Dungeon Master Cheats & Secrets for PC, SNES, and More

The Cover Art for Dungeon Master. The word "Dungeon" is gold and the word "Master" is red on a black background.

Dungeon Master Cheats & Secrets for PC, SNES, and More

Dungeon Master is a role-playing game (RPG) with a pseudo-3D first-person perspective, also known as 2.5D. It was developed and published by FTL Games. The game first released in 1987 for the Atari ST. It was later ported for other computers and consoles like the Apple IIGS, MS-DOS, TurboGrafx-CD, Sharp X68000, PC-9801, FM Towns, and SNES. 

The game received extremely positive reviews and was an all-time best seller for the Atari ST. It has been praised for its detailed graphics and realistic atmosphere like the monsters’ facial expressions and how the dungeons truly feel damp and dreary. Critics have called it a welcome addition to any fantasy player or RPG lovers library. The game has even won close to two dozen different awards including Adventure Game of the Year by UK Software Industry Awards and has been induced into the Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame.

Dungeon Master Premise

Since the game’s backstory is only told in an 18-page introduction inside of the physical game manual, we have summarized all of it for you here. This large dungeon was once the home of the Grey Lord. He was an extremely powerful wizard, so powerful that he was considered a god. One day, the Grey Lord Librasulus discovered the Power Gem beneath his mountain. This Power Gem is the source of creation of humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, and the High Lords. The Grey Lord wanted to use this Power Gem to usher in a new era of world peace.

But when casting the spell, the gem instead tore the Grey Lord’s essence into two halves. What was left was two beings: the benevolent and “good” wizard Librasulus and the evil Lord Chaos, who wants to use the Power Gem to destroy the world. Now the Grey Lord’s apprentice must find his staff so Lord Chaos and his monsters can be stopped. The good Librasulus has been forced to exist in a non-material plane.

Because of the promise of treasure, glory, and power, hundreds of adventures have gone to the dungeon under the mountain. But Lord Chaos and his evil minions have caught them all. He keeps 24 of the best adventures in his Hall of Champions.

The game consists of 14 different dungeon levels. The levels consist of locked doors, monstrous enemies, puzzles, and trapdoors. And all actions are controlled with the player’s mouse or joystick. The four classes are Fighter, Ninja, Wizard, and Priest/Healer. Adventurers can even multiclass if you level up different skills. And there is a limit to how much they can carry. The more carried, the slower their movement is and they require more sustenance.

A screenshot of Dungeon Master. It is an equipment and stats screen.

Dungeon Master Main Character

In this fantasy RPG, players control Theron, an apprentice of the Grey Lord Librasulus. When the Grey Lord’s ritual went wrong, it also affected Theron who was in a different village visiting his girlfriend. Now Theron is a noncorporeal entity. Since Theron no longer has a body, he must control four unique adventurers to find the Grey Lord’s Firestaff to bring back Librasulus and defeat Lord Chaos.

These four will be picked from Lord Chaos’s Hall of Champions. The player and Theron can read their names, backstory, equipment, and stats before choosing which four to pick. You also have the choice to resurrect them with new names and no knowledge of their past life. Adventurers with no magic stats can gain an initial one from a high level potion or holding a magic weapon.

Dungeon Master Series

This Dungeons and Dragons like game has gone on to get several sequels and expansions. So if you are looking to continue the fight between good and evil wizards, check out the rest of the titles below.

  • Dungeon Master (1987)
  • Chaos Strikes Back (1989)
  • Dungeon Master: Theron’s Quest (1992)
  • Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep (1993)
  • Dungeon Master Nexus (1998)

The series has even gone on to influence what are now iconic games. Dungeon Master influenced the map style and graphic user interface (GUI) of later Ultima games like Ultima VI and Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss. And the villagers in Minecraft were inspired by the shopkeepers in Dungeon Master II.

A screenshot of Dungeon Master gameplay. Green and brown monsters in a stone hallway.

Dungeon Master Cheat Codes

For players that have the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) version of the game, there are several cheats that can be used with a Game Genie or Pro Action Replay.

