Lies of P Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Lies of P

Lies of P Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Lies of P is a souls-like action-role playing game developed by Neowiz Games and released in 2023. The Carlo Collodi novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio, inspired the game’s setting and plot. One of the title’s main features is the Lying System, which directly affects the game’s ending depending on the players’ decisions. It has garnered critical praise since its release for its story and difficulty. 

Lies of P Premise

The player follows the puppet Pinocchio, who wakes up on an abandoned train. He soon discovers that there is a revolt of puppets who are rebelling against the Grand Covenant and killing humans. Pinocchio must journey to find his creator, Geppetto, to stop the revolt and restore order. A woman named Sophia grants him a guide for his quest, Gemini, as they head off to find his creator.    

Lies of P

Lies of P Characters

Lies of P features a large array of characters and bosses to face off against. While players follow the main protagonist, Pinocchio, there are many other NPCs to interact with.

  • Pinocchio
  • Geppetto
  • Belle
  • Carlo
  • Dorothy
  • Gemini
  • Giangio
  • King of Puppets
  • Owl Doctor
  • Polendina
  • Pulcinella
  • Red Fox
  • Rookie Explorer Hugo
  • Simon Manus
  • Sophia
  • White Lady

Lies of P Titles in the Series 

Unfortunately, Lies of P is the only title under that IP, meaning there are no prequels or sequels. However, the developer, Neowiz Games, has a large catalog of games that fans may enjoy. While they don’t resemble the Soulsborne-type gameplay, they will surely be a fun experience.

  •  A.V.A Global (2022)
  • Skul: The Hero Slayer (2021)
  • Djmax Respect V (2020)
  • Sanabi (2022)  
  • Metal Unit (2021)
  • Aka (2022)

Lies of P Cheat Codes

In order to use console commands, players will have to download external mods from a third party. From there, they can access the menu and use any command they wish to alter their game. This mod and commands come from NarcolepticIBS, aka SunBeam, on Reddit.

Use these commands in combination with the list below:

OnGainItem <ItemId> <ItemCount> = Adds <ItemCount> items of <ItemId>

OnGainWeapon <Handle> <Blade> = Adds Weapon by <Handle> id with <Blade> id

Example: OnGainItem Costume_Naughty_Boy 1

You’ll only have to use OnGainWeapon for the first category listed. The rest will use OnGainItem.

