Trials Fusion Dev Believes Microsoft “Absolutely Will” Improve Xbox One’s Resolution Issues

Trials Fusion Dev Believes Microsoft “Absolutely Will” Improve Xbox One’s Resolution Issues

In an interview with GamingBolt , RedLynx’s lead designer for Trials Fusion , Karri Kiviluoma, claimed that Microsoft will improve upon the Xbox One’s resolution issues in tandem with developers like RedLynx optimizing their games for the console later down the line.

Kiviluoma also explained that it’ll be hard to notice the difference between the resolution disparity of Trials Fusion on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one (1080p and 900p respectively), as both versions will be locked at 60 frames per second and therefore the resolution will hardly be something people will notice when playing the game in action.

The Xbox One and PS4 launch versions are very close to each other in visual quality, both games running at a locked 60 frames per second, Kiviluoma told GamingBolt. “ It’s hardly something anyone will notice as the game in action looks amazing on whatever your platform of choice is. It’s more about having fun at 60fps than small differences between systems.

Regarding whether or not Microsoft will eventually fix its console’s resolution issue, Kiviluoma believes that the company “ absolutely will ” fix said issues and continue to improve upon the Xbox One performance, and the developer will optimize its game in concordance.

[Microsoft] absolutely will, ” they expressed to GamingBolt, “ and not just for our game. Microsoft will continue to improve performance and we will continue to optimize our game for it and the other platforms.

Recently, Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb praised a YouTuber’s vision of the Xbox One’s user interface, so much so that he passed the video on to the other members of the Xbox team .

One of the Xbox One’s many UI updates has included a redesigned reputation system. Major Nelson also confirmed that game preloads are currently being considered as option for the Xbox One.

Trials Fusion released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in North America on Tuesday, April 15, followed by its European release on Wednesday, April 16. Check our Angelo M. D’Argenio’s review of the title on Xbox One .

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