SNES Game Genie Codes

General Codes

Consume Less Mana85B5-07D9
Food Meter Won’t Decrease85CF-0F29
Water Meter Won’t Decrease85C5-0FB9

Character 1 Codes

Has 250 Max HP ECDC-F26F
Has 255 Max HPEEDC-F26F
Has 250 Max Mana ECDC-FE6F
Has Full Food MeterD5D8-FAAF
Has Full Water MeterD5D8-F20F
Has 99 Max Strength17D8-F30F
Has 99 Current Strength17D8-F36F
Has 250 Max StrengthA0DC-F36F
Has 255 Max StrengthEED8-F30F
Has 255 Current StrengthEED8-F36F
Has 99 Max Vitality17DA-FA6F
Has 99 Current Vitality17DA-FAAF
Has 255 Max VitalityEEDA-FAAF
Has 255 Current VitalityEEDA-FA6F
Has 99 Max Dexterity17D8-FEDF
Has 99 Current Dexterity17D8-FE0F
Has 255 Max DexterityEED8-FEDF
Has 255 Current DexterityEED8-FE0F
Has 99 Max Wisdom17DA-FA6F
Has 99 Current Wisdom17DA-FADF
Has 255 Max WisdomEEDA-FADF
Has 255 Current WisdomEED8-FEAF
Has 255 Maximum Anti-MagicEEDA-F20F
Has 255 Current Anti-MagicEEDA-F26F
Has 255 Maximum Anti-FireEEDA-F3DF
Has 255 Current Anti-FireEEDA-F30F
Is a Level 15 Fighter5EDA-FEAF
Is a Level 15 Ninja5ED2-F20F
Is a Level 15 Healer5ED2-F3AF
Is a Level 15 Wizard5ED3-FA0F
Has 250 Max StaminaA0DC-F36F

Character 2 Codes

Has 250 Max HPECDA-220F
Has 255 Max HPEEDA-220F
Has 250 Max ManaECDA-2E0F
Has Full Food MeterD5D2-2A6F
Has Full Water MeterD5D2-22DF
Has 99 Max Strength17D2-23DF
Has 99 Current Strength17D2-230F
Has 255 Max StrengthEED2-23DF
Has 255 Current StrengthEED2-230F
Has 99 Max Vitality17D3-2A0F
Has 99 Current Vitality17D3-2A6F
Has 255 Max VitalityEED3-2A0F
Has 255 Current VitalityEED3-2A6F
Has 99 Max Dexterity 17D2-23AF
Has 99 Current Dexterity17D2-2EDF
Has 255 Max DexterityEED2-23AF
Has 255 Current DexterityEED2-2EDF
Has 99 Max Wisdom17D2-2E6F
Has 99 Current Wisdom17D2-2EAF
Has 255 Max WisdomEED2-2E6F
Has 255 Current WisdomEED2-2EAF
Has 255 Maximum Anti-MagicEED3-22DF
Has 255 Current Anti-MagicEED3-220F
Has 255 Maximum Anti-FireEED3-22AF
Has 255 Current Anti-FireEED3-23DF
Is a Level 15 Fighter5ED3-2E6F
Is a Level 15 Ninja5EDE-22DF
Is a Level 15 Healer5EDE-236F
Is a Level 15 Wizard5EDD-FAD4
Has 250 Max StaminaA0DA-230F