Melee Weapons

WP_PC_BLD_KukriBramble Curved Sword Blade
WP_PC_HND_KukriBramble Curved Sword Handle
WP_PC_BLD_RapierWintry Rapier’s Blade
WP_PC_HND_RapierWintry Rapier’s Handle
WP_PC_BLD_ShovelMilitary Shovel Blade
WP_PC_HND_ShovelMilitary Shovel Handle
WP_PC_BLD_FirePickaxeExploding Pickaxe Blade
WP_PC_HND_FirePickaxeExploding Pickaxe Handle
WP_PC_BLD_ShieldSpearBlind Man’s Double-Sided Spear Blade
WP_PC_HND_ShieldSpearBlind Man’s Double-Sided Spear Handle
WP_PC_BLD_ClockworkBluntBig Pipe Wrench Head
WP_PC_HND_ClockworkBluntBig Pipe Wrench Handle
WP_PC_BLD_GreatSpearCity Longspear Blade
WP_PC_HND_GreatSpearCity Longspear Handle
WP_PC_BLD_SwordLanceSpear of Honor Blade
WP_PC_HND_SwordLanceSpear of Honor Handle
WP_PC_BLD_CleaverMaster Chef’s Knife Blade
WP_PC_HND_CleaverMaster Chef’s Knife Handle
WP_PC_BLD_ShamshirDancer’s Curved Sword Blade
WP_PC_HND_ShamshirDancer’s Curved Sword Handle
WP_PC_BLD_GlaiveBooster Glaive Blade
WP_PC_HND_GlaiveBooster Glaive Handle
WP_PC_BLD_KkabiClubNoblesse Oblige
WP_PC_HND_KkabiClubNoblesse Oblige
WP_PC_HND_GreatSawBone-Cutting Handle
WP_PC_BLD_GreatSawBone-Cutting Sawblade
WP_PC_BLD_CrystalSpearAcidic Crystal Spear Blade
WP_PC_HND_CrystalSpearAcidic Crystal Spear Handle
WP_PC_BLD_AcidGreatswordAcidic Great Curved Sword Blade
WP_PC_HND_AcidGreatswordAcidic Great Curved Sword Handle
WP_PC_BLD_GreatAxeLive Puppet’s Axe Blade
WP_PC_HND_GreatAxeLive Puppet’s Axe Handle
WP_PC_BLD_FlameDaggerSalamander Dagger Blade
WP_PC_HND_FlameDaggerSalamander Dagger Handle
WP_PC_BLD_BayonetGreatsword of Fate Blade
WP_PC_HND_BayonetGreatsword of Fate Handle
WP_PC_BLD_FireAxeFire Axe Blade
WP_PC_HND_FireAxeFire Axe Handle
WP_PC_BLD_ClockSwordClock Sword Blade
WP_PC_HND_ClockSwordClock Sword Handle
WP_PC_BLD_HwandoTwo Dragons Sword
WP_PC_HND_HwandoTwo Dragons Sword
WP_PC_BLD_TransformGreatSwordHoly Sword of the Ark
WP_PC_HND_TransformGreatSwordHoly Sword of the Ark
WP_PC_BLD_TridentTrident of the Covenant
WP_PC_HND_TridentTrident of the Covenant
WP_PC_BLD_CrystalSwordFrozen Feast
WP_PC_HND_CrystalSwordFrozen Feast
WP_PC_BLD_CharkramUroboros’s Eye
WP_PC_HND_CharkramUroboros’s Eye
WP_PC_BLD_ElectricCutterCircular Electric Chainsaw Blade
WP_PC_HND_ElectricCutterCircular Electric Chainsaw Handle
WP_PC_BLD_ScissorSwordProof of Humanity
WP_PC_HND_ScissorSwordProof of Humanity
WP_PC_BLD_SaberPuppet’s Saber Blade
WP_PC_HND_SaberPuppet’s Saber Handle
WP_PC_BLD_SevenSwordSeven-Coil Spring Sword
WP_PC_HND_SevenSwordSeven-Coil Spring Sword
WP_PC_BLD_HalberdCursed Knight’s Halberd Blade
WP_PC_HND_HalberdCursed Knight’s Halberd Handle
WP_PC_BLD_CoilRodElectric Coil Stick Head
WP_PC_HND_CoilRodElectric Coil Stick Handle
WP_PC_BLD_CrystalAxeCarcass Crystal Axe Blade
WP_PC_HND_CrystalAxeCarcass Crystal Axe Handle
WP_PC_BLD_ElectricHammerCoil Mjolnir Head
WP_PC_HND_ElectricHammerCoil Mjolnir Handle
WP_PC_BLD_BatonKrat Police Baton Head
WP_PC_HND_BatonKrat Police Baton Handle
WP_PC_BLD_ChainScythePuppet Ripper
WP_PC_HND_ChainScythePuppet Ripper
WP_PC_BLD_DaggerTyrant Murderer’s Dagger Blade
WP_PC_HND_DaggerTyrant Murderer’s Dagger Handle
WP_PC_BLD_RockDrillPistol Rock Drill Blade
WP_PC_HND_RockDrillPistol Rock Drill Handle
WP_PC_BLD_NoseStaffGolden Lie
WP_PC_HND_NoseStaffGolden Lie
WP_PC_BLD_FlameSwordBlack Steel Cutter Blade
WP_PC_HND_FlameSwordBlack Steel Cutter Handle

Legion Arms

SlaveArm_PileBunkerDeus Ex Machina
SlaveArm_NormalLeft Arm of Steel
SlaveArm_SniperCannonFalcon Eyes
SlaveArm_PuppetStringPuppet String


Costume_Naughty_BoyMischievous Puppet’s Clothes
Costume_Stalker_CatBlack Cat’s Hunting Apparel
Costume_03Workshop Master’s Workwear
Costume_Factory_MeisterWorkshop Master’s Workwear
Costume_Stalker_Monster_HunterMonster Sweeper’s Hunting Apparel
Costume_Prince_RobesPuppet Prince’s Formal Dress
Costume_Someone_MemorySomeone’s Memory
Costume_Stalker_MadmanMad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel
Costume_Stalker_WeaselRobber Weasel’s Hunting Apparel
Costume_Stalker_FoxRed Fox’s Hunting Apparel
Costume_Stalker_SurvivorSurvivor’s Hunting Apparel
Costume_Stalker_PilgrimThe Atoned’s Hunting Apparel
Costume_Alchemist_CapeAlchemist’s Cape
Costume_Stalker_Army_SurgeonOwl Doctor’s Hunting Apparel
Costume_Venigni_CoatThe Great Venigni’s Signature Coat
Costume_02Blue Blood’s Tailcoat
Costume_01White Shirt
Costume_Stalker_WhiteLadyThe White Lady’s Hunting Apparel


