PlayStation Vita Gets A New Bundle

PlayStation Vita Gets A New Bundle

Miss out on Sony’s Black Friday PlayStation Vita bundles? Don’t worry about it. GameStop has your back. Gamerxchange has spotted a new bundle, which features, among other things, a year’s subscription to PlayStation Plus.

For $299.99, you’ll get the following:

·       PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi system

·       1-year membership to PlayStation Plus

·       Unit 13 game voucher

·       4GB Memory Card

For those doing the math and price comparisons at home, let’s break it down for you:

You can pick up the Vita 3G/Wi-Fi on Amazon for $249.99. That comes with an 8GB memory card. A 1-year membership for PlayStation Plus runs you $49.99. Unit 13 will run you $29.99, but it will take up 1.2 GB of that memory card.

So, truth be told, this bundle saves you a whopping $29.99, which you’ll probably use to pick up a bigger memory card since that year of PlayStation Plus comes with several downloadable games , including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which is 3.2 GB by itself.

However, the bundle is a nice way to feature the arrival of the Instant Game Collection on the PS Vita, and you’d be able to pick up a Vita and seven games for it right out of the gate. Hopefully they can drop the price on their higher memory card before Santa makes his rounds. That would make the bundle infinitely more attractive

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