Unholy Heights Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Unholy Heights Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Unholy Heights Easy “Abyssal Master” achievement

This requires a lot of Fishy One with Bloody Altar. Note: You must complete the “Tekeli Tekeli-li!” quest. The Abyssals hate Elementals.

Easy “Back To The Grind” achievement

Recruit a monster who is unemployed, then set the rent to zero to help increase his Satisfaction. If needed, upgrade its room and hope that he or she gets a job.

Easy “Blowin’ This Popsicle Stand” achievement

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Make the rent extremely high, to the point your tenant cannot pay. Wait several days until they decide to leave.

Easy “Cheepy Master” achievement

Get their Satisfaction to the maximum by spending lots of money on room improvement. Note: You must complete the “Dirty Bombs, Dirt Cheep” quest and side quest with the third floor built. The Cheepies have no conflicting faction.

Easy “Chimerae Master” achievement

Get their Satisfaction to the maximum by spending lots of money on room improvement. Note: You must complete the “The Black-Tailed Gull” and “The Good News Bears” quests. The Chimerae have no conflicting faction.

Easy “Circle Of Life” achievement

Have two monsters live together, and they will eventually “pillow talk.” A faster way is to purchase an Erotic Cake, but it is mainly luck based.

Easy “Cut To The Chase” achievement

Defeating Sieghard once you reach the second floor is not very easy. You will have to breed a stronger monster. To do this, have two monsters mate and give birth to a child. When the child grows up and his stats (Attack, Physical Defense, and Magical Defense) become superior to his parents, kick both parents, and repeat the mating process with the child. You can boost stats by sending your monster to kill adventurers, but the more you kill the slower the point will be added to the stats. There are three Tier 2 monsters available: Studeepy of the Cheepies, Zombie of the Undead, and Flowery of the Elementals. Consider having two Studeepies and two Zombies and level their stats to 80 on average. With four of such monsters, you should not have too many issues defeating Sieghard.

Easy “Demi-Human Master” achievement

The Demi-Human is similar to the Undead — as long no one dies in battle they will gradually love you. Note: You must complete the “Snow Falling On Circuses” and “Masters Of Science” quests. Demi-Humans hate the Demons.

Easy “Demon Master” achievement

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Send as many monsters as cannon fodder, even their own kind, and the Demons will love you. Note: You must complete the “The Blood Letter” quest. Demons hate Demi-Humans.

Easy “Elemental Master” achievement

Improving their room will slowly increase your Reputation. Note: You must complete the “Set The Fire Free!” quest and several side quests. The Elementals hate the Abyssals. Do not recruit any Abyssals.

Easy “Great View From Here!” achievement

Successfully complete the “Wanted: Colossus!” quest, then spend $10,000 to add a third floor.

Easy “The Kindly Landlord” achievement

Do not evict anyone, and defeat Sieghard in the “Unholy Heights” quest only. Consider getting a top tier monster. You do not need to worry if you have to allow a lower tier monster die in order to replace them with a better one.

Easy “Monsters Can Love, Too” achievement

Recruit a monster, and wait a number of days until another one moves in. You can speed up the process by purchasing a Love Balloon.

Easy “Movin’ On Up” achievement

Successfully complete the “Wanted: Gang!” quest, then spend $1,500 to add a second floor.

Easy “My name is Inigo Montoya” achievement

Recruit a monster that requires a hot or cold air condition. Purchase their desired air condition, have them mate to get a child, then remove the air conditioning. Allow the child to die from the normal temperature.

Easy “No Monster Left Behind” achievement

Defeat Sieghard in the “Unholy Heights” quest or as soon as you have built the second floor. Do not let your monster and potential resident die at any time and defeat Sieghard. You will not be able to get any higher tier Demons, but you can evict monsters as desired and fill them with top tier monsters.

Easy “No Vacancies” achievement

Have the fourth floor built with every room having three monsters. To do this fast, move any tenants that have three monsters to the highest floor, and monsters without a child on the lowest floor so they can go home faster and pillow talk more frequently. If desired, purchase the Erotic Cake and Love Balloon.

Easy “On Top Of The World” achievement

Successfully complete the “Wanted: Mighty Magic” quest, then spend $50,000 to add a fourth floor.

Easy “Undead Master” achievement

Win every battle without any enemies reaching the door with the flag. Note: You must complete the “Rent Of The Dead”, “Hunting The Hunter”, and “Ghost Buster” quests. The Undead have no conflicting faction.

Easy “World Domination!” achievement

Defeat Sieghard in the “Unholy Heights” quest to get the “World Domination!” achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

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    Abyssal Master: Let a top tier Abyssal darken your doorstep.
    Back To The Grind: Have an unemployed resident find a new job.
    Blowin’ This Popsicle Stand: Have a resident skip out on paying their rent.
    Cheepy Master: Recruit a top tier Cheepy.
    Chimerae Master: Domesticate a top tier Chimera.
    Circle Of Life: Witness the miracle of monster reproduction.
    Cut to the chase: Defeat the legendary hero at the first opportunity.
    Demi-Human Master: Make room for a top tier Demi-Human.
    Demon Master: Invite a top tier Demon into your home.
    Elemental Master: Conjure a top tier Elemental into your building.
    Great View From Here!: Add a third floor to your building.
    Monsters Can Love, Too: Even love can bloom on the battlefield.
    Movin’ On Up: Add a second floor to your building.
    My name is Inigo Montoya: Witness a resident swearing to avenge the death of their child..
    No Monster Left Behind: Let none die under your watch.
    No Vacancies: Fill every possible vacancy.
    On Top Of The World: Add a fourth floor to your building.
    The Kindly Landlord: Evict none throughout your campaign.
    Undead Master: Sucker a top tier Undead into moving in.
    World Domination!: Complete the main quest.
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