Spin-Off: Knock, Knock

Welcome to the party, pal! The Agents of Mayhem shakedown mission is pretty straightforward, but it also glosses over a few finer points- we'll hit them all here.

You start out as Hollywood, whose assault rifle & grenade combo make him the most like a 'standard' shooter hero. Your first target is a door panel. In the extra-extra world of neo Seoul, however, a single bullet won't cut it. Pour ammo into the door panel until it surrenders.

The next room has two guards waiting for you on the lower level. There are no shooting-from-cover mechanics in Mayhem, so just gun them down. It is worth going for headshots, which are signalled by the bright orange numbers in the damage counter.

Follow the onscreen tutorials for Hollywood's current special abilities – Attention Seeker and Blockbuster. There's no reason to hoard the energy for later- everything in this first mission is strictly scripted. Do, however, make a note to grab the green stacks of cash that appear by fallen enemies. Don't bother shooting the Supply Crates, though. While you can explode them for a combat advantage, they don't contain any loot.

Follow your marker through a corridor with the sprint and dash infotips, then into the next with a few more tips and a doomball. The most important thing to master here is the triple jump & aerial dash mechanics. Whether traversing the rooftops or battling bad guys in multi-tiered killzones, the manueverabilty of the threejump is going to be crucial to your agents' survival.

Follow the rest of your instructions (good and bad) to get the plot rolling, then guide Hollywood to the rendevous point.

Control will now switch to squadmate two- Hardtack. Follow your marker into a room with three turrets to destroy- each marked by a target icon.

Taking out all three will summon troopers. Hardtack doesn't have the firing rate or the range of Hollywood, so make your shots count, and don't be ashamed of shooting environmental explosives rather than going for the headshot.

As before, you'll get some tutorials on you current hero's supers. Note especially that you can detonate your mines at any time- you'll probably end using them much more as grenades than traps. When you're the only one left standing, follow the marker to meet Hollywood at the rendezvous.

Now you step into the shoes of the final squad member- Fortune. This time you'll start in the thick of the action, immediately gunning down resistance, and learning your supers

When that's completed, there's a terminal to hack, using the miniest of minigames. Tap the left mouse button as the needle passes through the marked zones to clear this one.

Follow the marker to meet up with the rest of your team, and hunt down Dr. Babylon. At this point, you'll gain the ability to switch between squadmates on the fly. Squaddies in hammerspace do regenerate shieds when they're out of rotation, but try not to get anyone killed- resurrection requires a special item, and they aren't any coming up.

The best way to avoid getting yourself dead to to avoid standing too close to the explosive crates. The enemies here aren't much threat, but you can get yourself killed easily enough.

For the kleenex-tough opposition here, Hollywood and Fortune are the easiest ways to forge ahead- Hardtack is a little slow and a lot overkill.

Remember to pick up any loot drops before following your marker into the next room, for a villain showdown.

This fight alternates between fighting goons in groups of four, and pouring damage into Dr. Babylon as he tosses fireballs at you. Your jump and dash mechanics are the key to both- quickly getting the drop on enemy guards, and firing while evading the Doctor's attacks (do be aware that the fireballs explode into tiny heat-seeking fragments).

Unsurprisingly for the first mission of the game, you won't kill the Doctor here. When his health drops to 3,200 a cutscene is triggered. No more combat now- your last concious action here will be a quick corridor run into a final cutscene, and mission completion.

You'll also get some XP and unlock some gadgets, but don't worry about them quite yet.

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