Mask_Stalker_CatBlack Cat’s Mask
Mask_Stalker_MadmanMad Donkey’s Mask
Mask_Stalker_WeaselRobber Weasel’s Mask
Mask_Stalker_FoxRed Fox’s Mask
Mask_Stalker_SurvivorSurvivor’s Mask
Mask_Stalker_PilgrimThe Atoned’s Mask
Mask_Stalker_ArmySurgeonOwl Doctor’s Mask
Mask_Stalker_WhiteLadyThe White Lady’s Mask


Head_Naughty_BoyMischievous Puppet’s Parade Hat
Head_Glassess_VenigniThe Great Venigni’s Glasses


AC_mgmt_stat_L2_7Swordsmanship Master’s Amulet
AC_def_L1_3Black Cat’s Amulet
AC_resist_L3_9Conquering Amulet
AC_boss_L1_2Extreme Modification Amulet
AC_mgmt_equip_L1_2Technique Amulet
AC_mgmt_equip_L1_2_1Technique Amulet +1
AC_mgmt_equip_L1_2_2Technique Amulet +2
AC_boss_L1_5Awakened God’s Amulet
AC_boss_L1_6Piercing Hatred Amulet
AC_mgmt_stat_L1_3Leaping Amulet
AC_mgmt_stat_L3_4Leaping Amulet +1
AC_mgmt_stat_L2_5Veteran’s Amulet
AC_mgmt_equip_L1_3Transformation Amulet
AC_mgmt_equip_L1_3_1Transformation Amulet +1
AC_mgmt_equip_L1_3_2Transformation Amulet +2
AC_resist_L2_1Indomitable Amulet
AC_resist_L2_1_1Indomitable Amulet +1
AC_mgmt_equip_L2_4Red Fox’s Amulet
AC_mgmt_stat_L1_11Hunter’s Amulet
AC_mgmt_stat_L1_11_1Hunter’s Amulet +1
AC_atk_L2_2Murderer Puppet’s Amulet
AC_mgmt_equip_L3_10Triumvirate Amulet
AC_mgmt_stat_L1_1Life Amulet
AC_mgmt_stat_L3_2Life Amulet +1
AC_mgmt_equip_L3_11Arm of God Amulet
AC_atk_L2_4Assassin’s Amulet
AC_mgmt_equip_L3_5Carrier’s Amulet
AC_mgmt_equip_L4_6Carrier’s Amulet +1
AC_boss_L1_3Ghost Walk Amulet
AC_mgmt_stat_L2_6Nameless One’s Amulet
AC_mgmt_stat_L2_9Patience Amulet
AC_atk_L2_3Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet
AC_mgmt_stat_L2_8Recharged Amulet
AC_mgmt_stat_L2_8_1Recharged Amulet +1
AC_def_L3_1Iron Wall Amulet
AC_boss_L1_4Impregnable Fortress Amulet
AC_boss_L1_1Dancing One’s Amulet
AC_atk_L2_1Carcass Butcher’s Amulet
AC_mgmt_stat_L1_10Blue Guardianship Amulet
AC_mgmt_stat_L1_10_1Blue Guardianship Amulet +1
AC_mgmt_stat_L1_10_2Blue Guardianship Amulet +2
AC_mgmt_equip_L1_1Strength Amulet
AC_mgmt_equip_L1_1_1Strength Amulet +1
AC_mgmt_equip_L1_1_2Strength Amulet +2


Reinforce_Blade_Common_G1Hidden Moonstone
Reinforce_Blade_Common_G2Crescent Moonstone
Reinforce_Blade_Common_G3Half Moonstone
Reinforce_Blade_Common_G4Full Moonstone
Reinforce_Hero_G1Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant
Reinforce_Hero_G2Full Moonstone of the Covenant
Reinforce_SlaveArm_G1Legion Caliber
Exchange_SlaveArm_Parts_4Legion Plug 
Handle_InfusionStone_Type4Balance Crank
Handle_InfusionStone_Type2Technique Crank
Handle_InfusionStone_Type1Motivity Crank
Handle_InfusionStone_Type3Advance Crank

