Vampyr Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Vampyr Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Vampyr Infinite XP

Travel to a hideout and sleep in a bed. While in the evolution menu, go to one of the skill upgrade sub-menus and hold [O] + [P]. While holding those keys, your XP will continuously increase.

Infinite money

First, make sure the Docks district is sanitized by finding all citizens and making sure they are not sick. Then, go to the Western Docks, find Martin Nightingale, and ask to trade with him. The price for his items will not appear, allowing you to acquire everything for free. You can still get money from selling your items to him. Sell off everything you have (ingredients are the quickest) and buy them back for free. Repeat this as many times as desired to get an unlimited amount of money. Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It may eventually get patched. To avoid not being able to use this exploit, either do not install new patches before using this exploit or delete the patches. You can avoid patches being installed by disconnecting from the internet until you are ready for the game to install new patches.

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All weapon and collectible locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 44 weapons (12 one-hand melee weapons, 8 two-hand melee weapons, 13 off-hand weapons, and 11 ranged firearms) and 30 collectibles in the game. Find all weapons and collectibles to get the “Keep Your Distance”, “Lore Keeper”, “The Tools Of The Profession”, and “Weapons Of Choice” achievements. Stick exactly to the order in the video guide and do not kill any citizens until the video tells you to (otherwise you can lock yourself out of collectibles from quest rewards). To get the “Not Even Once” achievement in the same playthrough, back up the save game in Chapter 6, kill everyone for their collectibles, then copy back the save so everyone is alive again. There is no free roam after completing the story — so everything is missable.


    1. [One Hand #1] Used Machete – 0:11
    2. [Collectible #1] Weakness of Vampires: Fire and Sun – 0:29
    3. [Ranged #1] Used Revolver – 0:48

Chapter 1

    4. [Off-Hand #1] Used Stake – 1:41
    5. [Collectible #2] The Guard of Priwen: New Practices, New Tactics – 2:01
    6. [Ranged #2] Used Lupara – 2:18
    7. [Two Hand #1] Used Scythe – 2:41
    8. [One Hand #2] Used Bludgeon – 3:04
    9. [Collectible #3] Weaknesses of Vampires: About the Use of Garlic and Wooden Stakes – 3:22
    10. [One Hand #3] Used Hacksaw – 3:43

Chapter 2

    11. [Off-Hand #2] Used Liston Knife – 4:11
    12. [Collectible #4] Species of Vampires: Rare Species of Vampires – 4:29
    13. [Two Hand #2] Common Barbed Cudgel – 4:58
    14. [Collectible #5] The Brotherhood of Saint-Paul Stole: The Ban of the Dragon – 5:38
    15. [Collectible #6] The Need for Blood: Blood as Addiction – 6:19
    16. [One Hand #4] Used Hatchet – 6:49
    17. [Collectible #7] The Guard of Priwen: Professional Vampire Hunters – 7:13
    18. [Collectible #8] The Origin of Vampires: The Antique Figure of the Vrykolakas – 7:51
    19. [Off-Hand #3] Used Truncheon – 8:24

Chapter 3

    20. [Ranged #3] Common Pistol Parabellum – 8:40
    21. [Collectible #9] Species of Vampires: Supremacy of Ekons – 9:01
    22. [Two Hand #3] Common Mace – 9:32
    23. [Collectible #10] The Skals: Origin of the Skals – 10:06

Chapter 4

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    24. [Collectible #11] The Blood Night Tragedy – 10:29
    25. [Collectible #12] The Heresy of the Pure Blood – 11:01
    26. [Off-Hand #4] Good Dagger – 11:24
    27. [Collectible #13] History and Purpose of the Ascalon Club – 11:56
    28. [Collectible #14] Of the Recreational Use of Blood – 12:25
    29. [Ranged #4] Remarkable Pump Action Shotgun – 13:15
    30. [Collectible #15] The Lost Library – 13:42
    31. [Collectible #16] The Ichor’s Threat – 14:21
    32. [One Hand #5] Remarkable Saber – 14:49

Chapter 5

    33. [Ranged #5] Good double-barrelled – 15:02
    34. [Collectible #17] The Violence of Vulkods – 15:25
    35. [Two Hand #4] Common Axe – 15:43
    36. [Collectible #18] The Crime of Lost Knowledge – 16:25
    37. [Collectible #19] The Vampire Knight – 17:03

