The Bride (Side Quest)

The Bride (Side Quest)

Walk by the cliffs just west of Soknopaiou Nesos, in Faiyum, to trigger this quest. A young woman standing on a precarious drop prompts Bayek to intervene.

Draw close to speak with her, though she's not initially receptive.

For the next step of the quest you'll need a heron feather. If you're out, you can shoot the ones by the tree (though watching you slaughter the birds who symbolized her married happiness seems like it might be bad for the bride).

But she seems not to notice. The ruse works and you follow her to the docks.

Halfway there you're ambushed by leopards. Dispatch them- the spear can be handy for countering their little backwards leaps.

Resume your escort, and leave Tuaa at the docks after to complete the mission.

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