Body Frame

part_bone_00Workshop Union Basic Frame
part_bone_2Workshop Union Strengthening Frame
part_bone_2_1Workshop Union Strengthening Frame +1
part_bone_2_2Workshop Union Strengthening Frame +2
part_bone_0Workshop Union Lightweight Frame
part_bone_0_1Workshop Union Lightweight Frame +1
part_bone_0_2Workshop Union Lightweight Frame +2
part_bone_1LADA F150 Frame
part_bone_1_1LADA F150 Frame +1
part_bone_1_2LADA F150 Frame +2
part_bone_4LADA F250 Frame
part_bone_4_1LADA F250 Frame +1
part_bone_4_2LADA F250 Frame +2
part_bone_6LADA F350 Frame
part_bone_6_1LADA F350 Frame +1
part_bone_6_2LADA F350 Frame +2
part_bone_3Arch Heavyweight Frame
part_bone_3_1Arch Heavyweight Frame +1
part_bone_3_2Arch Heavyweight Frame +2
part_bone_5Arch Extra Heavyweight Frame
part_bone_5_1Arch Extra Heavyweight Frame +1
part_bone_5_2Arch Extra Heavyweight Frame +2


part_skin_slash_1Workshop Union Fiber-Reinforced Liner
part_skin_slash_1_1Workshop Union Fiber-Reinforced Liner +1
part_skin_slash_1_2Workshop Union Fiber-Reinforced Liner +2 
part_skin_strike_1Workshop Union Spaced Armor Liner
part_skin_strike_1_1Workshop Union Spaced Armor Liner +1
part_skin_strike_1_2Workshop Union Spaced Armor Liner +2
part_skin_pierce_1Workshop Union Multi-Layer Liner
part_skin_pierce_1_1Workshop Union Multi-Layer Liner +1
part_skin_pierce_1_2Workshop Union Multi-Layer Liner +2
part_skin_strike_0Workshop Union Certified Liner
part_skin_slash_4LADA Fiber-Reinforced Liner
part_skin_slash_4_1LADA Fiber-Reinforced Liner +1
part_skin_slash_4_2LADA Fiber-Reinforced Liner +2
part_skin_strike_4LADA Spaced Armor Liner
part_skin_strike_4_1LADA Spaced Armor Liner +1
part_skin_strike_4_2LADA Spaced Armor Liner +2
part_skin_pierce_4LADA Multi-Layer Liner
part_skin_pierce_4_1LADA Multi-Layer Liner +1
part_skin_pierce_4_2LADA Multi-Layer Liner +2
part_skin_slash_2Belford Fiber-Reinforced Liner
part_skin_slash_2_1Belford Fiber-Reinforced Liner +1
part_skin_slash_2_2Belford Fiber-Reinforced Liner +2
part_skin_strike_2Belford Spaced Armor Liner
part_skin_strike_2_1Belford Spaced Armor Liner +1
part_skin_strike_2_2Belford Spaced Armor Liner +2
part_skin_pierce_2Belford Multi-Layer Liner
part_skin_pierce_2_1Belford Multi-Layer Liner +1
part_skin_pierce_2_2Belford Multi-Layer Liner +2
part_skin_slash_3Arch Fiber-Reinforced Liner
part_skin_slash_3_1Arch Fiber-Reinforced Liner +1
part_skin_slash_3_2Arch Fiber-Reinforced Liner +2
part_skin_strike_3Arch Spaced Armor Liner
part_skin_strike_3_1Arch Spaced Armor Liner +1
part_skin_strike_3_2Arch Spaced Armor Liner +2
part_skin_pierce_3Arch Multi-Layer Liner
part_skin_pierce_3_1Arch Multi-Layer Liner +1
part_skin_pierce_3_2Arch Multi-Layer Liner +2