Chapter 6

    38. [Collectible #20] Laughing at the Guard – 17:58
    39. [Collectible #21] Vampires Feed on Our Soul! – 19:07
    40. [Collectible #22] Vampire Factions and Skals – 19:36
    41. [Collectible #23] Fertile is the Belly of the beast! – 20:09
    42. [Collectible #24] Vampire Club – 22:06
    43. [Collectible #25] Hail to our fallen Comrades! – 22:27
    44. [Off-Hand #5] Used Priwen Stake – 23:35
    45. [Collectible #26] Holy Symbols and Orichalcum – 24:00
    46. [Collectible #27] Extermination of the Rodents – 24:20
    47. [Collectible #28] The Blood Goddess Heresy – 25:00
    48. [Collectible #29] The Myth of the Horned Vampire – 28:51
    49. [Collectible #30] Origin of the Brotherhood – 29:28
    50. [One Hand #6] True Dragonbane – 32:09
    51. [One Hand #7] Clay’s Hatchet – 34:29
    52. [One Hand #8] Newton’s Saber – 35:14
    53. [One Hand #9] Rakesh’s Surgical Saw – 35:50
    54. [Ranged #6] Milton’s Shotgun – 36:28
    55. [Off-Hand #6] Gwyneth Surgical Knife – 36:56
    56. [Off-Hand #7] Thoreau’s Surgical Knife – 37:29
    57. [Two Hand #5] Samuel Connor’s Mace – 38:34
    58. [Ranged #7] Joe’s Semi-automatic Pistol – 40:44
    59. [Ranged #8] Albert’s Revolver – 41:41
    60. [Off-Hand #8] Cristina’s Dagger – 42:13
    61. [Two Hand #6] Joe’s Barbed Cudgel – 42:45
    62. [One Hand #10] Seymour’s Bludgeon – 43:41
    63. [One Hand #11] Archer’s Hatchet – 44:13
    64. [Ranged #9] Edwinas Double-Barrelled – 44:56
    65. [Ranged #10] Tom’s Revolver – 45:25
    66. [Off-Hand #9] Sabrina’s Dagger – 46:05
    67. [Two Hand #7] Booth’s Axe – 46:44
    68. [Off-Hand #10] Ichabod’s Stake – 47:17
    69. [Off-Hand #11] Giselle’s Dagger – 47:55
    70. [Two Hand #8] Rodney’s Scythe – 48:37
    71. [One Hand #12] Louise’s Machete – 50:04
    72. [Ranged #11] Clarence’s Parabellum – 52:15
    73. [Off-Hand #12] Charle’s Truncheon – 52:44
    74. [Off-Hand #13] Charlotte’s Stake – 53:33

Getting Recollection Of Paulus Aurelianus

The Recollection Of Paulus Aurelianus is a sword under the Temple Church in the northern part of the West-End district. The earliest chance to go there is during Chapter 5 (story takes you there). However, you cannot actually unlock the weapon until Chapter 6. There is a guy called Usher Talltree (fortune teller) sitting there. In front of him on the stairs are four pressure pads — they make a noise when you step on them. Behind the wall by the pressure pads is the sword. To unlock the sword and get the “Bloody Roots” achievement, complete the following steps:

    Step 1: Accept Usher Talltree’s “Pandora’s Box” side quest (guy sitting under Temple Church). He sends you to the theather to get his notebook. Kill the two guys upstairs in the theater for them to drop a key. Then, use the key on the safe downstairs to get the notebook. Note: Do not read the notebook, as it voids the next step and makes the puzzle unsolvable.

    Step 2: Hand the notebook to Usher (without having read it). He will reward you with the “Origin Of The Brotherhood” collectible. Read this collectible. In the top right corner of it are four symbols representing the pressure pads. The order in which you must step on the pressure pads is: Fish, Circle, Square, Circle, Fish, Rhombus. It is random for every player which symbol correlates to which platform. That is why you must get the collectible from Usher to figure out the solution that applies to you.

    Step 3 (optional): If in doubt, go through all your collectibles. On some of them will be a symbol from the “Origin Of The Brotherhood” collectible and some dots. The number of dots represent the order in which you need to step on the pressure pad. There are six total moves. So any random 6 ouf 30 collectibles will have a clue.

    Step 4: Step on the four pressure pads six times in the following order: Fish, Circle, Square, Circle, Fish, Rhombus (if this does not work, look through all 30 collectibles for the order in your game).

All Braille text locations

Search the indicated locations to find all four Braille texts in the game. You must find the Braille documents for Mason Swanborough’s “Occult Oculus” side quest (investigation). They are also needed to open the door to the hideout east of the cemetery and to find the collectible in there. You start the quest by talking to the citizen named Mason Swanborough. He is in a building to the north-west of the Cemetery. Note: You can find all Braille texts before even meeting Mason or triggering his quest. They are in fixed locations and spawn regardless of whether or not you have the quest. When you hand the four Braille texts to Mason, he can translate the code to the hideout door for you. Behind that locked door is a collectible. There is also one monster that holds the diary. Bring the diary back to Mason to complete the quest. Opening the door is mandatory to find all collectibles for the “Lore Keeper” achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

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    Pest control: Eat 10 rats.
    Unlife is strange: Save this poor plant with water.
    The tools of the profession: Find all Melee Weapon.
    Keep your distance: Find all ranged weapons.
    Weapons of choice: Find all Off Hand Weapon.
    Lore keeper: Gather all collectibles.
    Hippocratic oath: Heal 10 citizens.
    That’s better: Upgrade a weapon with a module.
    Work in progress: Upgrade a weapon.
    Solid metal gear: Upgrade a weapon to level 5.
    Anarchy in the UK: Turn a district to hostile status.
    From here to eternity: Go to the Shelter and rest….
    At dawn we row: Take a ride with Doctor Swansea.
    Just take a bite: Embrace Clay during your first meeting with him.
    Merciful release: Let Clay live during your first meet with him.
    Bloody roots: Find the recollection of Paulus Aurelianus.
    Interview with the vampire: Take care of Dorothy’s fate.
    Sacrificial lamb: Take care of Sean’s fate.
    Prepare to die: Take care of Aloysius’s fate.
    The Dying Swansea: Take care of Swansea’s fate.
    A taste for blood: Complete the game.
    Not even once: Finish the game without killing any citizens.
    Defeat the beast: Defeat Fergal.
    Hail Mary: Defeat Mary.
    Death on stage: Defeat Doris.
    Bury the hatchet: Defeat McCullum.
    Unnatural Disaster: Defeat the Disaster.
    London’s burning: Turn all districts to hostile status.
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