Firing Squad

Watch out for sniper fire as you hit the marker to begin.

Another team mission, another lair to raid. Only this time you get to raid it three times! Luckily, it's a little different each time.

In Oni's recounting, you'll hack the lair, and face off against a number of commanders. The first, Ivory Eagle, is just a jumped up helltrooper.

In the next room, the Serpent Devils are powered up swarmtroopers.

Darting Fox and Nimble Wolf are next- a shocktrooper and another swarmtrooper

After that, the Iron Viper snipetroopers.

And then a final fight against Dreadful Thunder, a Pride Captain.

Kinpin's version starts out with some empty rooms, then an extended 'Kill all enemies' riff, before heading to a lower level and facing off against robots. His story jumps a bit here, but be clearly misses an opportunity to say that there were a hundred robots, but they were super brittle, yet still granted massive amount of XP.

The two actual robots you face are Pride Captains, but not the toughest you've seen. As usual, focus on taking them out one at a time, and keep them separate if you can.

Scheherazade's version of the lair starts with terminal hacking, then another 'kill all enemies' slugfest, overseen by a snipetrooper commander.

Next up is an objective to 'kill any and all LEGION.' It's not clear how this is different from 'kill all enemies,' so just roll with it, destroying troopers and a blast bot.

Grab the MacGuffin box to launch a cutscene and end the mission.

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