Vita Games Dropping Street Date

Vita Games Dropping Street Date


In an apparent “soft launch,” Sony has not only staggered the release of the PlayStation Vita over a week-long period, beginning with the First Edition Bundle on February 15 and culminating in the general release on February 22, but has made some of its first-party launch titles available for digital purchase.

On the PlayStation 3’s PSN store, prospective Vita purchasers may now find and buy Uncharted: Golden Abyss, ModNation Racers Road Trip, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, and WipEout 2048 at a ten percent discount over their boxed MSRP. Super Stardust Delta, as a PSN-exclusive, is also available at its full price of ten dollars.

What if you’re not interested in buying your games digitally, though? If you intend to use your expensive, proprietary storage for your saves and non-game media alone? The following text message, sent by GameStop yesterday, may interest you:

“GameStop:Your Uncharted: Golden Abyss order avail Wed PM. Bring your trades to reduce price.”

That’s right, GameStop is selling Vita titles a week before the system is made available to even the First Edition Bundle buyers. This quiet, early release apparently applies to first-party Vita titles, which you may purchase early, whether to play them on your imported console or place them on your shelf, staring longingly at their glistening plastic as you await launch day for the hardware that plays them.

By Shelby Reiches

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