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Valkyria Chronicles


Note: This game is also titled Senjou No Valkyria .

Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game, and save when prompted to unlock the Hard difficulty for skirmishes; all storyline missions; “Music” option to listen to music from the game; “Statistics” option to view the rank earned for a particular mission and the number of turns it was completed; and the ability to skip the intermission sequences. Additionally, start a new session with your cleared saved game file to retain the experience, levels, money, orders, upgrades, and weapons earned during your previous session.

Bonus recruits

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

    Audrey (Lancer): Earn ten medals.
    Emile (Sniper): Unlock Oscar’s hidden potential, then allow him to die in battle.
    Knute (Engineer): Enter the Command Room with 1,000,000 DCT.
    Lynn: Have Karl (engineer) in your party, and have him unlock his potential during a battle.
    Musaad (Scout): Successfully complete the game.

Weapon attachments

Reach “Elite” status with the indicated class to unlock the corresponding weapon attachment for them:

    Flamethrowers: Level 11 Shocktroopers (Trooper Elite promotion)
    Grenade Launchers: Level 11 Scouts (Scout Elite promotion)
    Mortar Lance (Lancaar-SH): Level 11 Lancers (Lancer Elite promotion)

Enemy weapons

Defeat the indicated enemy ace to unlock the corresponding enemy weapon for your own use. To find an ace easily, use the “Recon Request” order. In the Japanese version, you must recover the enemy body to unlock the weapon.

    Enhanced Block Pin: In Chapter 12, defeat Yosnoa the Hound.
    Firing Calculator: In Report: In Flower of the Battlefield, defeat Toiold the Bull.
    Firing Calculator (for Edelweiss): In Chapter 15a, defeat Matz the Cleaner.
    VB FW 1(g): In Chapter 11, defeat Cpt. Nonnenkof.
    VB FW 2(g): In Report: In War Without Weapons, defeat Fujmolt the Edge.
    ZM Kar 1(g): In Chapter 2, defeat Segular the Wall.
    ZM Kar 2(g): In Chapter 7, defeat Kanazar the Lion.
    ZM Kar 3(g): In Chapter 10a, defeat Oswald the Iron.
    ZM Kar 4(g): In Chapter 13, defeat Sima the Younger.
    ZM Kar 5(g): In Chapter 15a, defeat Ozwald the Steel.
    ZM MP 1(g): In Chapter 3, defeat Ty the Immortal.
    ZM MP 2(g): In Chapter 5, defeat Lt Nonnenkof.
    ZM MP 3(g): In Chapter 8a, defeat Ty the Immortal.
    ZM MP 4(g): In Chapter 14, defeat Sima the Elder.
    ZM MP 5(g): In Chapter 17, defeat Ty the Immortal.
    ZM SG 1(g): In Chapter 6, defeat Malya the Dust.
    ZM SG 2(g): In Chapter 8b, defeat Zytreet the Lynx.
    ZM SG 3(g): In Chapter 10b, defeat Tavyse the Beast.
    ZM SG 4(g): In Chapter 12, defeat Mash the Hunter.
    ZM SG 5(g): In Chapter 16, defeat Shuntr the Mount.


Successfully complete the indicated task to earn the corresponding medal:

    Excellence In Armament: Commission all weapon upgrades and collect all enemy Ace and Royal weapons.
    Excellence In Leadership: Learn every order.
    Excellence In Technology: Commission all tank upgrades (including all three level 3 Edelweiss upgrades) and collect all enemy Ace tank parts.
    Fouzen Service Medal: Win the Chapter 10 battle.
    Gallian Front Commemorative: Successfully complete all chapters and reports.
    Gallian Medal Of Honor: Win the Chapter 9 battle.
    Ghirlandaio Service Medal: Win the second Chapter 15 battle.
    Naggiar Service Medal: Win the Chapter 14 battle.
    Order Of The Golden Wings: Train all character classes to level 20.
    Order Of The Holy Lance: Earn an “A” rank in any chapter battle after Chapter 10.
    Order Of The Holy Shield: Successfully complete any chapter battle after Chapter 10 without any of your units being reduced to 0 HP.
    Randgriz Crest Of Honor: Earn an “A” rank in all battles, including all reports and ranks in all Skirmish battles.
    Savior Of Gallia: Successfully complete the game, then start a new session with the cleared saved game file.
    The Bronze Arms Of Gallia: Kill 250 enemy units.
    The Crimson Heart: Have a soldier who has fallen in combat survive by calling a medic or clearing the battle before they die.
    The Golden Arms Of Gallia: Kill 1,000 enemy units.
    The Lance of Gallia: Kill an enemy Ace.
    The Silver Arms Of Gallia: Kill 500 enemy units.
    The Splintered Horn: Let a character who has unlocked his or her hidden potential die in combat.
    The Wings of Solidarity: Unlock the full personnel profiles for all recruits.

Hidden potentials

Some units at level 20 may still have an empty slot for potential. You can unlock that hidden potential by getting 5 points by completing the following tasks. Then, go to Castlefront Street, and talk to Ellet. She will say she interviewed a rising star from your squad and unlock the hidden potential.

    Participate in a battle (1 point).
    Kill an enemy unit, heal an ally, repair cover (for example, a sandbag) or tank (2 points).
    Capture a base (3 points).
    Save a fallen comrade (4 points).

Note: To get five points easily, enter Skirmish 1. Have a unit kill another allied unit. Collect their body to get 4 points for saving them. Select another unit, then kill the unit that was killed previously, and repeat.

Bonus missions (“Behind Her Blue Flame” DLC)

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding mission:

    Mission 2a: Successfully complete the first mission without defeating the tank Boss in the southwest section of the map.
    Mission 2b: Successfully complete the first mission after defeating the tank Boss in the southwest section of the map.
    Mission 3: Get an “A” rank in all previous missions.

Ruhm weapon (“Behind Her Blue Flame” DLC)

Successfully complete Mission 1 and either Mission 2a or 2b to unlock the Ruhm weapon. Note: This weapon can be used in the main game.

Bonus weapons (“EX Hard” DLC)

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon, then complete that mission:

    Anti-Tank Flamer Attachment: Kill the Enemy Ace in the “East Bank Of Vasel” EX Hard skirmish mission, located near the middle of the map in the center of the Imperial’s central force.
    Anti-Tank Sniper Rifle: Kill the Enemy Ace in the “Marberry Shores” EX Hard skirmish mission. The ace is wearing Gallian attire in the small base separating the beach from the interior.
    Imperial Anti-Tank Lance: Kill the Enemy Ace in the “Naggiar Plains” EX Hard skirmish mission. She is on a sniper tower equipped with an AT Lance.

Easy experience points

Enter a skirmish. Use “Caution”, “Evasion Boost”, and “Defense Boost” on Alicia. You will lose health very slowly when taking fire. It will take two turns to reach the end. End your turn while Alicia is safe somewhere along the way to reset her AP. Note: If you have Largo and Rosie in your squad, you will get a free CP.

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