Best Male Character 2015

Lover, fighter, master of the side-eye; Geralt of Rivia really came into his own in The Witcher 3. It's not often that you can say that what a game character doesn't say is almost as good as his actual dialog, but thanks to some unbelievably good work on facial expressions by CD Projekt, half the fun of playing as Geralt is watching his reactions to the crazy things the people around him are saying.

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Telltale's hilarious Tales from the Borderlands series was a Cheat Code favorite this year, and its well-written characters are a big part of that appeal. Aspiring Vault-hunter Rhys represents for the series here. This cunning, sarcastic, ambitious, but loyal adventurer makes a great anti-hero. He's great fun, and you'll root for him even if he is a bit of an a-hole.

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