Jack’s Back! Thompson Blames Murder on Video Games

Jack’s Back! Thompson Blames Murder on Video Games


Jack Thompson has resurfaced again and this time he is directing investigators in a Louisiana murder case to investigate the angle that suspects may have been motivated by video games to murder.

The crime took place in West Feliciana Parish, an unincorporated part of central Louisiana. Two teens were arrested for first-degree murder and armed robbery of 55-year-old Michael Gore on Wednesday.

Thompson stepped in when he heard the reports describing the nature of Gore’s wounds. “Nobody shoots anybody in the face unless you’re a hit man or a video gamer,” Thompson commented to The Advocate.

Thompson also related the crime to Grand Theft Auto since the sixteen year-old suspect confessed to the police that they killed the man because he wouldn’t let them borrow his car, “the same scenario in Grand Theft Auto.”

“I think [the murder] goes beyond video games, but who’s to say?,” Captain Spence Dilworth, an official involved in the investigation told The Advocate. Nonetheless, police did search the teen’s home and seized several M rated games.

Both teenaged suspects will be tried as adults in court.

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