Yeti: Special Investigation

Hit the marker to get your first objective, taking out a LEGION patrol. Be careful with this one- even though it's a mission objective, offing guards in public still raises your alarm level, and other LEGION troops may want to crash the party. Kill your designated targets, but don't linger. Rama's stealth approach makes this one an easy get.

Your next objective is to rescue Yeti's contact. This follows the hostage rescue template, and again Rama's stealthy snipery is a good match. Pick off the two guards and free the hostage as per usual (though note the loot box just below the hostage's location, if you haven't already picked it clean).

There's a crystal on the roof just above- you can snag it while scoping out your next objective- raiding a LEGION lair.

It's just a stone's throw away, toward the giant torus. Jump down and search the indicated parking lot, then hack the entrance.

Inside you'll be using your locator scan to hack the terminals that hide Yeti's location. As the ingame tutorial explains- a ring will surround your agent, then all the wedges will fade, except the one pointing to your target. The more wedges there are, the closer your objective.

There's no resistance in the first room with a hack, but as you proceed, you'll start to meet resistance- mostly swarmtroopers. Space is little tight, so try not let them get behind you. Explosives help.

In the next room, it's flashbacks to Raging Arrow, as you must once again vandalize as much equipment as possible, while fending of enemy agents (swarmtroopers and helltroopers). As before, fill the damage bar in the left of your screen, then proceed to the next room.

In this final room you'll face waves of helltroopers, swarmtroopers, and blitz troopers, capped by a blitztrooper commander.

Either before or after disposing of all them, use your locator to pinpoint the terminal, and hack it for Yeti's location.

After that, you're set- head to the marked elevator and activate it to complete the mission.

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