Best Outfits in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Ranked

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom outfits

Best Outfits in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Ranked

Much more than simple cosmetic changes to Link’s appearance, the outfits and armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom have the potential to completely redefine the way players approach the game. Whether through the introduction of unique abilities and mechanics or set bonuses that are simply too powerful to ignore, some of the outfits in Tears of the Kingdom clearly stand tall above others. Much like Breath of the Wild, there are some armor sets and outfits that players should view as “must-have” in their inventory.

Considering that each of these sets provides very situation-specific bonuses to Link, getting each one and holding them in your inventory to swap out at will can make your playtime that much easier. Even better, some of the adventures players will need to take to obtain these sets are worthwhile endeavors in and of themselves. And, of course, as an added bonus, all of these sets don’t just have amazing utility in-game. No, they also make Link look like the Hero he is.

10. Flamebreaker Armor

Tears of the Kingdom Flamebreaker Armor

Both Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom prove that the elements are nothing to take lightly. Thankfully, both games give Link plenty of options when it comes to armor sets that provide nullification of elemental damage. Prior to obtaining the all-around better Ember Armor (later on in this list), the Flamebreaker Set is a great alternative that allows Link to enter areas with extreme heat. Considering that there are several worthwhile treasures hidden in areas that are in some of the hottest parts of Hyrule, getting the Flamebreaker Set early on is practically a prerequisite before getting some of the best items Link can get his hands on in TotK‘s early goings.

The best part about the Flamebreaker Armor is that obtaining it is easy, provided you have enough Rupees. After entering Goron City, visit the armor store. Here, you’ll be able to purchase each piece of the Flamebreaker Armor for a hefty sum. The Flamebreaker Helm will set you back 1,400 Rupees, while the Famebreaker Boots cost 1,200 and the Flamebreaker Armor comes in at 700. Thankfully, if you’re low on funds, it’s easy enough to farm Rupees via the returning bowling mini-game.

9. Armor of the Depths

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Depths Armor

A new elemental damage type to worry about in Tears of the Kingdom is Gloom. This Depths-exclusive ailment and attack-type can quickly lead to a game over screen when exploring the new underground area. Thankfully, the Armor of the Depths is great protection against both environmental Gloom and Gloom attack damage once players have invested the resources to upgrade it. It’s not an armor set that will be extremely useful outside of the Depths, but when exploring this massive underground area it comes in handy.

Obtaining the Armor of the Depths requires players to find the Bargainer Statues hidden within in the depths underneath Hyrule. Every two statues that Link finds allows him to purchase another piece of the armor set as long as as he has enough Poes. The Tunic of the Depths will set players back 150 Poes, the Gaiters of the Depths will run 200 Poes, and the Hood of the Depths (only obtainable after finding 6 Bargainer Statues) costs 300 Poes.

8. Zora Armor

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Zora Armor

Another returning armor set from Breath of the Wild, the Zora Armor is any seafaring adventurer’s best friend. This set, once fully-upgraded, provides excellent defense along with a suite of excellent swimming-related bonuses. Players can press A to swim vertically up waterfalls, will swim faster in general, and consume less stamina when performing a swim dash. Anytime the player finds themselves needing to traverse water without any building materials nearby, the Zora Armor can help Link quickly cover distances by swimming instead of using a raft or Zonai device.

7. Frostbite Armor

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Frostbite armor

One of the first elements that will likely cause issues for players in Tears of the Kingdom is cold, as there are several areas in the opening region of the Sky Isles where the temperatures plummet and Link doesn’t have much cold-resistant gear yet. However, once players obtain the Frostbite Armor, worrying about cold resistance and maintaining adequate body temperature become a thing of the past. It doesn’t have the same Unfreezable perk as the Snowquill Armor but makes up for it through a suite of bonuses that make Link more powerful in cold weather environments. In terms of providing players with both environmental protection and a worthwhile set bonus, it’s hard to beat the Frostbite Set.

