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Best Nintendo Game Winner 2013

Man, you would think that this little plumber is getting tired of carrying Nintendo on his back all these years--but I guess that just goes to show what a super mushroom can really do. Super Mario 3D World once again encapsulates just how versatile the Mushroom Kingdom has become, taking the familiar elements of classics like Super Mario World and Mario 64, and updating them for the Wii U. It’s great to see a whole new generation experience the fun this franchise has to offer.

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Pikmin 3 Box Art
Pikmin 3

We have to admit, the Pikmin are so damn cute in this game it’s almost sickening. From the extremely well done animations to the addictive “beat the clock” style challenges, Nintendo brings us a great HD title for the Wii U. This game takes all the elements of what people loved in the first two and improves on the formula, making Pikmin 3 a great addition to anyone’s Wii U library.

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