Mission 23 – Return To Panessa Studios

MISSION 23 – Return To Panessa Studios



Note: After beginning the end mission following this one (titled 'The End') you will no longer be able to complete most wanted missions. After finishing the game you will still be able to explore the world, but you will not get the 100% ending.


Note 2: If you have glitched the penguin sidequest chain (if you are stuck at 40-60% on the gunrunner sidequest), you should obtain all your missing intel in one go after completing this mission.


Objective: Investigate Gordon's appaerance at Panessa Studios


Flap or roll your way through the city in pursuit of Scarecrow and Gordon. When you arrive at the studios, grapple up to the rooftop and enter through the VIP entrance. Make your usual descent into the depths of the building to reach the isolation area. After the scene and brief chat, you'll be contacted by Scarecrow. Looks like he's not playing around any more. Thus ends the penultimate mission. Short one wasn't it?



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