Xbox System Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Xbox (XB)

Xbox System Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Xbox (XB)

Xbox System Reset parental controls

Go to “Settings” and highlight the “Parental Control” option. Then, press X, Y, L, X at the passcode screen to reset the parental control setting to the default value.

In-game reset

While playing the game, hold Start + Back for a few seconds.

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Progressive Scan Dashboard

Note: This requires the Tsunami Xbox Live! update, a high definition monitor, and the High Definition AV pack. Enable the 480p resolution option in the Xbox’s video settings. Then, press L + R + click Left Analog-stick + click Right Analog-stick to switch to a progressive scan display at the Dashboard.

Reformat hard drive

Note: Reformatting the hard drive will delete all of your saved games and soundtracks. Go to “Settings”, then “System Info”. Then, press Y, Left Analog-stick Up, Left Analog-stick Down, X, A.

Hidden FMV sequence

Insert an audio CD. Stop the CD when it begins playing at the CD player screen. Press B, select “Copy”, then press A. Use the “Select All” option, then press A. Use the “Copy” option and create a new soundtrack. Enter ” <<Eggsßox>> ” as a name. Select “Done” and press A to view a hidden “Thank You!” FMV sequence. -From: [email protected]

Bonus video

Place any Xbox game in a standard DVD player to view a short bonus video.

Starfield display

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Note: This trick requires the DVD playback kit. When the music is stopped or paused, a small starfield-style display will appear in the jewel that plays with the music. To zoom in on this, press Info. Then, press Stop or Pause. After the lights fade, the starfield will be in full screen.

Xbox Live information and settings

Note: This only applies if you have Xbox Live. In the Xbox Dashboard, go to “Settings”, then to “Network”, and choose “Connect” so that it tests your connection. When it is finished, press Y to view the information about your connection to the Xbox Live network. You can also press Black to save your network settings so that you can bring them with you on a memory unit.

Xbox Live upload performance

Adjusting the MTU settings on your router may give you a better upload rate. Go to your set up page and adjust the MTU setting to 1490. This is found on the filter settings on most routers. Microsoft recommends a setting of at least 1460. Raising it to 1490, then selecting apply and making sure it is enabled should increase your upload speed. Turn off your computer and power down the modem then the router, in that order. Wait for 60 to 90 seconds then plug in the modem and wait until it goes through the boot up process. Then, power up your router and turn on your computer. You should only have to do this one time. Then, go to the connect test on your Xbox and see if the upload has increased.

Playing burned music discs

Burn music onto a CD-RW (not a CD-R) disc, and close the session when you burn the CD. Place it in your Xbox and rip away. Note: This also works with .MP3 files. The Xbox can store .MP3s and replay them later and saves a lot of space when compared to the .WAV files that are standard on audio discs.

Music control

To replay the current track of a song, press White. To skip to the next song, press Black.

Move screen

At the start up screen, press Y + X and it will move around slightly and again to reverse it.

View music animations

Insert a music CD and play it on the music screen. When the music plays, you can see an animation in the jewel (that plays with the music). To make this full screen, press Y then press X. To return to the track selection, press any other button. Note: You can make the jewel full screen when using the DVD remote by pressing Info.

Hear voices

When the dash is started, leave it alone for a short time. The screen will eventually get dark, and you will begin to hear sounds. One of these is an electronic voice.

Console name

Each Xbox console has a “name” assigned to it at the time of manufacture. To view the name of your system, play Halo and link it to another Xbox and choose a linked play party. The Xboxs will have names above their symbols in the pre-game stat screen. To change your name, play challenge mode in Dead Or Alive 3 . Successfully complete challenge mode and you will be prompted to enter a record name. Enter the name that you wish to change your pre-assigned Xbox name to. This will now be the title your Xbox is referred to during linked play. Note: This will only work one time, so be sure that you enter the name you wish to permanently have for your console. To see your Xbox name easily, start Halo, go into multi-player mode, choose “Split Screen”, “Profile”, and “Location”. After all that is done, there will be a screen that reads “Waiting for more players”. The picture of the Xbox is directly above your profile name, and above your picture will be a word. That word will be used as your name when XBox goes online. This works best when there is only one controller plugged into the Xbox, so the multi-player game will not start before you see your name. To change the name on your Xbox you can also use Cel Damage . When you enter a valid cheat code in the game, it will also change the name of your Xbox (for example, ” ENCHILADA! “).

Sub woofer warning

If you use a surround sound system, do not place your Xbox next to your sub woofer. It can erase the internal hard drive if there is no magnetic shielding around the sub woofer, as there is no magnetic shielding on the Xbox’s hard drive.

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