Grand Theft Auto V: The Rumoring

Grand Theft Auto V: The Rumoring

Let's get this part out of the way: no matter what anybody says, there are only two official, confirmed pieces of information about Grand Theft Auto V. It exists, and the first trailer will be coming out on November 2. Of course, with a huge series like GTA, a game announcement opens the floodgates for rumors and reports from "inside sources" that may or may not be legitimate. We've compiled some of the more interesting rumors for your reading pleasure, but absolutely none of this information is confirmed. Don't blame us if GTA V turns out to be a buddy cop story starring a loveable pooch and a Tom Hanks lookalike.

The Serious Rumors

These rumors are actual attempts to predict the content of GTA V. They may be from supposed insider sources or might be the result of player analysis of Rockstar and previous GTA games. Most have been put out within the last year.


Los Angeles is the current front-runner in the rumor mill for GTA V's setting. Reasons for GTA V taking place in Los Angeles include the following: Rockstar has a lot of experience with Los Angeles and can use assets from previous games like L.A. Noire, a casting call for voice actors included a call for a character obsessed with becoming a Hollywood celebrity, and GTA: San Andreas was the best-selling entry in the series.

Grand Theft Auto V: The Rumoring

Likewise, Miami is listed as a possibility due to the popularity of Vice City, but as one columnist pointed out, Miami in the 1980's is the best time to set such a game, and that's been done.

Although Detroit and Chicago mentioned frequently in wish lists for the location of GTA V, there doesn't seem to be much supporting evidence for GTA being set in the Midwest besides the fact that it hasn't yet been set there. Some gamers mention that Detroit could be particularly fun because it could involve cross-border smuggling to and from Canada. Drugs in, guns out, eh?

London is a possibility due to expansion packs for the original GTA being set there, and the fact that moving the series to Europe could be a nice change of pace. There's also a Rockstar studio in the UK that does a lot of work on the GTA series, so it'd be logistically possible to set a GTA game there.

Of course, with most numbered GTA games having taken place in New York City, and with Rockstar headquartered there, we could always be returning to a life of crime in the Big Apple.


One rumor site posits that the main character of GTA V will be a police officer whose partner turns dirty, and who can choose to stay clean or join his partner and become a major force in the underworld. In this rumor, a "cred" system similar to Red Dead Redemption's honor system will be in effect. Thus, the player will earn police cred by making arrests but lose street cred for doing things like beating handcuffed suspects.

There may be multiple main characters in GTA V, allowing the player to experience the game's setting and story from multiple perspectives.

Grand Theft Auto V: The Rumoring

Officers Tenpenny and Pulaski, the dirty cops from GTA: San Andreas, are rumored to be involved in the story of GTA V. They could be active participants, or merely referenced in cutscenes or flashbacks. James Pedeaston, a man-boy love activist (read: pedophile) from earlier GTA games, was included in a March 2011 casting call by Take-Two Interactive, and thus is likely to return as well. Apparently he's just been released from an Indonesian prison.