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WWE 2K Battlegrounds Achievements

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    I won! (50 points): Perform a pin successfully.
    Zoologist (50 points): Control the ram and feed your opponent to the alligator.
    Thunderstorm (50 points): Unlock the “Thunderstorm” Power Up.
    That’s my signature (100 points): Perform 20 signature moves.
    Becoming a Superstar (100 points): Complete the WrestleMania event.
    Welcome to the Sunshine State (50 points): Unlock the Everglades battleground.
    Vs. the World (100 points): Win a Gauntlet match against 5 opponents or more.
    Charismatic (50 points): Fill the crowd bar.
    Freedom! (50 points): Win a Steel Cage match.
    Nothing personal (50 points): Perform 20 taunts.
    Anybody else? (100 points): Win a Royal Rumble match against 20 opponents or more.
    Is that a legal move? (50 points): Pick up a motorcycle and a turnbuckle.
    Invincible (200 points): Win a Royal Rumble match against 30 opponents in medium difficulty or higher.
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