Character 3 Codes

Has 250 Max HPECD3-B2D4
Has 250 Max ManaECD3-BED4
Has Full Food MeterD5DE-BA04
Has Full Water MeterD5DE-BAA4
Has 99 Max Strength17DE-B2A4
Has 99 Current Strength17DE-B3D4
Has 255 Max StrengthEEDE-B2A4
Has 255 Current StrengthEEDE-B3D4
Has 99 Max Vitality17DD-2AD4
Has 99 Current Vitality17DD-2A04
Has 255 Max VitalityEEDD-2AD4
Has 255 Current VitalityEEDD-2A04
Has 99 Max Dexterity17DE-B364
Has 99 Current Dexterity17DE-B3A4
Has 255 Max DexterityEEDE-B364
Has 255 Current DexterityEEDE-B3A4
Has 99 Max Wisdom17DE-BE04
Has 99 Current Wisdom17DE-BE64
Has 255 Max WisdomEEDE-BE04
Has 255 Current WisdomEEDE-BE64
Has 255 Maximum Anti-MagicEEDD-2AA4
Has 255 Current Anti-MagicEEDD-22D4
Has 255 Maximum Anti-FireEEDD-2264
Has 255 Current Anti-FireEEDD-22A4
Is a Level 15 Fighter5EDD-2E04
Is a Level 15 Ninja5EDF-2AA4
Is a Level 15 Healer5EDF-2304
Is a Level 15 Wizard5EDF-2EA4
Has 250 Max StaminaA0D3-B3D4

Character 4 Codes

Has 250 Max HPECDD-BAA7
Has 250 Max ManaECDD-B3A7
Has Full Food MeterD5DF-BAD7
Has Full Water MeterD5DF-BA67
Has 99 Max Strength17DF-B267
Has 99 Current Strength17DF-B2A7
Has 255 Max StrengthEEDF-B267
Has 255 Current StrengthEEDF-B2A7
Has 99 Max Vitality17DF-BEA7
Has 99 Current Vitality17D4-BAD7
Has 255 Max VitalityEEDF-BEA7
Has 255 Current VitalityEED4-BAD7
Has 99 Max Dexterity17DF-B307
Has 99 Current Dexterity17DF-B367
Has 255 Max DexterityEEDF-B307
Has 255 Current DexterityEEDF-B367
Has 99 Max Wisdom17DF-BED7
Has 99 Current Wisdom17DF-BE07
Has 255 Max WisdomEEDF-BED7
Has 255 Current WisdomEEDF-BE07
Has 255 Maximum Anti-MagicEED4-BA67
Has 255 Current Anti-MagicEED4-BAA7
Has 255 Maximum Anti-FireEED4-B207
Has 255 Current Anti-FireEED4-B267
Is a Level 15 Fighter5ED4-BED7
Is a Level 15 Ninja 5ED7-BA67
Is a Level 15 Healer5ED7-B3D7
Is a Level 15 Wizard5ED7-BE67
Has 250 Max StaminaA0DD-B2A7
A screenshot of Dungeon Master. Two enemies in a dark hallway.

And for players who have a Pro Action Replay for their SNES, check out the codes below. Once again we have broken them all down for your ease.

SNES Pro Action Replay Codes

General Codes

Consume Less Mana01957CB7
Food Meter Won’t Decrease05A517B7
Water Meter Won’t Decrease05A576B7

Character 1 Codes

Has 250 Max HP7084A6FA
Has 250 Max Mana7084AEFA
Has Full Food Meter7084B307
Has Full Water Meter7084B507
Has 99 Max Strength7084B963
Has 99 Current Strength7084BA63
Has 99 Max Vitality 7084C263
Has 99 Current Vitality 7084C363
Has 99 Max Dexterity7084BC63
Has 99 Current Dexterity 7084BD63
Has 99 Max Wisdom 7084BF63
Has 99 Current Wisdom 7084C063
Is a Level 15 Fighter7084CF7F
Is a Level 15 Ninja7084D57F
Is a Level 15 Healer7084DB7F
Is a Level 15 Wizard7084E17F
Has 250 Max Stamina7084AAC4

Character 2 Codes

Has 250 Max HP7087C5FA
Has 250 Max Mana7087CDFA
Has Full Food Meter7087D207
Has Full Water Meter7087D407
Has 99 Max Strength7087D863
Has 99 Current Strength7087D963
Has 99 Max Vitality 7084C263
Has 99 Current Vitality 7084C363
Has 99 Max Dexterity7087DB63
Has 99 Current Dexterity 7087DC63
Has 99 Max Wisdom 7087DE63
Has 99 Current Wisdom 7087DF63
Is a Level 15 Fighter7087EE7F
Is a Level 15 Ninja7087F47F
Is a Level 15 Healer7087FA7F
Is a Level 15 Wizard7088007F
Has 250 Max Stamina7087C9C4

