Gauntlet II Cheats & Cheat Codes

Splash screen for Gauntlet II.

Gauntlet II Cheats & Cheat Codes

Gauntlet II is an arcade game that was released into the gaming world in 1986. The game is developed by the legendary hardware and game company Atari. It built upon the success of its predecessor, Gauntlet, offering players a richer dungeon-crawling experience. The game features a top-down perspective where players navigate through mazes filled with various enemies and obstacles. In this article, we’ll take a journey through Gauntlet II and the cheats it offers gamers.

Gauntlet II Premise

Gauntlet II improves the classic dungeon-crawling adventure with enhancements to the gameplay, character selection, and other aspects of the game. Now, players are allowed to choose the same character class, a change from the original game that adds new options. This sequel also introduces color-coded characters to distinguish players, incorporating red and blue across all versions, and adding yellow and green for the 4-player mode. 

The game’s levels bring along new challenges and designs, including rooms that rotate 90 degrees, invisible walls, and tiles that have special functions in the gameplay. The addition of the new enemy, “It”, adds a dangerous new element to dungeons. When this special creature touches the player, it turns all surrounding creatures aggressive toward the player until they pass the curse to another player or exit the level.

Top-down perspective in Gauntlet II.
Gauntlet II has the familiar top-down perspective from the original title.

©Screenshot for Gauntlet II.

Other new features in Gauntlet II include the ability to bounce shots off walls and navigate through acid puddles. There’s also a new, formidable dragon occupying multiple squares, which poses another challenge to players. In a familiar Gauntlet fashion, players explore the dungeons and discover secret rooms filled with magical items.

Gauntlet II Characters

Gauntlet II not only reintroduces players to its four iconic character classes but also comes with a diverse cast of enemies, bringing distinct challenges. The character classes, namely the Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard, and Elf, offer a range of gameplay styles from brute strength to magical powers. Alongside these heroes, the game pits them against a variety of foes, from the elusive Ghosts to the formidable Dragons, and even the unique enemy “It” that curses the player.

Player Characters

  • Elf: Known for his speed, the Elf is agile but has weaker attacks. His quick movements are essential for dodging enemies and navigating dungeons quickly.
  • Valkyrie: Thyra the Valkyrie excels in defense. She has great balance in offense and defense, offering a blend of attack power and durability.
  • Warrior: The Warrior is the powerhouse of the party, which prioritizes strength and melee combat to defeat enemies efficiently.
  • Wizard: Merlin the Wizard specializes in magic and can utilize potions and spells to attack from a distance. He is a great option for controlling the battlefield from afar.
The party can have four characters, and for the first time also multiple characters of the same type.

©Screenshot for Gauntlet II.


  • Grunt: The most common enemy type, relatively easy to defeat but can overwhelm in numbers.
  • Ghost: Ethereal enemies that can move through walls and are difficult to hit. 
  • Lobber: Enemies that attack from a distance by throwing projectiles like rocks and explosives.
  • Mugger: Fast-moving enemies that can steal items from the player.
  • It: A unique enemy that, upon contact, makes the player “It”, attracting all other enemies to them until it is passed to another player or they exit the level.
  • Sorcerer: Magic users similar to the Wizard, casting spells both from a distance and close up. There’s an enhanced version, Super Sorcerer, that can also turn itself invisible. 
  • Thief: Quick and sneaky, thieves can steal the player’s possessions. They particularly like upgrade potions. Killing the thief grants a 500-point treasure bag.
  • Demon: Powerful adversaries that can deal a lot of damage and are tough to defeat. Beware of the fireball they cast, which can also be used to damage other opponents.
  • Dragon: This opponent was first introduced in Gauntlet II. It is a large, tough enemy occupying multiple squares, requiring more to take down than other encounters.

Games in the Series

The Gauntlet series is famous for its thrilling dungeon adventures, where players battle monsters and search for treasure. From the very first Gauntlet game, this series has taken players on journeys through magical and mysterious worlds full of danger and discovery. Each game, including Gauntlet II, builds on the narrative and adds to the world of Gauntlet. Each iteration also brings new challenges and deepens the exploration with more intricate locations and gameplay. The Gauntlet series has evolved across various gaming platforms, from its origins in arcade machines to modern console games and for the PC. 

  • Gauntlet (1985)
  • Gauntlet II (1986)
  • Gauntlet: The Third Encounter (1990)
  • Gauntlet III: The Final Quest (1991)
  • Gauntlet IV (1993)
  • Gauntlet Legends (1998)
  • Gauntlet Dark Legacy (2000)
  • Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (2005)
  • Gauntlet (2014)
  • Gauntlet: Slayer Edition (2015)

Gauntlet II Cheats

Unfortunately, Gauntlet II doesn’t feature a traditional cheat system, which would allow entering codes for various effects. However, the game allows a few different exploits and cheats that can give significant advantages in gameplay and get passages to places otherwise inaccessible. We’ve also included the Game Genie codes for those who have access to it.

Transform Walls into Exits

Wait in the game for a few minutes, and you’ll find that all the walls transform into exit passages.

Boost Health Points and Ammo

While opening a treasure chest, hold the Help key, and then hold the Insert key when opening the next chest. You’ll find a gold cross granting you 50,000 health points and 32,000 super shots for the duration of the level. However, collecting an amulet will reset the super shots to 10.

Unlock Every Door

To unlock all doors in a level without needing keys, just stay idle for a few minutes. Soon after, you’ll find all doors unlocked.

Game Genie Codes

OTXSSYSVDon’t take damage from monsters
ZLVVVIGTWeaker poison
EGVVVIGVStronger poison
IAUTEUZA5 super shots picked up
GPUTEUZA20 super shots picked up
AYETVUGUInvincibility lasts longer
LPETVUGUInvincibility doesn’t last as long
ANNTUXGURepulsiveness lasts longer
LONTUXGURepulsiveness doesn’t last as long
AYOTKUGUInvisibility lasts longer
LPOTKUGUInvisibility doesn’t last as long
OTXSSYSV + ZAXSVYAATake less damage from monsters

Gauntlet II Cheats FAQ

Can multiple players choose the same character?

Yes, Gauntlet II has added the ability for multiple players to select the same character class, distinguishing them by color.

How can players find secret rooms?

Secret rooms are discovered by completing specific achievements within levels, such as finding the real exit before any fake ones.

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