6. Froggy Armor

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Froggy Armor

Link’s reward for completing the “Potential Princess Sightings!” side quest is the Froggy Armor, one of the most useful sets in the entire game. It’s a safe bet that players have found themselves in the situation of being mid-climb and all of a sudden getting caught in a thunderstorm. One moment you’re having Link scale a sheer rockface and then the next moment the now-slick surface is unclimbable. With the Froggy Armor, players no longer need to worry about this exact kind of scenario. Additionally, there’s no need to stock up on items that make climbing in the rain possible since the Froggy Armor makes it impossible to slip while climbing when worn.

5. Ember Armor

Tears of the Kingdom Ember Armor

While the Flamebreaker Armor has strong defense and prevents Link from catching on fire in extremely hot environments, the Ember Armor is superior in nearly every way. Not only does the set provide Link with substantial heat resistance, it also gives Link an attack bonus when in hot environments. The flame equivalent of the Frostbite Armor, the Ember Armor is the best of both worlds when it comes to both environmental defense and offense. And again, many of the game’s best treasures (including other armor pieces on this list) are stashed away in Hyrule’s hot areas, making the Ember Armor a must-have for getting in and out of the hottest parts of both the surface and the Depths.

4. Ancient Hero’s Aspect

Tears of the Kingdom Ancient Hero's Aspect

After completing each of Tears of the Kingdom‘s Shrines, it almost goes without saying that the game owes players a reward. The Ancient Hero’s Aspect is that reward, and it’s one that’s well worth the trouble it takes to get. This single armor piece covers Link’s whole body while simultaneously having the highest armor rating of any armor piece in the game once players fully upgrade it. It does take a lot of effort on the part of the player to upgrade the Ancient Hero’s Aspect (including fighting some tough boss enemies to earn the necessary materials), but its 84 defense rating makes every subsequent fight feel like a cakewalk.

3. Zonanite Armor

Tears of the Kingdom Zonanite Armor

Before even talking about the Zonanite Armor’s utility, it’s worth pointing out just how cool this armor set looks. A mix between the remnants of the Zonai civilization in Tears of the Kingdom and a real-world Aztec aesthetic, the Zonanite Armor makes Link look like a fierce warrior. Outside looks, though, the Zonanite Armor earns its place on this list thanks to both its phenomenal defense rating and ability to help speed up the rate at which the Zonai Energy Cells recharge when using a crafted Zonai device. Considering the amount of crafting (and potentially limitless possibilities of contraptions to build) in Tears of the Kingdom, having any armor set that makes that process more efficient and beneficial is an automatic winner.

2. Glide Suit

Tears of the Kingdom Glide Suit

Now that Hyrule is extended in two directions in Tears of the Kingdom between the Depths and the Sky Isles, players are bound to be spending lots of time in high altitudes. The Paraglider makes sailing down from these peaks an easy process, but it drains a good bit of stamina, requiring players to continually monitor their stamina gauge rather than take in the beautifully designed Hyrule around them. The Glide Suit not only allows Link to sail down to the surface from high up, it also completely negates any fall damage when players wear the full armor set. So much of Tears of the Kingdom takes place up in the sky, and with the Glide Suit it’s possible to seamlessly travel between the new biome and the surface of Hyrule.

1. Armor of the Wild

Tears of the Kingdom Armor of the Wild

The Armor of the Wild is one of the best armor sets available in Breath of the Wild and it returns as arguably the best set in Tears of the Kingdom as well. Not only does this set give Link his iconic green-tunic, wearing the full set provides a substantial bonus to attack power. This set has huge nostaligic value, but it’s also one of the most useful in tackling some of Tears of the Kingdom‘s tougher challenges (of which there are many). In addition to its handy attack buff, the fully-upgraded version of the set is another outfit with the peak defense rating of 84. In terms of bot utility and looks, there’s no topping the Armor of the Wild as the best outfit in Tears of the Kingdom.

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