part_underskin_0Workshop Union Old Generation Converter
part_underskin_acid_1Workshop Union Standard Corrosion Resistance Converter
part_underskin_acid_1_1Workshop Union Standard Corrosion Resistance Converter +1
part_underskin_acid_1_2Workshop Union Standard Corrosion Resistance Converter +2
part_underskin_fire_1Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter
part_underskin_fire_1_1Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter +1
part_underskin_fire_1_2Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter +2
part_underskin_electric_1Workshop Union Standard Insulation Converter
part_underskin_electric_1_1Workshop Union Standard Insulation Converter +1
part_underskin_electric_1_2Workshop Union Standard Insulation Converter +2
part_underskin_acid_3LADA Large Capacity Corrosion Resistance Converter
part_underskin_acid_3_1LADA Large Capacity Corrosion Resistance Converter +1
part_underskin_acid_3_2LADA Large Capacity Corrosion Resistance Converter +2
part_underskin_fire_3LADA Large Capacity Radiation Converter
part_underskin_fire_3_1LADA Large Capacity Radiation Converter +1
part_underskin_fire_3_2LADA Large Capacity Radiation Converter +2
part_underskin_electric_3LADA Large Capacity Insulation Converter
part_underskin_electric_3_1LADA Large Capacity Insulation Converter +1
part_underskin_electric_3_2LADA Large Capacity Insulation Converter +2
part_underskin_acid_2Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter
part_underskin_acid_2_1Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter +1
part_underskin_acid_2_2Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter +2
part_underskin_fire_2Belford Superior Radiation Converter
part_underskin_fire_2_1Belford Superior Radiation Converter +1
part_underskin_fire_2_2Belford Superior Radiation Converter +2
part_underskin_electric_2Belford Superior Insulation Converter
part_underskin_electric_2_1Belford Superior Insulation Converter +1
part_underskin_electric_2_2Belford Superior Insulation Converter +2


part_assembly_0Workshop Union Cartridge Prototype
part_assembly_curse_3LADA Disruption Cartridge
part_assembly_curse_3_1LADA Disruption Cartridge +1
part_assembly_curse_3_2LADA Disruption Cartridge +2
part_assembly_impact_3LADA Shock Cartridge
part_assembly_impact_3_1LADA Shock Cartridge +1
part_assembly_impact_3_2LADA Shock Cartridge +2
part_assembly_break_3LADA Break Cartridge
part_assembly_break_3_1LADA Break Cartridge +1
part_assembly_break_3_2LADA Break Cartridge +2
part_assembly_curse_1Belford Disruption Cartridge
part_assembly_curse_1_1Belford Disruption Cartridge +1
part_assembly_curse_1_2Belford Disruption Cartridge +2
part_assembly_impact_1Belford Shock Cartridge
part_assembly_impact_1_1Belford Shock Cartridge +1
part_assembly_impact_1_2Belford Shock Cartridge +2
part_assembly_break_1Belford Break Cartridge
part_assembly_break_1_1Belford Break Cartridge +1
part_assembly_break_1_2Belford Break Cartridge +2
part_assembly_curse_2Arch Disruption Cartridge
part_assembly_curse_2_1Arch Disruption Cartridge +1
part_assembly_curse_2_2Arch Disruption Cartridge +2
part_assembly_impact_2Arch Shock Cartridge
part_assembly_impact_2_1Arch Shock Cartridge +1
part_assembly_impact_2_2Arch Shock Cartridge +2
part_assembly_break_2Arch Break Cartridge
part_assembly_break_2_1Arch Break Cartridge +1
part_assembly_break_2_2Arch Break Cartridge +2

Buff Consumables

Consume_Buff_sharpness_regainVenigni’s Urgent Repair Tool
Consume_Buff_SlaveMagazineLegion Magazine
Consume_Buff_SlaveMagazineLegion Charge
Consume_Buff_stamina_regainRecirculating Catalyst
Consume_Buff_FrenzyFable Catalyst
Consume_Buff_FrenzyFable Charge
Consume_Buff_sharpness_FireFire Abrasive
Consume_Buff_sharpness_AcidAcid Abrasive
Consume_Buff_sharpness_ElecElectric Blitz Abrasive
Consume_cat_dustCat Dust
Consume_Buff_ElementalAttribute Resistance Ampoule
Consume_Cancel_ElementalAttribute Purification Ampoule
Consume_Buff_SpecialSpecial Resistance Ampoule
Consume_Cancel_SpecialSpecial Purification Ampoule
Consume_Drop_Ergo_saveGemini’s Iron Protection

