Wild Arms 3 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Wild Arms 3 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Wild Arms 3

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Easy money

When you get to Serpent’s Coil, the enemy there will always be Jells and always appear in numbers of three or more. They are immune to physical attacks. When you are at level 10 or greater, use only elemental Arcanas. After the battle, notice that you will get Arcana Gems exactly according to the Arcana used to kill the Jells. Every battle can result in three or more Arcana Gems. Each gem can be sold it for 100 Gellas. Every enemy you kill using an Arcana is bound to give away Arcana gems.

One-hit kills

As soon as you can, equip the Bunker Cannon II on the Sandcraft. When in battle, always use the force ability “Fire all ammo at once”. You should be able to kill all monsters in one hit.

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In the Fallen Sanctuary, defeat Pilbugs with Arcana to get Earth, Wind, Fire, and Ice gems which can be used in battle, or sold for 100 Gellas.

View character portraits

During any non-cinematic dialog, press Select to view a portrait of the character who is talking. Note: The portrait will appear somewhat discolored, as it is meant to have the brown window shading over it. For example, Clive’s hair will appear black, and Virginia’s hair will look a very deep red).


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Legend of Filgaia (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
    Intro to the Elements (Bronze): Receive your first four mediums.
    Novice Gunslinger (Bronze): Complete the Novice Division at Gunner’s Heaven.
    Novice Nomad (Bronze): Reach Migrant Level five.
    Minor Upgrades (Bronze): Upgrade an ARM attribute to level five.
    Nimble Fingers (Bronze): Successfully disarm a treasure chest trap.
    Shady Business (Bronze): Buy something from the Black Market.
    Best of Luck (Bronze): Raise every character’s LCK rating to BEST.
    Journeyman Gunslinger (Silver): Complete the Journeyman Division at Gunner’s Heaven.
    Master Migrant (Silver): Reach Migrant Level 20.
    Fully Upgraded (Silver): Reach Upgrade Level 15.
    Story Time (Silver): Read all 11 Adventure chapters to Kaitlyn and receive her EX File Key.
    Packing a Punch (Silver): Inflict 50,000 damage with one strike.
    Ark Smash! (Silver): Win a battle using the Sandcraft’s Ark Smasher weapon.
    Guardians of Filgaia (Silver): Reach level 50 with Virginia, Clive, Jet, and Gallows.
    Uncharted Territory (Silver): Explore 100% of the World Map.
    Clever Girl (Gold): Complete every Millennium Puzzle.
    Dominant Drifters (Gold): Reach level 90 with Virginia, Clive, Jet, and Gallows.

Additionally, there are ten secret trophies:

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    Just Getting Started (Bronze): Defeat Janus on the roof of the train.
    Hidden Horticulture (Bronze): Breed a plant in the Secret Garden.
    Master Gunslinger (Gold): Complete each division and defeat Bad News at Gunner’s Heaven.
    Not Over Yet… (Silver): Defeat Janus at Ka Dingel.
    Like No Tomorrow (Silver): Defeat Leehalt, Melody, and Malik in the final battle at Yggdrasil.
    Taking to the Skies (Silver): Defeat Dragna Sieg at Deus Ex Machina.
    You Said the Magic Word (Silver): Defeat Lolithia at Mimir’s Well.
    Mother of the UFO’s (Silver): Destroy the Mothership.
    Out of the Abyss (Gold): Defeat Ragu O Ragla for the final time.
    Demon Defeater (Gold): Defeat the Nega Filgaia.
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