New Witcher 3 Gameplay Features Hunting

New Witcher 3 Gameplay Features Hunting

Welcome to CheatCC’s continuing day one coverage of E3 2014. We’ll be monitoring all the info coming from today’s conferences, and bring you the latest right from the convention floor in real-time!

Revealed at this year’s E3 at the LA Convention Center, brand new gameplay footage of the upcoming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt featured hunting and intersecting quests.

CD Project RED took to the stage at Microsoft’s E3 press conference to showcase the footage; the gameplay itself feature the game’s protagonist Geralt using his monster hunting abilities to track down a griffin.

During the reveal, it was stated that anywhere that was visible in the gameplay will be traversable, from the forests where Geralt was hunting the griffin to the peaks of mountains off in the distance.

Though nothing specific about the game’s launch on Xbox One was touched on, CD Projekt has been confirmed that neither platform the game launches on will receive exclusive additional content.

Be sure to check out the game’s gameplay footage via the embedded video below.

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