Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

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Theater mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock Theater mode.

Secret ending

Collect at least twenty trophies to unlock the secret ending in Theater mode.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding KeyBlade:

    Lady Luck: Defeat the Wonderland Boss - Trick Master.
    Oblivion: Defeat the Hollow Bastion Part 2 Boss - Pete and Data Riku.
    Olympia: Defeat Olympus Coliseum Cerberus and Hades.
    Three Wishes: Defeat the Agrabah Boss - Jafar (Genie).
    Wishing Star: Defeat the Traverse Town Boss - Guard Armor.
    Zero/One: Defeat all forms of the Hollow Bastion Part 2 Boss - Sora's Heartless.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy. Each trophy results in a chip for the Stat Matrix, which increases HP by 2, Strength by 1, Magic by 1, and Defense by 1.

    Avatar Collector: Get 50+% of the Avatar Parts from the Avatar Sector.
    Avatar Sweeper: Successfully complete all 100 floors in the Avatar Sector.
    Champion Collector: Find 70+% of all items, cheats, chips, weapons, and abilities.
    Cheater: Use every one of the cheats.
    Closed Book: Successfully complete the storyline.
    Converter LV. 100: Bring one command to Lv. 100.
    Converter [CR] LV. 100: Bring one command to Lv. 100 with the [CR] labeling.
    Critical Acclaim: Successfully complete all worlds on Critical difficulty.
    Eliminator: Defeat the Eliminator.
    Fatal Flawless: Successfully complete a world, start to finish, with the HP Cheat set to 0%.
    Ice Titan: Defeat the Ice Titan in Layer 30 of Olympus Coliseum.
    Justice for All: Defeat all kinds of enemies, even bosses (except the Buggy Roxas of Hollow Bastion's System Sector), at least once.
    Lord of Loot: Learn 80+% of what enemies' drops are.
    Proud Achievement: Successfully complete all worlds on Proud or Critical difficulty.
    Quest Bester: Successfully complete all quests.
    Rare Prize Roundup: Find all Rare Prize Blox.
    Sector Sweeper: Find and finish all floors of all System Sectors, including the extra ones.
    Sultan of Slot: Put one chip of any type in every slot of the Stat Matrix.
    Technician: Successfully complete all worlds with a level under 15.
    Twilight Triumph: Defeat the mystery opponent of Castle Oblivion.
    W1 Speed Runner: Successfully complete W1 (Destiny Islands) in 5 minutes or less.
    W2 Speed Runner: Successfully complete W2 (Traverse Town) in 15 minutes or less.
    W3 Speed Runner: Successfully complete W3 (Wonderland) in 15 minutes or less.
    W4 Speed Runner: Successfully complete W4 (Olympus Coliseum) in 10 minutes or less.
    W5 Speed Runner: Successfully complete W5 (Agrabah) in 15 minutes or less.
    W6 Speed Runner: Successfully complete W6 (Hollow Bastion Part 1) in 15 minutes or less.
    W7 Speed Runner: Successfully complete W7 (Hollow Bastion Part 2) in 30 minutes or less.
    W8 Speed Runner: Successfully complete W8 (Castle Oblivion) in 10 minutes or less.
    Weapon Wizard: Max out the level of each Keyblade.

Easy KeyBlade experience

Successfully complete Olympus Coliseum, then go to the save menu. Choose the "Select A World" option, go to Olympus Coliseum, then choose "Questploration". Successfully complete the battle system, save the game, then go outside the Coliseum. There will be a lot of enemies to battle. Defeat them all, then go back inside. Heal, go outside, and repeat the process as many times as desired.

Easy avatar encounters

This trick allows you to easily meet avatars and get avatar parts. It requires a Nintendo Wii with internet access. Go into the avatar menu in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, and start Tag mode. On the Wii, go to the Nintendo Channel. Go to the DS download service. Select a demo, and have the Wii prepare it for download. Once the Wii says it is transmitting the demo, you should have an avatar balloon popup within a few minutes. Select the balloon, and use the scratch card. Back out of the transmitting demo, and go back into it. Select a demo again for download on the Wii, and repeat the process as many times as desired.

Enter Tag mode, and allow the DS to idle. Even without other DS or a Wii systems nearby, you will rarely meet random artificial avatars. The avatars can provide you with scratch cards. You can also use them to build your avatar sector down to 100 floors and get all available avatar parts from them.

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