Thrown Consumables

Consume_Throw_bignailSharp Pipe
Consume_Throw_sawtoothSaw Blade
Consume_Throw_GearSawtoothed Wheel
Consume_Throw_shotputShot Put
Consume_Throw_Granade_ClusterCluster Grenade
Consume_Throw_Granade_AcidCarcass Body Fluid Bottle
Consume_Throw_Granade_ElecThrowing Cell 
Consume_Area_FireFire Canister
Consume_Area_acidAcid Canister
Consume_Area_ElecElectric Blitz Canister

Generic Hard Ergo

Consume_ProtectDropErgo_1Obtain Ergo +100
Consume_ProtectDropErgo_2Obtain Ergo +300
Consume_ProtectDropErgo_3Obtain Ergo +500
Consume_ProtectDropErgo_4Obtain Ergo +700
Consume_ProtectDropErgo_1MObtain Ergo +1000
Consume_ProtectDropErgo_1MPObtain Ergo +1500
Consume_ProtectDropErgo_2MObtain Ergo +2000
Consume_ProtectDropErgo_3MObtain Ergo +3000
Consume_ProtectDropErgo_1LObtain Ergo +5000
Consume_ProtectDropErgo_2LObtain Ergo +7000
Consume_ProtectDropErgo_3LObtain Ergo +10000
Consume_ProtectDropErgo_4LObtain Ergo +15000
Consume_ProtectDropErgo_5LObtain Ergo +25000
Consume_ProtectDropErgo_6LObtain Ergo +35000
Consume_ProtectDropErgo_7LObtain Ergo +50000

Boss Hard Ergo

CH00_Boss_ErgoNameless Puppet’s Ergo
CH01_Boss_ErgoParade Leader’s Ergo
CH02_Boss_ErgoBroken Hero’s Ergo
CH03_Boss_ErgoKing’s Flame Ergo
CH04_Boss_ErgoTwisted Angel’s Ergo
CH06_Boss_ErgoBurnt-White King’s Ergo
CH07_Boss_ErgoReborn Champion’s Ergo
CH08_Boss_ErgoPuppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo
CH09_Boss_ErgoBrother Avenger’s Ergo
CH11_Boss_ErgoSad Clown’s Ergo
CH12_Boss_ErgoSad Zealot’s Ergo
CH13_Boss_ErgoFallen One’s Ergo


Monad_Unit_01Recovery Wishstone Temporarily restores HP
Monad_Unit_02Patience Wishstone Increases max Stamina over a set period of time
Monad_Unit_03Advance Wishstone Temporarily restores Legion
Monad_Unit_04Friendship Wishstone Temporarily restores Specter HP
Monad_Unit_05Explosive Wishstone Explodes when Specter is hit
Monad_Unit_06Protection Wishstone Reduces Specter’s received damage
Monad_Unit_07Frenzy Wishstone Increases Specter’s destructive power
Monad_Unit_08Indomitable Wishstone Specter avoids death once and HP is restored
Monad_Unit_09Flame Wishstone Specter’s Fire ATK/Reduces damage received
Monad_Unit_10Lightning Wishstone Specter’s Electric Blitz ATK/Reduces damage received
Monad_Unit_11Poison Wishstone Specter’s Acid ATK/Reduces damage received
Monad_Unit_12Courage Wishstone Increases Fable’s charge amount when attacking
Monad_Unit_13Provocation Wishstone Specter attracts enemy’s attention/Reduces damage received

Grinder Buffs

Grinder_Unit_01Flame Grindstone
Grinder_Unit_02Electric Blitz Grindstone
Grinder_Unit_03Acid Grindstone
Grinder_Unit_04Indomitable Grindstone
Grinder_Unit_05Destruction Grindstone
Grinder_Unit_06Satisfaction Grindstone
Grinder_Unit_07Durability Grindstone
Grinder_Unit_08Perfection Grindstone


Helpmate_MaterialStar Fragment
Exchange_GoldenFruitGold Coin Fruit
Consume_Rechargeable_1Pulse Cell
Consume_Monard_LampMonad’s Lamp
Consume_ReturnClockEMoonphase Pocket Watch
Consume_ReturnClockGuide’s Hourglass
Consume_giveupLast Resort

Gold Tree Boosters

goldTree_Booster1Alchemical Booster
goldTree_Booster2Stabilized Alchemical Booster
goldTree_Booster3Enhanced Alchemical Booster

Supply Boxes

Krat_BlackBox_2Krat Supply Box
Krat_BlackBox_3Sturdy Krat Supply Box
Krat_BlackBox_4Special Krat Supply Box

