Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

Strategy Guide


Alternate main menu background music

Collect all crests to change the main menu background music.

Alternate ending sequence

Successfully collect all crests and complete Vs. Cactus King or vs. Ghastly King mode to have Ninjapes appear. Note: If you get one or two platinum crests, you do not have to get all gold crests.


There are three main types of crests; the bronze for completing a level, silver for getting 400 or more points, and gold for getting 800 or more points. There is also a secret crest that comes from the moon by getting 1,200 or more (requires skill at grabbing and combos).

Clap and combos

If you do combos and clap for your bananas you will get more points.

Bigger combo in Monkey Fest

Instead of just clapping and going in the bush immediately, do a backflip into the wall. Jump off the wall, then clap the bush to get your combo up to five. When you go through the wire, do not get the four bananas yet. Instead, hit both drums at once to do a Ground Pound to get the combo at six, then jump off the wire to get it to seven. Then, clap and get the four bananas. Note: These are the first four bananas of the stage. When you go through the stage slightly more, there is a group of banana bunches in bubbles. Do not clap yet. Instead, go through the level more to increase your combo and do not forget to get the flowers. After awhile, you will fly through the tree trunk and pass through the center of the group of bananas. Once here, clap. It is possible to get your combo up to nine, get 1100 off that stage only. Note: Do not get bananas regularly; always do a clap grab in this stage, never just "fall" into them.

Determining what crest you receive

Whatever your health color is when you are fighting a Boss determines what crest you will get. For example, if your life bar is gold, you will receive up to a gold crest. The same goes for all the other crests.

Defeating Dread Kong

He is the easiest of the Kongs. Just clap (dodge) and beat like crazy.

Defeating Karate Kong

This Kong is fairly difficult. When you attack, he will try to dodge and will be successful about 85% of the time. Only attack after you dodge. He will attack more than once, even at different speeds. You must look carefully. When you get him to about half health, he will stand. His attacks will be faster, but when he attacks and you dodge and it is in slow motion, attack as fast as you can. Repeat this until he has been defeated.

Defeating Ninja Kong

Try to dodge and attack as usual. When he has half health, he goes crazy. He will attack a lot faster and sometimes dodge to fake you out. Try to keep attacking and about 10% of the time you will hit him to a point to where he is knocked out. Then, get him. Repeat this until he has been defeated.

Defeating Sumo Kong

When fighting Sumo Kong, you cannot dodge. If you do, he will attack and hurt you. Go crazy on the bongos by beating on the drums (not clapping). If you can do this fast enough, you will eventually knock him on his back. Keep doing this until he is defeated.

Defeating the Cactus King

He can be a very easy Boss. When he is on his pig that breathes fire, clap until you have the flames to the pig then beat on the drums. For the Cactus King, just jump ,clap, dodge, and beat on the drums. Repeat this until he has been defeated. Also, if you clap and enter battle at different sides and angles, you can hurt him in many different ways.

Defeating the Kong Bosses

When you face the Kong Bosses, you can hit them five of the back by just trying to hit them instead of knocking them out. However, the other way may be better.

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