Character 3 Codes

Has 250 Max HP708AE4FA
Has 250 Max Mana708AECFA
Has Full Food Meter708AF107
Has Full Water Meter708AF307
Has 99 Max Strength708AF763
Has 99 Current Strength708AF863
Has 99 Max Vitality 708B0063
Has 99 Current Vitality 708B0163
Has 99 Max Dexterity708AFA63
Has 99 Current Dexterity 708AFB63
Has 99 Max Wisdom 708AFD63
Has 99 Current Wisdom 708AFE63
Is a Level 15 Fighter708B0D7F
Is a Level 15 Ninja708B137F
Is a Level 15 Healer708B197F
Is a Level 15 Wizard708B1F7F
Has 250 Max Stamina708AE8C4

Character 4 Codes

Has 250 Max HP708E03FA
Has 250 Max Mana708E0BFA
Has Full Food Meter708E1007
Has Full Water Meter708E1207
Has 99 Max Strength708E1663
Has 99 Current Strength708E1763
Has 99 Max Vitality 708E1F63
Has 99 Current Vitality 708E2063
Has 99 Max Dexterity708E1963
Has 99 Current Dexterity 708E1A63
Has 99 Max Wisdom 708E1C63
Has 99 Current Wisdom 708E1D63
Is a Level 15 Fighter708E2C7F
Is a Level 15 Ninja708E327F
Is a Level 15 Healer708E387F
Is a Level 15 Wizard708E3E7F
Has 250 Max Stamina708E07C4

Unfortunately the other versions of the game do not have cheat codes but they do have several universal exploits.

  • Advance Ninja Levels: Stand in a hallway and throw your weapons repeatedly.
  • Advance Fighter Levels: Stand in a hallway and use the slash and bash abelites repeatedly.
  • Advance Wizard Levels: Stand in a hallway and cast a spell in the air repeatedly.
  • Magic Vision/See Through Walls: Go to the entrance of the dungeon, face the door, and cast OH EW RA.

There is also a secret bad ending many players may not know about. But don’t worry, we won’t spoil what happens.

  • Bad Ending: After getting the Firestaff, go back to the beginning of the game.
A screenshot of Dungeon Master gameplay. There is a dark tunnel with a mummy.

Dungeon Master Cheat Code FAQ

Does Dungeon Master have any cheat codes?

The short answer is yes! But the long answer is yes for those who have a Game Genie or Pro Action Replay device for the SNES. These cheat codes can give players extra health or mana, give them unique skills, and much more. There are not cheats for any of the base versions of the game but there are a few universal exploits.

What are cheat codes?

Cheat codes are exploits that can change the game’s behavior and give players an advantage. They may help players move on to a different level, make the player completely immune to damage, or do some other action that would not take place without them.

They can also make the game more accessible and interesting to casual gamers or those who find its current state inaccessible.

What is a Pro Action Replay?

A Pro Action Replay is a cheat device that allows players to input different cheats and codes for multiple different consoles like the SNES, Game Cube, Commodore 64, GameBoy Advanced, and so much more. They manipulate the memory of the game code itself to allow cheats like infinite health, more powerful weapons, and even saving the game when it does not have a save mechanic.

What is a Game Genie?

A Game Genie is another cheat device, similar to the Pro Action Replay. They are available for many retro consoles like the NES, SNES, original Game Boy, Genesis, and more.

What makes a cheat device different?

Since developers implement traditional cheat codes in their games on purpose, not every game has them. But that does not mean players don’t want them. Hence, cheat devices were born. Devices like the Game Genie or Pro Action Replay allow players to do things the developer did not intend, while regular cheat codes are put there by the developers. They alter the game’s code to get it to work differently.

How long will it take to finish Dungeon Master?

According to HowLongToBeat.com, you can finish the main objectives of the game in about 15 hours. But if you want to complete everything in the game, you can finish it in close to 27 hours. These stats are similar to the rest of the series with Dungeon Master II and Chaos Strikes Back able to be fully completed within 21 and 24 hours respectively.

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