, Not War: Destroy Lockdown’s Weapon Caches.
    Somebody’s Watching Me: Find all the Stalker’s Observations.
    Make It Rain: Discover the fate of the Entrepreneur.
    Spoils of War: Listen to all the Veteran’s laments.
    Snitches Get Stitches: As Drift, destroy all the Anti-Alien Propaganda Billboards.
    My Blade Has Tasted Better: As Drift, defeat 25 enemies with the Blade Dash ability.
    Spectacularly Amazing!: As Sideswipe, get through the whole chasm using less than 6 grapples.
    Softly Softly Catchee Monkey: As Swindle, defeat Cliffjumper without causing any collateral damage.
    No One Gets Outta Here Alive!: Destroy everything outside the Gates of Kaon.
    What Could Go Wrong?: As Optimus, complete the rescue of Cliffjumper without using the turret.
    I’d Like To Leave Here Please: As Jetfire, escape the ruins of Trypticon without taking any damage from the laser gates.
    Sting Like A…: As Bumblebee, defeat a sniper with a melee attack.
    Tread Lightly: As Grimlock, prevent Optimus from falling below 50% health while defending him.
    Give Me The News Doc: Heal 50000 health points amongst you and your allies.
    Need… Oil… Can: Defeat 75 enemies that are slowed.
    Bleeding Edge: Complete the game with a HACK active.
    Of Merit and Distinction: Earn 250 Combat Distinctions.
    Challenge Accepted: Complete 50 Challenges.
    Blasters! Blasters! Blasters!: Unlock every weapon.
    This Weapon of Iron & Wood: Fully upgrade a primary weapon.
    VROOM-pire!: Defeat 50 enemies by siphoning their health away with the Energon Harvester.
    Y U Heff 2 B Mad?: Use the V32.Cybr Corrupt@r on a Power Foe and have them defeat an enemy.
    Shadow Company: Defeat 25 enemies after using the Cloak ability.
    Thumbs Up Soldier!: Defeat 35 enemies using throwback damage from the Kinetic Capacitor Shield ability.
    Marked for Destruction: Defeat 50 enemies marked with E.D.U.
    Turret Buddy: Defeat 25 enemies with your Battle Sentry.
    healing.exe: Repair 5000 points of damage with your Repair Sentry.
    Quartermaster: Resupply 250 times with the Ammo Supply Core.
    Totally OP: Defeat 100 enemies with the Riot Cannon.
    I Hope You Have Insurance: Heal 15000 health points with your Heal Beam.
    Scrapped: Use Explosive Path to defeat 35 enemies.
    Tormenta: Use Thunder Blast to earn 35 multi kills.
    Loadsa Money: Earn 25000 Energon Shards.
    What Does This Do?: Use 50 T.E.C.H.
    It’s Not A Sprint: Drive or Fly 26 miles (42km).
    Full Metal Jacket: Reload 1000 times.
    Welcome to Earth!: Defeat Lockdown.
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