Heir To The Cowl

MOST WANTED: Heir To The Cowl





Objective: Investigate reports of a masked vigilante in Gotham


After selecting the sidequest and being informed of a strange character standing on a rooftop next to a burning bat symbol, grapple your way up to the waiting figure and interact with him to meet Azrael. Azrael wishes to be put to the test to see if he is worthy to become Batman's successor if things end badly for the Dark Knight. After a brief discussion, Batman will agree to test the new protege by placing him in a simulation against six regular thugs (two with baseball bats).


Keep in mind that this is a test of skill as opposed to brute force, and Azrael will be disqualified if an enemy successfully lands a hit on him. Since this is the case, you will need to focus on counters (Y/ Triangle) and dodging (AA/ XX) against uncounterable charge attacks in this fight a lot more than usual to prevent that one touch loss. You do have infinite attempts though, so retrying isn't a problem. The real test is a combination of skill and how much frustration you can deal with as the later tests get harder to deal with.


After taking down all six thugs without a scratch, Batman will reappear and agree to continue the tests on Azrael when he is ready. After Azrael leaves, you'll have a quick chat with Alfred before this part of the sidequest ends.




Objective: Investigate Azrael's appearance in Gotham

Objective: Continue to analyze Azrael's performance during combat challenges


One this encounter begins, you will be facing off against a bruiser and six thugs (four with baseball bats). You'll need to be very careful to counter when required in beating down (B + Tap X/ Circle + Tap Square) the bruiser. Aside from him, it's business as usual.


Take advantage of the baseball bats if you want to finish the fight quicker. Just remember your counters (Y/ Triangle) and dodging (AA/ XX) to get through without a blemish. Once again Batman will appear and agree to continue the tests.




Objective: Continue to analyze Azrael's performance during combat challenges


Things are about to get a fair bit more difficult. This time you'll be dealing with multiple enemy types at once, as well as possibly fighting against the combat system's auto aim. The group of enemies will consist of nine thugs (four with metal pipes) and a medic. While this may not initially sound intimidating, the medic will almost instantly electrify the nearest thug (and will continue to do so until brought down).


Unfortunately the medic is at the back of the group and difficult to bring down before the electrical charge is complete. The larger group size also makes enemy blindsiding a much bigger issue, resulting in you being unable to see oncoming attackers due to the screen's zoom.


This will be your first real test of skill in this sidequest chain. Use your quick fire REC gun (LT + B/ Circle) to knock back electrified and/ or charging enemies. Nailing counters and dodges will also be required here. Keep in mind you can pick up the metal pipes to hit the electrified enemies (you only take damage barehanded), and to deal more damage to regular enemies.


This is likely to take multiple attempts with increased annoyance each time. When you emerge victorious, Azrael will have the usual talk before leaving and Batman will find out a bit more about the mystery man.




Objective: Continue to analyze Azrael's performance during combat challenges


And the final combat challenge begins, with Azrael facing off against a group of six ninjas. Six of the same enemy type? Not a problem I hear you say. Wrong. Oh, so wrong. The main issue during this battle is a combination of varied counters/ dodges (as they use blades, requiring the blade dodge to successfully avoid damage) and their leaping attack which often makes them off screen until they land the attack outta nowhere. Yeah. This one is a blindside bitch. Oh, and they attack much quicker than the regular thugs you've faced so far. Just to make things more "fun."


You are really going to have to master your blade dodge here (Y for the inital dodge then hold Y and move LS away from the enemy and their swings). You will also have less time to react with your counters against the regular attacks. The biggest point is to observe the ninjas on the edge of the area to prepare for any incoming leap attacks (you will need to focus on multiple areas at once here) to avoid being blindsided.


Focus more on being defensive, only following up with a hit or two imediately after a successful blade dodge or counter before returning to defensive mode. This will ensure you won't be hit while an attack animation is still playing out (which can be particularly frustrating). With enough technique and patience you will eventually complete the final combat challenge. Hopefully you won't have broken too many controllers.


After the usual post-battle chat with Azrael, Alfred will inform Batman about some key information. This prompts him to further investigate the man now that he has access to information about him.




Objective: Analyze Azrael's unusual neurological activity at the Clock Tower


Make your way to the Clock Tower on Bleake Island and enter via the roof. Interact with the terminal waiting for you to begin viewing Azrael's neurological scan. After a short scene, you'll be in charge of the monitors as you attempt to locate four hidden markers within the movie.


  • A diamond shape on a white rectangle in the upper right monitor a second or two after the baby image vanishes
  • A circle with a triangle in it in the bottom left monitor on the upper arm of the football player image
  • A circle with a v shape in it in the top right monitor on the card held in the horseman's hand
  • A circle with a triangle in the center in the bottom right monitor a few seconds after the crime scene tape vanishes


After finding all the hidden markers, the real message will play out and things will become much clearer. A scene will play out after the movie ends and you will be in control of Azrael. Walk over to the sword on the nearby metal cabinet and pick it up. Return to where Batman is standing to be given a choice. Picking either will conclude this sidequest.


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