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Birthday greeting

Enter a chat room in PictoChat on the date that you entered as your birthday in the system settings. The message "Happy Birthday! Today is [your name's] birthday!" will appear. The starting sound of the DS will also change on your birthday.

Quick Game Boy Advance start

With both a Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS game inserted, hold B when turning on the Nintendo DS. It will advance directly to the Game Boy Advance games without the usual warning screens.

Abort Automatic Play mode

After turning on Automatic Play mode, hold Start when turning on the Nintendo DS to return to the main menu instead of starting the game.

In-game reset

While playing a Nintendo DS game, hold L + R + Start + Select to return to its title screen.

Game Boy Advance in-game reset

While playing a Game Boy Advance game, hold A + B + Start + Select to return to its title screen.

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