Venigni Collections

Venigni_BlackBox_2Incredible Venigni Collection
Venigni_BlackBox_3Fancy Venigni Collection
Venigni_BlackBox_4Great Venigni Collection

Quest Items

Epic_key_riddleTrinity Key
Epic_GoldenErgoGolden Ergo
Consume_Instrument_01Faded Whistle
Epic_key_cath_funicularCable Railway Key
Epic_ringWedding Ring
Epic_key_Monastery_entryHigh-level Alchemist Badge
Epic_GoldenBatteryGolden lead-acid battery
Epic_GloveFour-fingered Glove
Epic_OrphanageNecklaceSomeone’s Necklace
Epic_Riddleking_EvidenceMoon World Warrior Toy
Epic_Poison_for_restArchbishop’s Holy Mark
Epic_key_dottedpaper_room_03Robbers’ Shack Key
Epic_WineCollectionLa Bleiwies
Epic_key_arcadecrossLorenzini Arcade 1st Floor Key
Epic_key_hotel_to_cultRosa Isabelle Street Entrance Key
Epic_babydollBroken Baby Puppet
Epic_key_factory_to_cathVenigni Works Back Door Key
Epic_Venigni_CoinVenigni Commemorative Coin
Epic_RedLadyLocketRed Actress’s Locket
Epic_key_SlumHouseSlum Shack Key
Epic_RedAppleBright Red Apple
Epic_key_riddle_finalThe Chosen One’s Trinity Key
Epic_boy_paintPortrait of a Boy
Epic_riddle_box_02King of Riddles’ Surprise Box
Epic_ArmOfGodArm of God
Epic_key_MonasteryB_6FArche Abbey Passageway Key
Epic_key_arcade_tunnelArcade Underground Passage Key
Epic_RemedyA cure for Antonia
Epic_ErgoWave_InterpreterErgo Wavelength Decoder
Epic_key_hidden1Elysion Boulevard Apartment Key
Epic_key_pietaSaintess of Mercy Statue Gallery Key
Epic_Second_LifeCompleted Ergo Wavelength Decoder
Epic_blackrabbitSmiling Bunny Mark
Epic_PuppetKing_MessageKing of Puppets’ Message
Epic_PoliceDollSmall Wooden Officer Puppet
Epic_key_cityhallKrat City Hall Key
Epic_key_ftrKrat City Hall Courtyard Key
Epic_ring_bloodBloody Wedding Ring
Epic_key_dottedpaper_room_01Letter with the Refuge’s Address
Epic_WhiteLadyLocketThe White Lady’s Locket
Epic_DiscoloredRemedyA cure no more effective


Gesture_Interaction_BottomCheck Ground
Gesture_SwordSaluteStalker’s Promise
Gesture_Show_ClothShow Off Clothes


Collection_Record_1I think of you\nwhile waiting in the rain\nTake me away as I am exhausted in the dark
Collection_Record_2To protect the people you love\nsometimes you must take steps through uncertain times\nand stand up again.
Collection_Record_3Do you remember the moment you fell in love?…
Collection_Record_4Close your eyes Dance the night away with me. Everything will feel better
Collection_Record_5The snowflakes shining white in the night sky comfort me as I wait for you alone in the dark
Collection_Record_6It’s slowly turning redder and redder It must be evidence of the rose-colored love. You will whisper again soon
Collection_Record_7The candlelight burned in yearning for you. Don’t tell me you love me. Today is all I have
Collection_Record_8I will always remember the memories. shared with you on this summer beach…
Collection_Record_9If you stop dreaming your heart will stop too. So I will confront it
Collection_Record_10Proposal Flower Wolf Part 1
Collection_Record_11A world I did not know when I was in the tower…

