Hit the marker outside the Lucky Seven Casino to begin.

A team called the Bombshells without Daisy as a member seems unthinkable- so don't think it, just drive to your designated lair entrance.

Watch out for a boombot waiting to greet you as soon as the elevator stops (this is so odd it may be a glitch).

Your first challenge room is a terminal hack, while beset by regular hell- & swarmtroopers, and helltrooper commander

Next up is a 'kill all enemies' with swarmtroopers and blitztroopers.

After that, a portable server hack, while fending off a shocktrooper and his commander (try to keep them away from the bufftroopers). As ever, Joule's turret makes an ideal way to distract and de-shield shocktroopers.

The hack itself takes some time to complete, during which you'll fend off waves of swarmtroopers and a bufftrooper commander.

Next room is a kill all enemies buffet, headed by shocktroopers and a shocktrooper commander.

Hack the next terminal to get the data you need, then hack two more terminals in the room after (while being attacked by helltroopers and a blitztrooper commander)

Now to finally face off against your archnemesis- Kevin.

Kevin's an offensive powerhouse, so use the generous cover and Volta's distracting abilities to evade damage while taking him down. Exit the room to exit the mission.

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