Vita Memory Cards Will Not Be Cheap

Vita Memory Cards Will Not Be Cheap


Sony is notorious for trying to force people into using their proprietary media formats. Remember MiniDiscs? Remember those UMD video disks for the PSP? Remember Memory sticks? Yeah, I remember too, and those memories are painful.

Well, it looks like they’re at it again with the upcoming PlayStation Vita. GameStop has started posting the listings for the Vita’s storage cards, which come in 4 different sizes – all of which are insanely overpriced. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 4GB = $29.99

  • 8GB = $44.99

  • 16GB = $69.99

  • 32GB = $119.99

    Just so we’re clear, it’s relatively easy to find 32GBs of SD memory for less than you’ll pay for the 4GB Vita option.

    Gamers were excited when Sony announced the official pricing for the upcoming handheld console, which many thought would be significantly more than the 3DS. However, when Sony slapped a $249.99 price tag onto the box, consumers were pleasantly surprised.

    But it looks like the manufacturer has a devious plan for make up their losses by overcharging on almost every accessory available.

    We should all take comfort in the fact that Sony’s warehouses are filled with MiniDiscs, UMD videos and Memory Sticks. I hope they have some extra shelf space for Vita storage cards as well.

    By Josh Engen

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