Thompson Compares GTA Killer Case to O.J. Simpson and Pearl Harbor

Thompson Compares GTA Killer Case to O.J. Simpson and Pearl Harbor


Umm…okay, Jack Thompson. We all know the lawyer has gone a little crazy with his pursuit to banish violent video games from the face of the earth and his latest comments don’t dispute that. Thompson has distributed a press release about his upcoming trial against Sony, Wal-Mart, GameStop, Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive, and Devin Moore. We believe the words will speak for themselves.

“This Thursday, November 3, 2005, at 1 pm the Alabama fireworks ignite in the Fayette County Courthouse. This may make the OJ Simpson trials look like quilting bees.

Defendants Sony, Take-Two/Rockstar, Wal-Mart, GameStop, and cop killer Devin Moore have all been sued for their respective roles in the June 2003 murder of two police officers and a dispatcher. The corporate defendants are nervous, and here’s proof:

“The primary strategy is to get Miami attorney Jack Thompson kicked off the case, alleging in court documents that he is ‘paranoid’ and cursed with a ‘colorful history of disciplinary problems.’ Forget that he referred to Bar complaints that come fifteen years ago from the porn industry and that Thompson has always been a ‘lawyer in good standing with The Florida Bar’ and ‘officially certified sane’ by The Bar after the ACLU and the radio pornographers last tried this nonsense.

That exoneration of Thompson did not stop Sony and Take-Two’s law firm, Blank Rome (which has given more campaign contributions to the Republican National Committee than any other lobbyist-they are lead registered lobbyists on The Hill for Take-Two), from plunking down in front of Judge Moore an order stating that Thompson may have a ‘mental illness…’

Oh, and certain regional governments in Japan have banned the sale of the Grand Theft Auto games to minors, but Japan’s Sony has no problem whatsoever dumping this garbage into American kids’ brains. Looks like Pearl Harbor 2 by Sony/Take-Two…’

Devin Moore himself has written Thompson explaining the role of the murder simulation games. The video game industry has no rebuttal to the scientific evidence, except to question the mental health of the lawyer who, with the rest of the legal team, filed the affidavits that have this scofflaw industry on the run.

It may well be that Thompson will be kicked off the case and/or that the case will be dismissed. Thompson is not as presumptuous as other lawyers who claim to know what an honorable judge in Alabama will do. If that happens, there are remedies, but in the meantime this case is a reasonable judicial means to rightly compensate three devastated families targeted by an out-of-control industry.

The most reckless video game company in the world, Take-Two, has been fined $9 million by the SEC for accounting fraud and is currently under investigation by the FTC for illegally embedding explicit sexual content in a Grand Theft Auto game sold to children. Thompson is unethical? This is a nuclear bomb calling a cap gun explosive.

Blank Rome questioning the ethics of Jack Thompson? One of its partners is Barbara Comstock, whom the Washington Post called a ‘one-woman wrecking crew’…Ms. Comstock was on the staff of Indiana Senator Dave Burton back when he had a mistress illegally on his office’s federal payroll and was also supporting an illegitimate child…Comstock’s fingerprints are all over the false and defamatory character assassination of the lawyer who opposes her corporate clients’ mental molestation of minors for money…

Stay tuned. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Okay, we cannot even begin to tell you all the things we see wrong with this letter. Not only does it seem that Thompson has completely lost his mind by even trying to compare his case to O.J. Simpson’s murder trial, but he has also undermined the tragedies of Pearl Harbor and molestation by comparing them to the Grand Theft Auto series

. We could point out more about the ridiculous antics of Thompson in this letter, but we trust that our readers are intelligent enough to decide their own opinions about Thompson and his case. We will keep you posted as the case continues.

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