Misc. Collectibles

Collection_Letter_22Black Rabbit Brotherhood Ledger
Collection_Core_FireHigh-powered Flame Amplifier
Collection_CentralStation_07Primer for Workshop Technicians
Collection_CentralStation_11Fairytale of the Three Brothers of the Workshop Tower
Collection_Letter_17Factory Manager’s Report
Collection_Core_ElectronicOvercharged Storage Battery
Collection_Letter_56Crumpled Baptist’s Doodle
Collection_Dottedpaper_05Mechanical Cryptic Vessel
Collection_Databox_Interpretation_05Mechanical Cryptic Vessel Decryption
Collection_Letter_10Guillaume’s Ballad
Collection_Letter_02Miracle Cure
Collection_Dottedpaper_03Old Cryptic Vessel
Collection_Dottedpaper_04Rusty Cryptic Vessel
Collection_Databox_Interpretation_04Rusty Cryptic Vessel Decryption
Collection_Letter_InterviewNoteSomeone’s Report Notes Notebook
Collection_CentralStation_03A Letter that cannot arrive
Collection_Letter_15Archbishop’s Diary
Collection_Letter_11Descartes’s Note
Collection_Letter_18Have a taste of La Bleiwies the greatest wine in the world!
Collection_Letter_23The Witch’s Tower and Princess Poster
Collection_Letter_SMMockeryLetter from Someone Who Has Gone Ahead
Collection_Letter_21Monad Charity House Guide
Collection_Letter_MonadCharityMonad Charity House Concert
Collection_Letter_04Doctor’s Confessions
Collection_Letter_08Venigni’s Guide
Collection_Letter_KratNotedGuide1Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide I
Collection_Letter_KratNotedGuide2Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide II
Collection_Letter_34Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide IV
Collection_Dottedpaper_02Jeweled Cryptic Vessel
Collection_Databox_Interpretation_02Jeweled Cryptic Vessel Decryption
Collection_Letter_MonsterCityLegendResurrection! Champion Victor has returned!
Collection_Letter_SlummerScrawlScribbles of Slum Resident
Collection_Dottedpaper_01Crafted Cryptic Vessel
Collection_Databox_Interpretation_01Crafted Cryptic Vessel Decryption
Collection_Letter_05Have you seen this eccentric?!
Collection_Letter_20Cecile’s Written Confession
Collection_Letter_52Wanted Black Rabbit Brotherhood
Collection_Letter_43Wanted Alidoro
Collection_Letter_RiddleKingHintKing of Riddles’ Hint
Collection_Letter_TragedyofVScandal! V the Tragedy Behind the Flamboyance
Collection_Letter_passenger_notePassenger’s Note
Collection_Letter_49Simon Manus’s Confession
Collection_Letter_Remedy_TestRecordExperiment Report of Order – Test Subject 890
Collection_Dottedpaper_06Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel
Collection_Databox_Interpretation_06Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel Decryption
Collection_Letter_DearBellAtkinson’s Letter
Collection_Letter_26Notes from an Experiment
Collection_Letter_ScoreStained Choir Sheet Music
Collection_Letter_FrozenmanFrozen Man’s Letter
Collection_Letter_12Woman’s Prayer
Collection_CentralStation_06Lover’s Letter
Collection_Letter_55The Letter of the Eternal
Collection_Letter_Artist_ScribbleArtist’s Doodle
Collection_Letter_39Bundle of Old Letters
Collection_Letter_Cathedral_Vil_HistoryMoonlight Town Guide
Collection_Letter_51The Great Venigni and Pistris the Submarine
Collection_Letter_25Rose Estate Incident left as a mystery
Collection_Letter_53Geppetto’s Letter
Collection_Letter_KratGrandExposition_SpecialArticleThe greatest show on Earth is coming!
Collection_Letter_doodleTorn Doodle
Collection_Letter_CatFakeRipped Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide III
Collection_Letter_19Sweepers Branch Office Newspaper Archives
Collection_Letter_40Cherry-Scented Letter
Collection_Letter_33Sentry’s Notebook
Collection_Letter_FirstDiscoveryFirst Discovery Camille
Collection_Letter_50Note Left at the Counter
Collection_Letter_concierge_noteOrder of Kroud Report
Collection_Letter_KratTimes1124Krat News Issue 1124
Collection_Letter_KratTimes183Krat Times Issue 183
Collection_Letter_StrangerConfessionSpecial Report! Foreigner’s Confession
Collection_Letter_Introduce_ParadeDollIntroducing the Parade Puppet!
Collection_Letter_54The Blue Butterfly’s Letter
Collection_CentralStation_05Bloody Letter
Collection_Letter_41So Said Pistris I
Collection_Letter_42So Said Pistris II
Collection_Letter_47So Said Pistris III
Collection_Letter_AlidoroNoteFrayed Notebook

Lies of P Cheat Code FAQ

Does Lies of P have cheat codes?

Yes, Lies of P has cheat codes in the form of console commands. Players will need to have a third-party mod in order to use them.  

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